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  1. L

    Major Depression: My story, my commitment to recovery.

    First time post, please nudge me in the right direction if this belongs somewhere else. This is the first time I've shared my story online and excited to reach out to lovely supporting individuals. My name is Peter, 28. 2 years ago I struggled with stress related anxiety and associated...
  2. fazza

    ode to a flame

    Give me a match i will light my cigerette. Give me a box and i will bring down my local cmht. FUCK THEM
  3. M

    What should I do? Healthcare not taking me seriously

    I'm fed up with Swedish healthcare. A few years ago I was given a psychiatrist who essentially did nothing but tell me that I'm making up my concerns and I should just get over them. Three weeks ago I was driven to an acute psychiatric hospital in Stockholm after contacting a local healthcare...
  4. H

    North West UK chat

    Hi I’m new here - from Wirral. I’d love to be part of a local chat group where we can help and support each other. Anyone interested?
  5. L


    Hi, there is no local forum from and for Italy?
  6. S

    New here..

    I would really welcome any advice and support that anyone can offer. My 15 year old son has been in hospital for 2 weeks now. He has attempted suicide 3 times. He has a rocky relationship with his psychiatrist so we will be getting a new one shortly. Present psychiatrist tried to get him...
  7. Under_The_Moon


    Kind of at the end of my rope. So tired of hearing people say "it gets better" and "there is someone for everyone". I spent my entire life believing "someone" was out there. It's total bullshit. Over 30 years now of believing this crap that "someone special" is out there. It's not that I can't...
  8. R

    Hearing voices and a housing/relationship issues

    I've been dealing with Paranoid Schizophrenia for years now and nothing ever seems to get any easier or better. I'm having relationship problems and also housing issues which I have applied to the local council to help me with social housing which if I get will ease my money problems. I'm...
  9. N

    Re-arranging Time of Dose - Abilify

    Hi Folks, With the holiday in a matter of 13 weeks, now, I am re - arranging via self, when I take my doses. This is due to and most likely, if we're out during earlier afternoons part, say around 12 and 2/3pm, local time, for lunch, and any odd bit of shopping, by planning to take at a...
  10. Fairy Lucretia

    got no food because of snow

    and no way of getting any sainsburys are not delivering until thursday cos of weather my aunt and sister are with me but taxis not running and local shop closed thank god maddie has food what is everyone else doing? x
  11. P

    Do you exercise?

    Me, yep, everyday. I go on long walks with my dad and cycle. I also play tennis with my mum and go bowling. I sometimes do aqua exercise and soon im going to do bootcamp sessions in my local sports center. 100% sporty, lol. How active are you guys?
  12. J

    Newcomer here

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and the realisation of BPD being the reason for my struggles in life. I live in SW12 in London and wondered if there were any local sufferers (you don't have to suffer from BPD I guess) who would help me by chatting? Jamie x
  13. RainbowAngel

    Tip-Toes ... Hello...

    Hello, just joined. RainbowAngel from the UK. Feel extremely let down by my local mental health services right now. :(
  14. P

    Small town girl in need of friends

    I would like to make more friends, which is hard enough to begin with since I am shy, but I live in a small town. Finances aren't the best either or I would go to a bigger town not too far away. It is frustrating because there are more opportunities there and it would be fun but I am held back...
  15. B

    Oxleas service help please!

    I have a telephone assessment from oxleas today and I'm neverous. Anyone have any experience? It's my local NHS mental Heath service thank you x
  16. Irish

    Noob Here

    Hi, I just registered because I thought I might find better answers than what I've been getting from my own mind. I'm a vet with ptsd, depression and now bipolar disorder. After 4 years hiding in my basement I finally started receiving treatment from the VA as well as a local peer support group...
  17. B

    Vortioxetine - The new Anti Depressant

    This is a new drug you should look into if you haven't had much luck with current AD's. It was only approved in 2013 and none of my local pharmacies stock it, they have to order it in so it's still a new drug. Vortioxetine - Wikipedia Vortioxetine: A Unique Antidepressant for Major Depressive...
  18. NicoretteGummed

    2017-Feeling great And Exciting New Beginnings!!!!

    I feel so great that my worst time of year Late October-December is over for another year and this time i'm going to make the most of it!!! I'm starting Level 2 IT at Learn Direct. It's 10am-4pm mon-fri so its pretty heavy duty for somebody who hasn't had any structure in his life for 3 years...
  19. cpuusage

    Local authorities 'spend close to nothing on mental health'

    Local authorities 'spend close to nothing on mental health' | The Independent
  20. R

    the autumn statement what does it mean for us

    i'm just curious what the autumn statement will mean for me, the bbc and media disabled don't work for them, we don;t really exist, looked at the guardian, people like me aren't paying guardian readers for the result of goverment changes to be published Social care no increase, just as well i...