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  1. Q

    Feeling like I'm being listened to

    This isn't hearing voices but I know that I am being listened to all the time and also watched and also followed. My question is how can I live an honest life, form relationships, and be comfortable in my own skin if I know I that all the time I'm being scrutinized and criticized by people who...
  2. M

    Going out with people

    Hi I try to get out more to manage my social anxiety. If the first attempts are not 100% successful, is this a sign i am stagnating, or should i learn everything i can when i meet with people and keep trying? What do you think? I wasn’t able to be talkative all the time at first, i talked and...
  3. J

    It doesn't get better

    Not to put any negatives out there but "severe" social anxiety simply doesnt get better. Now as someone who hasn't posted for ages, I will post again and say that here in the UK the NHS are 100% to blame. It must have been a year or even longer since my last post and what's changed? Nothing...
  4. U

    Does anyone else get emotional when listening to classical music? Or am I just unstable?

    Does anyone else get emotional when listening to classical music? Or am I just unstable? I should begin by saying that I have never really listened to classical music. The other morning my one year old was eating breakfast and this particular song was playing. The song was beautiful and every...
  5. BillFish

    One for cpusage

    The Situationist International (SI) was an international organization of social revolutionaries made up of avant-garde artists, intellectuals, and political theorists, prominent in Europe from its formation in 1957 to its dissolution in 1972. A Brilliant BBC radio four programme, I listened...
  6. valleygirl

    Yay for me!

    So I have this project for my Music in ECE class that I've been working on. It involves putting together songs from various categories onto cue cards. The other part of the assignment is putting together props from music circle presentations that we did in class. We also have to laminate all...
  7. M

    I'm in daze, feel like I'm riding a wave, my life is a rollarcoaster, inside of a maze...

    I'm in daze, feel like I'm riding a wave, my life is a rollarcoaster, inside of a maze... I hope it's a phase, I don't know if I'm acting my age anymore, I need to brake out of this cage. Tsunami- tinie tempah. This how I feel right now I'm in an 'episode' and can't seem to get out. My...
  8. pepecat

    The Absolutely Vital Importance of Listening

    https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/inviting-monkey-tea/201509/the-absolutely-vital-importance-listening?utm_source=FacebookPost&utm_medium=FBPost&utm_campaign=FBPost I received an outpouring of feedback on my recent blog, “What We Really Want and Almost Never Get,” about the profound...
  9. Lincoln1990

    She doesn't listen to me!!!!

    She just doesn't. I need sleep...not anymore drugs...this is BS...done with this BS therapy...it's crap. She doesn't get what it's like to live like I'm living. I'm so done. I have to do law work and an EKG for the medicine she's puttig me on. I know everything might not turn out okay. Im not...
  10. SadSoul

    Why does my soul feel so bad

    I listened to that song today. It is so true for me. I feel so sad, my soul feels so sad, i just feel so sad all the time. I do get brief reprieves but they are very brief. I'm always walking beneath a dark cloud. When it rains, it pours. When the sun peeks through, cloud very quickly blocks out...
  11. C

    East Riding of Yorkshire

    Kingston upon Hull Mental Health Action Group 33-34 Caroline Street Hull HU2 8DF 01482 585244 [email protected] Mental Health Action Group offers a peer advocacy service to people in the Hull and East Riding area. We aim to ensure your needs and wants are listened to, taken seriously and...
  12. O

    How can I make sure I'm listened to?

    I have a psychiatrists appointment tomorrow as a follow-up from being in A and E after an overdose a month ago. When I saw the psychiatrist in the hospital at the time, I expressed my concern about my fluctuating moods. The problem is, I've seen 3 different psychiatrists and they've all said...
  13. C


    Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland LAMPdirect | Mental Health in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland 65 Regent Road Leicester LE1 6YF Tel: 0116 255 6286 Fax: 0116 247 1073 E-mail: [email protected] LAMP is an independent voluntary organisation working to promote good mental health...
  14. R

    How long before meds take effect?

    Hi there, I have recently become unwell and i am hearing increased voices and was seeing things too. I had urges to do bad things but managed to resist it, it was assessed by the home treatment team and they took me on but in the end I ended up in hospital for 7 days on the psychiatric ward...
  15. bobshocker

    I travel the light fantastic

    They diagnosed me bipolar. They tried to get me away from the forum. They told me I was hypersexual. They told me to stop loving those babe's. They said ' you can't do that shit,' They said 'this world is for normal people ' they said you can't hate your life and want to die. I said Fuck...
  16. S

    My CPN is useless and a waste of my time

    I really just want to vent on here how useless my CPN is. All she ever does is talk about herself. She tells me about her husband, her social life, her shopping trips, her friends, her retirement anything but talk about me. No deep conversation has ever taken place between us. I feel like...
  17. RainbowHeartz

    What have you done mindfully today

    I went on a mindful walk I listened to all noises around me and looked at the view and felt the cold air on my cheeks
  18. catkin


    Today I was heard, listened to and feel validated. A rare and precious feeling. The bpd label was dismissed, depressive and ptsd symptoms seen for what they are and taken seriously rather than pushed aside by the bpd. Am in desperate place, being heard feels like salvation.
  19. G

    I'm completely lost.

    I'm a 24-year-old male from Australia who smokes about 2 grams a day. I do it compulsively and it takes up all of my time and money. I can't seem to function without it. I'm happy provided it is near me. When I'm nearly running out or have none at all, I'm anxious. My anxiety is assuaged when I...
  20. althera

    GP has changed meds to prozac

    After just over a year on citalopram and not seeing a difference at all my doctor changed my meds to prozac. My mood recently has been incredibly low. Getting almost daily panic attacks, been avoiding my friends and becoming a recluse. The only times I go out are to take my daughter to school...