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  1. RedRoseBeauty

    11 days of madness left. (ED)

    11 days until my GP appointment. Does it sound bad that I want to utilise my ability to starve + purge before I get treated? I know it sounds terrible and retarded but I have avoided getting help for so long for fear of putting weight on + I think it might be best if I lose a bit more weight...
  2. bulbie

    The Great, Mysterious ATOS

    Right. I'm not getting any money. None whatsoever. Claimed ESA on 18th March, got a letter back a few weeks later saying I have NOT been awarded the benefit, yet ATOS proceeded to send me an esa50 to fill out, so they can get me in for a medical and I must do it or I will lose my benefits...
  3. bobshocker

    The man in the suit welcomes you to hell.

    I came back from florida late last year Was full of self hate, darkness and fear. Was delayed cos of that stupid volcanic ash Just added to my mood that was gonna make me crash. Was plainly thinking that suicidal way. I though fuck this, I'm gonna plan it today. Looked it up on the net, spent a...
  4. RedRoseBeauty

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    or C.O.P.D. My Mum has been diagnosed with it. I didn't really understand it even when I googled it but I knew it was bad because a man in my work had it & he was on oxygen, gasping & he died. We did a training course on it & the first thing the nurse said was 'COPD, you can't cure it so we...
  5. B

    How to lose weight

    Ok I have decided that I need to lose weight because I have gone up 3 dress sizes since I started on meds. I have an underactive thyroid now also because of the lithium so that needs to be thrown in to the mix and my GP was wholly unhelpful when I tried to discuss this with her and she said well...
  6. S

    Am i just being paranoid/silly

    Right, I have no one else to ask, I found out my bf likes to look at porn most days, even in the morning Is it normal to get so paranoid about this and feeling like Im not up to scratch? We have been together a long time and no problems in that area so why does he feel the need to look at it...
  7. DoctorInternet2

    Christmas plus half a stone, help!

    Last year I was 11 stone with all my clothes on but over Christmas I put on between half and one stone and afterwards I decided not to diet, but instead I've gone back to normal eating and it's coming off at the rate of about 1 to 2lb a week, when I first stopped the food my weight rocketed up...