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  1. S

    our medicine locks in our illness

    I watched the exorcism of Emily rose, at court a doctor claimed the anti physcotics locked in the illness, can any one else find evidence of this?
  2. H

    Grandmother seems to be suffering from Paranoia/OCD/Whatever you call this

    Grandmother seems to be suffering from Paranoia/OCD/Whatever you call this So I recently stopped locking my room's door at night because there's a network cable that needs to go outside into the living room and there's no reason to remove and re-attach it every day. Anyway, this has triggered...
  3. Lalabee

    locked up

    maybe i should have been kept .. i was locked in a "behavioral center" for almost the full day friday because i broke down at my boyfriends house ... this is getting bad im so humiliated and cant wait until my appointments .. ):
  4. tigerfish


    I don't do anger usually, am quite good at supressing it! Unfortunatly right now its too strong and i can't keep a lid on it! Normally i internalise it , on the very rare occassions it seeps out!! I wish i could be locked in a padded cell for an hour and beat the living daylights out of it, but...
  5. F

    It's social housing – so why are the needy locked out?

    It's social housing
  6. rasselas.redux

    Please restore the "Bipolar doesn't need any explanations" thread

    Please restore the "Bipolar doesn't need any explanations" thread as per thread title. It's a very good thread and it seems wrong to be kept locked away in teacher's desk ;) Thanks
  7. ABsea

    should i tell my dr?

    At random, i zone out and see various scenerios in my head. They are usually pretty fuzzy but i always remember the main event. Never tell anyone when I have this but they always have come true even if I try to interfere. I guess whats meant to be will always be. I'm scared that no one will...
  8. Hayyyleyyy

    I can feel it coming -not a nice post- WARNING!

    A breakdown, I dont feel right at all! Help! (posted on another forum too~) I feel like Im heading for a major breakdown, my first 'proper' one, i've had ones were certain symptoms kick in (like my vertigo) and i turn wierd, staying in the house for months on end, addicted to bleach. But I...
  9. fizzbom80

    Can the world really be against me ?

    I don't know what to think anymore or whether my thoughts are actually mine. I've been diagnosed bpd and cyclothymia about 2 years ago, I've been plodding along but the last week or so I feel like the world is revolving around me and NOT in a good way. When I'm out I feel like everyone's talking...
  10. S

    a bit of advice on having severe mental health problems and facing jail

    a bit of advice on having severe mental health problems and facing jail struggling with my mental health everyday is a battle i have court coming up soon and probably face jail dont think i can handdle the jail as i struggle outside the thought of being locked up is bad enough im really scared...
  11. Wendy

    Locked up at the police station

    This sounds mad but this happened to me a few weeks ago I was having a bad time at home my o/h deserted me and I have no proper family I just felt so lonely there was the cat who I love the tv and the clock and I'd been talking to the wall for several days Well myo/h heard I wanted to leave...
  12. S

    Hi. New here.

    Hesitant to post. Starting a day program tomorrow. Been there before. Was either that or hospital or worse. I'm nervous, we aren't historically good at or interested in socializing. Would rather be locked in a closet until this period is over. With wifi, of course. Lol.
  13. P

    Please read this

    I am 21, and was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at 19. I was then top of my uni class and graduated with a poor 3.1 GPA a year ago. I used to think i was able to filter out the disease from my daily life but it is now a huge mess. I live with depression. I always feel irritated always anxious. I...
  14. amathus

    A brief look at the History of Therapy...Article

    An interesting read; shows how we now have a more compassionate view of mental health problems since persons were just locked away in the local asylum : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_psychotherapy qf.
  15. Bikerbabe

    Locked Units

    Does anyone know the regulations on locking whole units (not individual wards) and Trusts can legally do this. Isn't it a deprevation of liberty for informal patients?
  16. Blackrat

    Seeing and hearing?

    My Dad died a few years ago and at the time it all seemed pretty normal. Recently I've thought I heard him outside my house and just dismissed it as imagining it. But more recently I've heard him come in and walk around my house. I've heard him talking to someone (on the phone maybe?) I...
  17. 9


    Whenever I hear the sound I start freaking out, i try escaping the noise, whenever i hear them my legs shake and my heart starts pounding and my hands are locked over my ears. Please tell me whats going on?:(