1. L

    Summer Time Loneliness

    Hello all, I’m in high school and I’m currently on summer vacation. I spend the whole school year looking forward to summer but when it actually comes around, I’m so lonely and depressed because I’m not getting out as much. To make matters worse, my boyfriend of two years will be away in Europe...
  2. D


    I was bullied in high school which meant I had no friends. And I think I was bullied in one of the worst ways. There was this group of people who pretended to be my friend so that they could bully me without getting into trouble. So, they would act like friends to my face then say stuff about...
  3. D

    What is wrong with me?

    My life is barely non-existent. I don't have a life outside of my house. No friends, no job, no relationship. Anxiety stops me from having all these things. I made this account when I was at a really low point and I'm still at a low point, but I NEED to sort myself out so that I can eventually...
  4. K

    Lonely and Lost College Student

    Hello everyone! Not sure how to jump into this since I'm new to the forum but I have a lot I need to just get off my chest, as these feelings have been bottled up within me for a long time now. I am a 21 year old male studying at a university in Tampa and these past few years have been extremely...
  5. S

    Lonely, scared

    I'm lonely. I have no friends IRL and even online I feel people don't like me and don't want to chat with me. I have my parents still and I am lucky because they are good and love me, but they are old now and when they are gone, they will be gone. I'm also scared because I have a very dark...
  6. elliepaige20

    Anxiety has affected my life since I was 8

    Since childhood, I've always been an anxious/shy person. Growing up I had a best friend who we'll call Mandy. We used to do everything together and were really close, however I always had the strangest feeling that her mother didn't like me. One day, Mandy stopped coming into school, and her...
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    i have got nothing to say x

    it is just ,i am on my own until wednesday and i was on my own yesterday and today and feeling a bit lonely and out of it is all kind of sleeping my way through it x
  8. elliepaige20

    My best friend and boyfriend betrayed me...and now I'm all alone.

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time using a forum so I'm hoping I can get some advice for coping with loneliness? For almost two years, I've had a boyfriend who for the purpose of this forum we will call James. Since meeting him at the end of 2016, things were absolutely perfect; he was always...
  9. E

    My social anxiety is really hurting me

    I'm a 22 year old girl. I've had social anxiety since I was seven years old- I lost my mother that year in a car accident I was also in. Then my little brother, dad and I moved across the country and I started a new school a couple months after this. I was bullied badly in school from 2nd grade...
  10. P

    New here

    Hi, not sure if this is the right part of the forum as I’m new to this but I just wanted to write a little about how I’m feeling. I’m 21 and male, from the UK. For a long time I’ve felt different but it wasn’t until recent months that I’ve hit some kind of low. I graduated from university in...
  11. G

    Intrusive Thoughts

    I have the most intrusive thoughts before I go to bed... I wish I had someone to talk to before I went to bed each night... I don't want to feel so alone... Last night was so bad that I prayed to God to put me into a coma. At least that way I wouldn't embarrass myself or hurt anybody else.
  12. R


    Morning , I have joined this forum as I have a mental health co morbid diagnosis and would like to talk wiv like minded people as I feel lonely 😞. So Hi to you all . I am new to this type of format in having conversations so will take me a bit of time to get used to . 👍
  13. G

    Behavioral Addiction

    I have a really terrible Behavioral Addiction I've been trying to overcome for years. My symptoms have definitely gotten better... however I can tell I'm a little broken on the inside and I'm unsure why. I wish I didn't feel as lonely as I always do. I wish I had more people in my life to...
  14. G

    My name is Geoff!

    Hello everyone, My name is Geoff and I struggle pretty badly with a multitude of mental health issues. I tend to find I spend a lot of time on Facebook which is definitely not helping so I decided to make this mental health forum my startup page in Google Chrome. I hope this works out. My...
  15. EarthDreams

    The Struggle Is Real

    It is very real. I feel like I struggle with it every day, the thoughts, the feelings, it's so awful because I have been good for over a year now! I don't want to mess it up but I feel so confused and stressed out it's like I don't know what else to do... It is a really bad last resort but I...
  16. D

    Friends and mental health.

    Hi my name is Davinia I'm 41yrs old. I suffer with bpd, voices, depression, hallucinations panick attacks. I moved to Middlesex 2yrs ago and have no friends apart from my partner and his family here in Middlesex. I feel very lonely and lost also can not go out on my own as I find it hard. Been...
  17. qwerty1234

    Lonely today

    I emailed a bunch of friends and sent one really long email to an old coworker. I feel so much better not getting smacked around by female therapists who don't know what the hell they are doing. I emailed Anthony and I think it worked well, he understands me the best. If I were phil I would...
  18. S

    Not bothering anymore with Family.

    Hello! I've always made an effort to message my cousin's and uncles and aunts every two weeks at least but when I do all I get sent is "Haha" or Emojis and I've tried for years to get to know them but they don't bother with me and I know it's me because they talk properly with other people...
  19. qwerty1234

    Emotional eating

    All this writing is doing me a world of good. It is much better for me to write to an audience than to journal in private. I get lonely a lot and want to email people all the time, but they need breaks from me because their lives are more normal and so they have other obligations. But it has...
  20. T


    So I've been self-injuring since I was 6 (19 years), and I'm about two or three weeks clean. But I feel like I'm on the verge of another relapse. Part of it is that I'm battling ptsd and depression, and part of it is that I just got into a new relationship and when they're with me, I feel so...