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  1. S

    New Here, hoping for a better understanding ing

    Hi All, Not sure if I should even be on this or if what I have or think I have or do is enough to warrant being on here so apologies if it’s not. I’ve been suffering with anxiety for a few years, and maybe even OCD but I don’t know if it’s severe enough to be called that, I worry about...
  2. C

    Going to talk to someone professional

    OK. I called my psych and got in for later today...in a little while in fact. I don't know what to say to her. I am scared to death. I don't want to be locked away again (I know I am not a danger to anyone or myself) but I am always afraid to talk to anyone because I have been locked away so...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    i feel sad

    and soon i will be without a CPN and i can't stress my aunt out so i will just have to keep it all locked inside and hurt myself :low:
  4. D

    Having a little problem

    Hello again, As I have said previously I just started see a new counsler about a month ago. Things have been going great so far. I feel like I can really connect with her. We have decided to start working on my anger issues and my nightmares. Well, most of my nightmares always have something to...
  5. P

    no options left

    No where left to turn. Tired of being hungry ..locked in this room alone ...day in day out..day in day out ...day in day out ...alone ...where did everyone go.
  6. speckles

    endless unbearable minutes

    Each minute feels unbearable a never ending hamster wheel I wonder what if I had made different choices responded better. How does someone go from a first class degree and working with young people to total disintegration sleeping in a corner of an empty bedroom on the floor not be not having...
  7. G

    Need to get away from the government

    Hi my name is Hayley and I am new to this forum but not to mental health. I started getting locked in psych wards in 2012 and at the moment I am very angry with the whole mental health system. I just got out of an 8 month stay at the Austin where I was so badly confined and treated by staff and...
  8. B

    Memory shot

    We all know that depression messes with your memory. Like this morning I had a pizza bagel with coffee (don't judge). But right after eating it, I forgot what I ate. I walked around trying to remember. Finally I gave in by looking in the trash at the wrapper. Passwords, don't get me started. I...
  9. M

    You are normal

    The voices are coming though implanted earphones.your thoughts arent yours your just reading what they whisper to you.what they say around you its true.you never had a life its a movie inside this "real good loving caring world" your delusions are false yes but not that they want to harm you...
  10. B

    Eyes OCD, can't stop messing with it!

    I can't stop noticing the existence of my eyes, and feel unconfortable with it, like there's something dirty inside them... I always wanna wash them, rub them, etc The worst part is feeling that, no matter how, I will forever be Locked with this eye awareness.... that I will never forget about...
  11. L

    Question one. That everyone should know your response to.

    How many of you think others should be locked up under section and for how long?
  12. Lincoln1990


    I'm hearing voices I've never heard before. I'm very very scared. I have my dogs in my room and I know they wouldn't hurt me. But I'm still scared. I have all of my doors locked and my room door closed. I have my window shut and locked. I'm still scared. I'm trying to sleep so I may not reply...
  13. Mr.Claypole

    Talking to my self.

    I've always done this, its always felt normal, I've always had an answer, and can hold full Conversions, with my inner voice. My partner says this isn't normal. Am I not normal? Would I be locked up if I told my doctor? Doesn't everybody do this?
  14. bigron

    is this why?

    many people with personality disorders end in trouble?? even prison? is it fair that someone with this disorder be locked up in jail? or should they be treated somehow? whats your veiws on this?
  15. L

    Stop hate uk

    I wouldn't recommend these. They don't actually do anything. They say they can refer to the Police but you have to give all your details and they can't say what if anything the Police will do and you have the option to tell the Police yourself. But the Police want everyone locked up for life...
  16. J

    Worrying about locked door

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with OCD where I have to constantly check I have locked a door or turned a tap off. I'm having a mega stress at the mo as I locked up after work, set alarm and then closed the door. It's a keypad locked door so when closing it locks itself I think. I did this on my...
  17. P

    paranoia may be triggery

    So at first they dx'd me schizoaffective disorder and ptsd. Now i'm that plus borderline personality disorder. However, i'm wondering if they'll get rid of schizoaffective because pdoc states my paranoia is bpd. I wonder do any of you know how you can tell if there are different kinds of...
  18. BillFish


    Got to say it after visiting that site for years and I mean years,the people on the diagnosed forum are a serious bunch of freaks and weirdos.People firing off posts like a machine gun one after the other 24/7 with the first bit of dross that comes to their dysfunctional sick minds. Even though...
  19. D

    Hearing knocking

    Hi, I have bipolar type 2 and am being treated for it. I suffered with post natal psychosis too. When I'm low I have voices bother me.. Anyway, recently when I have been alone (baby napping) I start hearing knocking at the kitchen window... At first I thought it was my grandmother coming to...
  20. I

    Threatened with locked rehab.

    I've just been released on section 17 home leave finally, but somethings really niggled me being on section this time which I think shouldn't of happened and that is being threatened with locked rehab because of my behaviour which basically consisted of kicking doors and ripping paper, they said...