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  1. M

    My story...idk

    Hey, so uhhhm English is not my first language so i apologize in advance for any weirdly structured sentences or grammar errors and also for the lenght of this post. My name is Matthew (english version of my name) and i'm a depressed, Bi teen from slovakia. I've been struggling with deppresion...
  2. M

    Who is this other me?

    Hello, I've been diagnosed with BPD for quite some time now. I've attended DBT and I've seen a therapist for quite some time. I've developed my tools and have gotten to a point where my therapist suggested a 6 month break from therapy (3 months left). My meds have been stable for years now, as...
  3. daffy

    Should I tell my CPN

    Hi there have not been on the forum for a long time as I’ve been stable for a number of years but have just kept on browsing. Sorry for the long post. However 18 months ago my lovely partner died from cancer. I was on quetiapine duloxitine and mitazipine and I felt nothing. My body was totally...
  4. S


    I'm not sure what to write because there's so much to say. I have had depression since eleven but my mental health started before that due to me being molested between nine and ten. I haven't had the most stable upbringing, living with an emotionally manipulative mother and a father who...
  5. M

    I have haphephobia, depression and anxiety disorder. Help

    I am 20 years old. I am suffering from haphephobia and depression and anxiet disorder for 7 years. I am living only because of pills. I want to know how to live on? I just lost all my hope long ago. I am actually not sure why I am still alive. I feel extremly lonely despite having many friends...
  6. G

    Yawning a lot during long intense conversations

    Yesterday I had a long interesting conversation with my older sister's boyfriend after dinner. I was anxious and moving around during the conversation because I'm not used to talking to people especially in person. I think he likes me and thinks I'm cool but I noticed after awhile I get urges to...
  7. P

    Need Help

    As I have done time and time again for the past 6 years, I called a suicide hotline today. The difference was, today, I promised myself I would try everything I can to get better. I was a happy person until late high school, when all of the sudden I started to feel lonely and depressed...
  8. JerrBear8504

    Hello from WA State

    Hello from Tacoma, WA. I'm a 33 yr old guy with a sort of combo between GAD, Social Anxiety, and Agoraphobia! I also happen to be a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder. I currently have 7 months and 12 days since my last use. I've come a long, LONG way since May 9th...I am...
  9. D

    Anxiety is here again?

    Howdy, Actually I wrote the below post to another forum 3 weeks ago. It describes where I was then. This one seems more active so I move my ass in here :) Since that post I actually started Venlafaxine on the following day and am now full 3 weeks on that. At the start of week 3 things were...
  10. R

    Fighting so hard

    I want to self harm so badly fighting in off do not know how long I can hold off I hate this feeling Have not self harmed in a long time :unsure:
  11. Azelka

    How long do the ups and downs last in a day?

    How long do the ups and downs last in a day?
  12. Azelka


    How long does rapid-cycling last ?
  13. S

    Am I being bullied?

    Hi, I think I am being bullied (I always had a gut feeling I din't feel comfortable within the group)...I started an antenatal group (privately NCT) as there were no NHS once going on due to a maternity move to another hospital. I felt ok on the course that we did, there wasn’t much time one to...
  14. B

    New here

    Hi I'm new here. I'm looking for support. I'm currently on a waiting list to see a psychologist. I've been dealing with depression for a very long time and have recently been diagnosed with a personality disorder...I'm a little scared of that diagnosis.
  15. R

    Not sure what to do.

    Hi, I'm 21 and have suffered with depression and anxiety for about 6 years now. I was taking anti depressants for a while but I had a choking incident and couldn't take them any more. In the last month things have spiralled out of control, I moved out of my parents house 2 years ago and now I...
  16. N

    Holidays/Vacation thread 2!!!?

    Hi Folks, We have been hosting my brother and his girlfriend, today this afternoon, and at one point or so it seemed, my father talking with them, slipped out saying that there might be the possibility of away on holiday, he certainly didn't want cruises, now that set off my alarm bells...
  17. J

    Mirtazipane....how long?

    Hello, i'm suffering again from GAD after 16 years remission where Sertraline worked like a dream. My 200mg Sertraline pooped out and GP has recommended Mirtzapine as a combination as opposed to going higher on Sertraline. I've been on Mirtzapine for around 3 weeks and recently increased to...
  18. J

    Please someone help....anxiety...sertraline to mirtazipane

    Hello, i'm suffering again from Generalised Anxiety Disorder after 16 years remission where Sertraline worked like a dream. My 200mg Sertraline pooped out and GP has recommended Mirtzapine as a combination as opposed to going higher on Sertraline. Would like to hear some positive inspirational...
  19. M

    Student, build up of issues led to more issues....

    I spent many of my teen years hiding my inner self from the world, this went on so long that I eventually stopped realising what I was doing, I hid my emotions and it didn't end well for me.... I struggled with thoughts and ended up filling all my time with tasks so that I could never think...
  20. J

    Anxiety - Sert and Mirt

    Hello. ive been on 200mg Sertraline for 16 years which worked like a dream for GAD and depression. It suddenly stopped working and Dr has put me on 15mg Mirtzipane and increased to 30mg after 2 weeks. Would be great to hear how long it took people to feel better. It has fixed my insomnia but i...