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  1. daffy

    Diabetes and medícation

    Just wondering how many people on medication have gone on to develope diabetes. I have been on a multitude of different meds for the last fifteen years. Carbomazipine olanzipine mitazapine rispiridone and too any others to name them all. I'm currently on zaluron/quetiapine mirtazapine...
  2. Lisa-Marie666

    My gran has cancer

    For over a year my gran has been back and forth to the hospital having tests. She's had x-rays. MRI's, CT's, biopsies, you name it. They suspected she had lung cancer so kept doing more tests. Then they found a problem with her liver and she had really bad pain in her arm where she can't even...
  3. Bella394

    Liver damage on aripiprazole and lamotrigine

    Are these meds responsible for high liver function levels? My liver levels were high after aripiprazole I'm almost scared to check what they are like after the lamotrigine. My psychiatrist wants me to go on olanzopine too. Is this risky because of my liver?
  4. G


    I know ther has been a few threads recently on this , but how often do people drink or take drugs? If it was an ideal situation I would be clean all together , but life , friends , party's , escaping reality etc gets in the way. I have gone from drinking at least 5 days a week to only drinking...
  5. C

    Need to eat healthier any advise

    Hi people just a few questions. i want to try and start to eat heathier but as ive got a eating disorder. i eat mylti-vitims tablets with iron does anyone know what else i could take such as cod liver oil. and i do need to bulk up a little bit as i am weak and does anyone know any superfoods...
  6. RainbowHeartz

    Abnormal liver function

    Is what I have.... According to my recent blood test
  7. T

    having rough time caring for husband

    :unsure: I'm new to forum. Hope I'm in right place. My husband was in hospital and had a stroke that went undiagnosed. I transfered him after that tried to discharge him with hospice for end stage liver disease. He doesn't have liver disease. The dementia was a stroke. He had been recovering...
  8. O

    New to forums & in need of help.

    Hey everyone. First off thanks for clicking on this, you are awesome. I have TMD from hitting my jaw on the steering wheel in a car accident I was in in 2011and have been battling it ever since. I also have been dealing with weird liver issues where I have insane abdominal pain to the point I...
  9. D

    Should i feel wrong'd by my Gp's treatment over the years!

    About 8 years ago i was taken off my consultant's list and passed over to my GP because i was stable and as normal as a person with MD could be. Each year i have had my blood tests for thyroid, liver and carbamazipine level taken and apart from mutterings about my liver function being 'raised' i...
  10. mygirl1uk

    Really could do with some help !!! TRIGGER

    Firstly this could be a trigger to some people. On 06/05/12 I took an overdose, i ended up going to hospital on the 07/05/12, i was put on a drip because i did server damange to my liver, which finished last night, i was sent home and asked to attend the hospital again today for more blood...
  11. emzangelwings

    Does depression effect the liver?

    I know stress can cause problems with immunity and the liver and I've read on the internet that liver problems can cause depression but can depression cause the liver problems?
  12. M

    Lithium and the liver

    Hi everyone Hope we're ok today. Just a quickie... Anyone on lithium who gets called in for Liver Function tests?? I've been sent letter to say mine is due. I had routine bloods done 7 weeks ago before I started lithium so maybe there was something abnormal. Anyway, I'm shitting myself a bit...
  13. D

    is it me or them?

    so for the last couple of weeks i have been feeling quite low.. i've come off venlafaxine... it was working great but it was causing me to have liver issues, which was confirmed after i aked to have my liver functions tested as i was bruising like an old lady... my periods went all weird... and...
  14. H

    Doctors are supposed to help (trigger to any health anxious)

    I saw my shrink yesterday and have felt ill ever since. I can't function properly, I could't sleep, I can't eat, I am throwing up with anxiety. How this came about was he was giving me a hard time about drinking which I am honestly not doing too much of. I don't think he believed me. He was...
  15. S


    Not sure if Ive posted about this before, but Pure EPA seems to be having some benefit for me so thought Id share it with you. You need to take 2-4 caps/day & can buy online. It is abit expensive but normal cod liver oil even 1000mg day had no benefit apparently due to the balance of EPA &...
  16. jax

    Scared . . . Liver problems

    I had a phone call from my GP's today. She said that my blood results had come back and that I need to come back in tomorrow for fasting blood as my blood sugar is high - once again - and my cholesterol is high. Then she said that my liver function blood test needs to be done again as it is...
  17. Rosepoet

    cod liver oil helped

    i started this last month to take cod liver oil lots fruit juice esp pineapple and brewers yeast. i have gradually been improving. normally i dont believe in dietry approach but have felt amazing also cut out caffeine and upped sugar intake. listen to your body i guess.
  18. N

    Should I come off anti-psychotics? or have severe liver problems

    Hello. I have spoken with the liver specialist today about my liver and he has told me I have to come off the anti-psychotic drugs that I am taking. He is going to write to the psychiatric doctors basically to say that if I don't come off them, I am going to have serious liver implications. My...