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  1. E

    Hi. I'm new here

    I've joined as my husband has schizoaffective disorder and I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. He is in denial over his diagnosis and often stops his medication. At times he has lied and said he has taken it even though he hasn't. Just before we married a few months ago he had a severe...
  2. G

    CBD suggestions

    I wanna ask you , i read it about that alot in internet and seems its helpfull , maybe somebody tried and it helped for you , to lose depresion and anxiety
  3. T

    universal credit

    I heard that if i lost esa support group, even though i have pip, i would have to claim universal credit to get housing benefit. I am worried about the details and haven't the energy to search for information. Will i be ok if i lose esa but want to live off my pip for a while? will they still...
  4. maggiecraft

    major depressive disorder

    I am having a severe attack ... can’t do anything but cry... was raped the second time in my life , I am borderline about to lose it .. I feel my mind is drifting away ... I can’t seem to do anything ...anything I can do to help myself ?
  5. I

    Help for a loved one who self harms

    Someone I really love goes through fazes of self harm. I am worried about them. I'm afraid they will wind up getting infected or going too deep and dying. I've talked about this to them before. They always promise they will stop but never do. That person suffers severe mental illnesses too. What...
  6. M

    Help me help my family member

    I don't want to go into a huge amount of detail, I will if it helps, but I think my bf might have some type of delusional disorder. I'm not really for sure. He had a problem with substance abuse and is now clean and sober over a year now. Ever since he's been paranoid, it has caused him to lose...
  7. I

    Benefits question

    Could I lose my benefits if I get less depressed and less scared in the future??? I want to improve, but I don't want to lose my benefits before I can work too. Please let me know. Thanks. :confused:
  8. D

    It is a never ending mess.

    Hi.My story with starving myself has started when I was only 14 years old.Since I hit puberty I used to be overweight and I always hated myself.Long story short,I dieted since I was 14. I never knew how to maintain the weight that I lost,so I used to just gain the weight back,and then lose it...
  9. I

    Quick part time work and s.s.i. Question

    Hello there. Will I lose all my S.S.I. money if I work only part time? Like lets say 20 hours or less? I know I could lose them if I worked full time. I'm just not sure if working part time would cause me to lose them. I'm terrified of even looking for a part time job because of this. I can't...
  10. P

    What are your Symptoms

    Hello, I have a severe case of schizophrenia. I hear voices i have visual hallucinations and tactile hallucinations. I feel like i have periods of times when i lose touch with reality i take meds but need them changed. What are your symptoms
  11. I

    Volunteering and benefits

    Would volunteering make me lose my S.S.I.? I go to a mental health group where part of my recovery is volunteering at least 2 days per week. My psychiatrist has access to my group records since she works for the same company. But my lawyer said to not tell my psychiatrist about my daily...
  12. albie

    Watch out for this trick-ESA

    Went to get my blood taken by the gp and she asks me some questions for a form. One of them was asking if I did any work or voluntary work. I stupidly said I did voluntary work. Now if this gets back to the esa people I could be taken off the support and lose money. So watch out for this.
  13. lilbit

    Convinced that I bore people - how do I stop thinking this way?!

    I don't know when I started to notice it but I am completely unable to stop now. Whenever I have a face to face conversation with anyone about ANYTHING I am certain that they lose interest after about a minute and that I bore them. This notion is constantly in my head now so I'm extremely...
  14. W

    Feeling trapped

    I suffer with binge eating disorder. I managed to loose weight following weightwatchers but I was so unhappy and binged a lot. I could not cope with it any more so stopped but the weight pilled back on. If ever I restrict food it triggers me. I need to lose weight but I do not know how without...
  15. I

    Very suicidal

    I didn't come this far for my mental health providers to get me kicked of my s.s.i. I feel they are pressuring me to say I'm better when I'm not. Seeing them makes me feel worse about myself and my future. It wouldn't help for me to switch psychiatrists because they would make me see a therapist...
  16. C

    Anxious about GP increasing medication+Self-Esteem Issues.

    Hi everyone, So I have GAD, Hypochondria and Obsessive thoughts as well as a few compulsions and I'm on SSRI's for my various anxiety disorders and it's been brilliant and i'm only on 10mg a low does and I have been for months and it's been great but both my GP and my Psychiatrist said that...
  17. M

    Can't take much more

    I am just very unhappy in my own skin at the moment. I've just turned 40, I'm going through a workplace disciplinary where I may lose my job (it's been going on for 4 months now and is killing me) I've got a very stressful home life with four kids. No social life to speak of and I haven't got...
  18. T

    How to help ex-girlfriend through depression?

    Girl Friend Broke up with me 2 weeks ago because she has low self-esteem issues possibly some depression. She says she can’t be in a relationship right now since she doesn’t her love itself. She messaged me a week stating she doesn’t want to lean on me and doesn’t want me to be walking on thin...
  19. P

    Losing weight on antipsychotics

    I want to get back to the original weight before I started antipsychotics (which is 50kg, now 56kg). I calculated my tdee and ate below that. Ive now been the same weight for over a month and cant lose it. Do i have to keep going even lower than my tdee? Also I do 2 hours of exercise everyday...
  20. F

    Low and lonely

    This is my first time posting on any forum, not really sure where to start. I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. I’m having problems at work and think I might lose my job, I’m single so that means I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage and would lose my home. I have no friends...