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  1. R

    Did my psychologist properly inform me about lithium? Advice

    Hello, I was recently placed on lithium by my psychologist. She told me about how great lithium was, that it got a bad rap, and how it was better compared to *insert a bi-polar medication you've never heard of*. When I asked her about side effects the first time she listed positive side effects...
  2. Puhoy

    Lithium level below 0.1

    Hi, I have Cyclothymia, it's getting really hard to deal with, but I'm holding on. I recently got a Lithium concentration blood test, and it says it's >0.1 mmol/l, while the normal therapeutic range is 0.6-1.2 mmol/l I haven't said anything to my psychiatrist yet, but has anyone had their...
  3. Lynds1990

    Gaining weight while taking lithium.

    I'm paranoid about weight gain, and it seems that I have gained about 5-7 pounds. I haven't been drinking water as much as I should, so I know that could be a factor. I also don't eat a whole lot throughout the day and don't get the full calories I should be consuming. I have recently begun the...
  4. Azelka

    Does lithium make episodes of hypomania and depression last less long?

    Does lithium make episodes of hypomania and depression from bipolar last less long?
  5. H

    From Topamax to Lithium now worse

    My partners daughter stopped taking the prescribed Topamax for her anxiety about 4 months ago and has now been prescribed Lithium by a different doctor. Since on Lithium she is now worse. She is incredibly defensive and demanding and has weeks where she can't leave her appartment. The Topamax...
  6. A

    Bi Polar with Paranoia - On Rexulti - Need Input

    I will try to keep this brief. I was always depressed and my senior year of college (a year ago) I had a major psychotic break where I literally thought I was flying through the universe. I was hospitalized in for two weeks, and I have been trying to fine tune my meds. I am working closely...
  7. J

    The Magic of Lithium

    The magic of lithium. Lithium as all "magic" is a trick which is to poison your body to weaken it. One is so weak that he has no strength for any manic attack. Congratulations wizards of psychiatry!
  8. J

    Symptons of thyroidism after Lithium

    Hi everybody! I took lithium for less than 2 months and leave it. I notice symptoms of hypothyroidism, cold hands, dry skin, thin hair, insomnia, weight gain, a little difficult to swallow. However my blood test has done well with TSH at 1.05 (although before lithium it was at 0.5) which is a...
  9. atlia

    lithium side effects

    i am prescribed lithium to treat/prevent manic and depressive episodes of my schizoaffective disorder the only other drug i'm taking is aripiprazole. i've been taking the latter before and didn't experience any noticeable side effects. which means that the side effects i'm having now are most...
  10. G

    Having major mania

    I was diagnosed with bipolar one into thousand four. I've had a lot of different treatments some work to someone for a time and then some I never should've touched at all. To keep this simple I was prescribed a drug lithium I started having delusions and I've been in another hospital a lot in...
  11. A

    Lithium For Schizophrenia?

    Anyone taking lithium for schizophrenia?
  12. spoon-racoon

    Lithium for Bipolar 2?

    I'm considering lithium as a treatment option for the first time. One of the things making me doubt that it's the right medication for me is that I've never had a severe manic episode, only hypomania. And lithium is primarily effective for mania, right? I'm trying to decide whether my symptoms...
  13. C

    medication and mood stabilisers for BPD

    Hi, I was recently diagnosed with strong traits of BPD (?? not sure if this is an official diagnosis) by the community mental health team. I have struggled with a lot of the symptoms of BPD for as long as I can remember. Since the diagnosis I feel like I know myself a lot more, I have been...
  14. M


    Hi, has anyone been prescribed Lithium for Depression?
  15. R

    Experiences with lithium and BPD?

    Hey all! I've recently been diagnosed with BPD and have also just been prescribed lithium as a mood stabiliser. Does anyone have any experience with borderline personality disorder and taking lithium for it?
  16. P

    ECT or medication?

    Hello. I'm new year. Back in early Feb I attempted suicide and was hospitalized at which I started ECT (had it done for postpartum depression 3 years ago). I was responding well to it and was sent home but towards the end of my first week I felt suicidal again and was readmitted. During this...
  17. S

    I love Lithium, but am I able to do this on it

    Please no over the top responses, as this will start messing with me and causing panic at the slightest symptom. Just objective, sound, scientific, fact-based answers only please. Thank you in advance!! I am fairly skinny- I weigh about 115 lbs and am around 5’9” to a maximum 5’10”. I also do...
  18. M

    Lithium pain?

    Hi, I started taking Priadel a few months ago. It took a a while to get used to it but works well for me. Unfortunately I am now getting joint pains and my leg muscles are tired most of the time. Does anybody have any experience as to whether Lithium could be causing this. Any adivice will be...
  19. S

    Lithium insight please

    Hi. I'm new to this forum but it looks great. I'm trying to find out more info on how Lithium affects people. My boyfriend and I have only been together for 3 months but it looks like it's the real thing. We both feel like we've found our soul mate. He's bi-polar and his doctor recently changed...
  20. A

    forgot to pick up lithium

    I have been without my lithium for three days. tonight will be day four. I am starting to feel the effects. I am worried about telling my pdoc. my memory is terrible.