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  1. A

    not sure if im in the right place

    hi all, ok so i suffer from depression, and have been put on citalopram because along side this i suffer with anxiety... at first i had them alot, at work, on the bus, in town etc etc but they seemed to lesson... thought they appear to be coming back.... over the last week i have had them...
  2. M

    Is anyone in London?

    I feel very alone. xxxxxxx
  3. K

    Research discussion - TV entertainment and drama and mental health stigma

    Research discussion - TV entertainment and drama and mental health stigma Dear All, We're doing some research to explore the impact that TV drama and entertainment has on attitudes towards mental health and stigma. We'll be running focus groups up and down the country with a range of people -...
  4. T


    Hi I'm Dan, I'm 30 from London UK....I have suspected Bipolar but not sure, could be something else? Anyway I'm getting an assesment from a pdoc on 22 december.
  5. R

    New groups for young people (aged 12-18) who hear voices (London)

    Hi all, I've got some great news :-) Mind in Camden launched Voice Collective in April and we're now on the verge of launching our first peer support groups for young people who hear, see or sense things that others don't. The first group will be on: Thursdays, 4.45 - 5.45pm (opening at 4.30pm...
  6. Jo1760

    London - Merton (wimbledon/ Morden area)

    Is anyone one the forum currently from the Merton area. There doesn't seem to be a thread for this, although i may have missed it?
  7. T

    Please, desperate for advice...

    Hello. I’m writing because, simply: I need to, and secondly because I really would like advice. I know this is long, but I sincerely appreciate anyone who reads this. This is the tip of the ice berg... I always had intense mood swings, and sleep problems. Then my Grandma died when I was 8. I...
  8. D

    Let us do things together

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, I am a joung fifty and love the blues. I have been recently diagnosed bipolar and somehow it gave me the courage to do the things I wanyted to do; so I am now divorcing a husband of 25 years and looking at a new career as an advocate in mental health. You...
  9. C

    I'm Back

    Hi folks. Not been around recently as been in hospital. Got no support here in Lincolnshire and ended up being admitted in London when I visited friends. Feel heaps better but already Lincolnshire are not putting into place the help London advised I needed so don't know how long it will last...
  10. Rorschach

    NHS London

    Found this short video presented by NHS London on the state of Mental Health treatment in London. Thought it might be of interest for people to see.. NHS London
  11. E

    Social Workers...

    This is how women with mental health, and other difficulties are treated by some social workers. In the name of Targets which = Pounds which add up to good Bonuses for social services Departments. I have posted an edited edition of my partners complaint. This shows how sick some social workers...
  12. v01ce5

    Hearing Voices: What do we know about it?

    More information here Hearing Voices Network Conference in London on 29th January 2008