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  1. mami5

    Living 2 lives

    At the moment I feel I'm living 2 lives 1 - I'm ok, planning ahead, looking to the future, feeling good 2 - I'm suicidal, self harming, no interest in anything and don't care Unfortunately for me....the second life rules the most Got to love BPD!!!!:curseyou:

    I am thinking about going to a Past Life Hypnotherapist.

    I am curious about this. I wonder if it can help me psychologically. I would like to be a PLH one day too. It would be a good start to go to one myself and see what it is like. I would like to know my past lives. I wonder. I am just tight though but once I have enough savings to feel safe...
  3. W


    Hey guys, I am very clingy with a mate off mine, I have just spent a whole week with him last week. I can call him up to 10 Times a day, he says he understands my mental health issues and last night we had a good chat about it. He lives miles from me, so we don’t see each other often, he’s got...
  4. A


    Hello, I am new here - but not new to trying to participate in 'normal' life with a brain that functions in ways that make me seem abnormal to others and sometimes to myself. I have met some great people who have helped me along the way since early childhood (I try not to think about the...
  5. J

    This Girl Is Driving Me Mad

    I have OCD and always wanted a girlfriend. A couple of months ago I found a girl on this autistic dating site I'd seen in the past. She was too much so people on forums said I should dump her. After dumping her she still wouldn't stop calling and messaging me every day and I had no choice but...
  6. R

    Reincarnation and past lives

    To me, reincarnation and past lives always seemed scary because I don't want to be a terrible person in another life. I already feel like a terrible person in this life, but what if in another life I was truly awful? Despite my fears, I do believe in it. I believe there's a cycle and that life...
  7. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 17/3/2018 to Friday 23/3/2018

    Professor Marston And The Wonder Women is out at cinemas; It details the unconventional life of Dr William Marston, the Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped invent the modern lie detector test and created Wonder Woman in 1941. Marston was in a polyamorous relationship with his wife...
  8. V

    Driving phobia

    I am 25 and have never got my drivers license due to an unexplained fear I've had since I was very young. It severely impacts my life because I am a mom of a kindergartner and just makes everything I do 10x harder. I do get help from my family and bf but I always feel very guilty that they have...
  9. G

    Feel like I can't carry on with life.

    Well, where to start. I honestly feel like life isn't worth carrying on. I am 25, Male. Live with my dad but soon going to be moving out and living on my own due to change in my dad's circumstances. I have had issues with low mood, bad self esteem and anxiety since my teenage years. I have...
  10. W

    life just seems like one giant obligation.

    why do we force people to live against their will? If suicide is selfish isn't it just as selfish to force someone to live an life of abject misery so you don't get upset for a short period of time? If someone genuinely doesn't want to be here any more isn't it more humane to help them end their...
  11. M

    My summarized view of a depressed life

    I think people need their good moods/feelings (their feel-good chemical/neurotransmitter induced states of well being) to allow them to perceive (see) the good value, joy, beauty, happiness, love, and worth in their lives. I don't think our way of thinking, our outlooks, actions, and our value...
  12. D

    Can you help me help a friend?

    Hello everyone, and nice to e-meet you! I’ve registered to this forum to find out if I can be of help to a person that I fear might be in a difficult situation for her mental health. The person (let’s call her Amal) is not really my close friend but we have studied together at university and...
  13. NicoretteGummed

    All of you please please just consider reading this book!!!!

    Spirituality has emerged as a prominent theme in contemporary culture. It is seen in issues as diverse as Eastern philosophies and religious awakenings; its psychological impact is apparent in alternative medicine, Alcoholics Anonymous, and meditation. In their own ways, each of these has helped...
  14. Kerome

    Keeping the light of courage in your life

    I had a dream last night where I encountered a glowing ball of golden light, and it said to me "this is not a coincidence. Courage!" Before merging with my chest and leaving me with a wonderful feeling of confidence and courage. It struck me afterwards in the morning how important the quality...
  15. D

    DrJeckle MrHyde

    For the past four years I have been escalating behaviour that I used to excuse as youthful spontaneity. What I mean is sexual conquest of inappropriate partners. The latest has been an affair with my common laws sister. I manipulated the events that led to this happening with precision and...
  16. L

    Cant cope

    really not feeling great tonight at all, today I know 2 people who have seriosuly injured themselves after attempting to end their own life. I know this is selffish of me but I cant cope of how many people are losing there lives. Im angry because it should be me. All I have been thinking tonight...
  17. M

    How feelings are the only things that make things and situations matter to us

    How feelings are the only things that make things and situations matter to us I am going to post yet another example of how feelings are the only things that make our lives matter and things/situations matter to us. Imagine someone who could never feel sad about the people who were always dying...
  18. Solitude1

    Finally found the reason of my creation

    Hey, I think I finally found the reason why God created me. I've thought about it a lot and very frequently, checking every possibility, ruling out stuff and so on. But every time the conclusion is: God created me in order for other people to see and cherish their own lives and thank God. He...
  19. M

    Why we all deserve depression

    If any of us have something bad happen to us such as an illness or some other horrible event, then that makes us deserving of more and more horrible things/illnesses in our lives. This is because we deserve more and more bad things to happen to us for having had something bad such as a...
  20. cpuusage

    Schizophrenia: Stolen minds, Stolen lives

    Schizophrenia: Stolen minds, Stolen lives - YouTube