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  1. O


    What are other peoples' experiences using olazapine? I find the binge eating is very difficult to control on this drug but need to be on it as had a terrible.time a few months ago. Wasn't sleeping and.ended up going loopy a few weeks later. I don't sleep very well on the 5mg so take 7.5mg when...
  2. W

    lose - lose situaton

    I'm very low at the moment. I've wrote a couple of other threads which have basically led me to this point; about stopping my meds suddenly and about the feeling that I need to hit my real rock bottom rather than protect myself with medication. I am certainly on my way to that rock bottom. I...
  3. Lost_Darkness

    Feeling I need to drink to get through work

    I've always been fairly high functioning... well I can just about hide things when I am at work, at home I'm a complete mess. Things are starting to get bad again and I can't stop thinking about needing a drink when I am work. I know if I do I could lose my job and then I'll be completely...
  4. C


    Hi. I had a 'psychotic' breakdown 7 years ago. When I was in the mist of it the mental health said there was no guarantees of treatment. By the time I was offered Meds I was so worried I was going to lose my mind that I put a wall up to sustain my sanity. I'm so annoyed that I didn't have the...
  5. Linda1989

    Weight gain while taking meds

    Has anyone lose their weight while on there medication is there hope for me
  6. Yellowbrickbridge

    Uncontrollable anger and anxiety

    :low: having bouts of paranoia and anger what do I do :( I'm scared I will lose the few friends I have made, I'm scared
  7. L

    Am sick of fighting just to lose

    Im sick of fighting these voices and depression just to lose more strengh and hope. I dont know what reality is anymore and dont believe it ever will. I cant carry on like this im past help:cry:
  8. B


    I've been really depressed today. I still managed to get up and go to work today but I didn't want to. All I wanted to do was lay there and cry. I feel so hopeless, worthless, useless, etc. I just want to fall asleep and not wake up. I'm tired of my life. I don't think I can handle working yet...
  9. H

    Memory loss

    I am seventy two and some time have memory loss also called alzheimer's. I think all the time, except when I am asleep. It is said, "if you don't lose it, you'll lose it"? Thoughts please. high strung
  10. blacktulip

    Finally done it

    I've lost everything.. crashed my car it's a right off. I've lost my partner, my home, my licence and am being prosecuted. Which in turn will lose me my job. Currently in psychiatric unit. Great going tulip great going. Bottom of the feckin heap. :(
  11. nonotme

    large people help wanted.

    hey I'm a larger man, well in excess of 25 st. I have started to get sore spots, under my arms and belly from my fat, I know I need to lose weight but what is a good cream to use to sooth these ? any help. thank you.
  12. L

    I don't want to eat

    I hate my body so much I just want to stop eating to lose weight, I know it's un healthy but it's just how I feel! :'(
  13. R

    Could I lose my job?

    As in other posts I'm having trouble with my mental health.... Im currently on the sick for it by my GP and have been for almost 2 months, I'm just wondering can I/will I lose my job If I need more time off till I'm fit to go back ?
  14. K

    falling apart..

    So I found out I am pregnant about 2 weeks ago and had an ultrasound scheduled for last Tues. I woke up to get ready for my ultrasound but found that I was bleeding so I talked to the tech about it. She couldn't see baby on the screen but said it's most likely to early. The next day I started...
  15. nonotme

    who are you ?

    with mental health illness so many of us lose who we are. The illness for me is bigger than the person. so who are you?
  16. A


    Well another person asked if I'm pregnant again. I am feeling very self concious. I started a workout plan today . Tomorrow I am going to the gym. I need to lose these extra pounds. I started gaining weight the higher my dose of seroquel went. I feel so disgusting. I am determined to get fit...
  17. BabyButterfly

    Getting sectioned if I lose weight.

    Hi. Today I saw my CPN which is community psychiatric nurse and my Social worker they said that if I lose too much weight then they have to take steps to get me sectioned. Im scared and don't know what to do my head is all over the place :( I cant eat I just cant.My head tells me how fat...
  18. Lincoln1990

    It's cancer!!!!!!!

    Fuck, my ex just found out its cancer. They think it's lung. I'm so upset for him. I can't lose another person to cancer. I just cant. I was going to have this person's baby. I still like him a lot.
  19. shivers623

    Struggling with weight

    Soooooo, I've been struggling with an eating disorder off and on for about 12 years. I gained some weight when I moved into my boyfriends parents house. Now I'm struggling with what I am doing and it seems like the only surefire way I know to lose weight. How little is too little? Also, should I...
  20. Y

    Nearing the end

    Things have finally come to a head , I have been suspended from work for 5 weeks, because I have an area manager who doesn't believe in depression and just believes after 20 yrs that I am suddenly crap at my job , he's done everything he can to make my life difficult and to get me out , I now...