1. J

    Better ways of dealing with difficult feelings/events

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the forum - just joined recently. One of the things I struggle with is dealing with emotions and events in a healthy way. I tend to overeat as a response to stressful or upsetting things - if I've had a bad day or something has upset me I go to the shops and buy loads...
  2. soulsearcher

    going to hospital, what to expect?

    hey peeps so the dr from home treatment team has deemed that im too high of a risk for suicide so im now on a waiting list for a bed, so i was wondering in regards to going to the hospital, what to expect?
  3. N

    Waiting list for therapy

    Hi i am currently on a waiting list for therapy. I am on medication but having meltdowns and being rather destructive in my relationship causing arguements with partner. Un anaware of what i am doing at the time. Does anyone have any recommendations on things to do to avoid getting into...
  4. L

    Feeling numb

    Hi, I don't usually go looking for help but I was diagnosed with depression about 5 months ago but I've had it for around 10 years. My GP started me on fluxotine (or however you spell it) then put me on mirtazapine which I've been on for around 3 months recently upping the dose to 30mg. Ever...
  5. T

    I think I may have ocd

    So, I am struggling with some thoughts... I know that I should see a therapist or doctor, but right now I don't think that is on my list. I have always been anxious (biting my nails, fiddling), but I went to a general practitioner and my mother mentioned one of my rituals, and the doctor...
  6. H


    My mental health problems are vast and I was always told by an abusive family that I exaggerated things, clearly this made their denial of what happened so much easier if they’d built this image of me exaggerating what happened. The things that happened are what they are, it’s not really...
  7. M

    Choosing a Therapist

    Is social anxiety a recognized specialty for therapists? I have looked at the therapists within my provider network and none list social anxiety as an area of expertise. However, some list anxiety by itself. Are the therapists who list anxiety but not social anxiety worth considering?
  8. LP0956

    Which medication is usually better to treat GAD: venlafaxine or escitalopram?

    Which medication is usually better to treat GAD: venlafaxine or escitalopram? Which of these two medications is usually better for treating generalized anxiety disorder: venlafaxine (Effexor XR) ou escitalopram (Lexapro)? I see the overwhelming majority of people (who have already taken these...
  9. O

    How anxious is too anxious?

    So I've been pretty anxious for literally as long as I can remember, mostly involving social situations. I also have been wondering lately if I have at least slight (if that's a thing) OCD-- I have to do things in 3s, when I'm writing something on lined paper I can never just have one word on...
  10. C

    Action plan for dealing with the 'voices'

    I'm making this thread so that there's a dedicated thread dealing with coping & hopefully resolving the problem. This won't work for everyone and heck it might not even work for me. I acquired this problem through depression and using psychic ability & so this might be an actual solution whereas...
  11. A

    Not Sure What’s Up with Me: TW list of symptoms

    TW: List of varying self harm and self destructive behaviors Hi everyone. I’m brand new and I’ve read the rules and guidelines but if I say something that is irrelevant to this thread, please let me know so I can do better next time I post. I can’t find a thread for general things, and this is...
  12. Y

    im coming out of hospital soon and need advice

    so its Friday and the psychiatrist comes round and has a review with everyone. It came to my turn and the first things out my mouth were " I'm fine". but he then came up about the fact that I am leaving to go home just after Christmas, and he is worried about me self harming and how I will cope...
  13. J


    Hi everybody More and more I'm feeling huge amounts of guilt for things I've done in my life.The people I've hurt, the money I've wasted and the list goes on. How do people cope with these feelings? Please help Jamie
  14. M

    Seeing words on my walls

    Hi everyone, I'm a 20 year old girl and I've always had depression. I also have aspergers if that's of any relevance. I'm freaking out a bit because this has happened a couple of times now. I'll wake up after a night of sleep and see words on my wall. My eyes are blurry but the words aren't...
  15. G

    What really grinds my gears

    You know what really grinds my gears....... Having to undergo counseling for the umpteenth time Self medicating just to get by Being lonely because I'm agrophobic Sweating through embarrassment/stress/agrophobia Feeling I'm inferior due to agrophobia The list is endless. Hopefully my admission...
  16. BrianHorlicks

    List of people claimed to be Jesus

    List of people claimed to be Jesus - Wikipedia
  17. R

    Diagnosis help required

    Hi guys, my girlfriend has had mental health problems her whole life, she hasn't been to the doctors about these and has just tried to manange them alone. She doesn't know where to start even if she did manage to go to the doctors she has no idea how to explain what is wrong with her. After some...
  18. cpuusage

    The Witch's Reading List

    The Witch’s Reading List | Sarah Anne Lawless
  19. Chopsy

    i can't just cry

    i googled this phrase & this was the first on the google list.... it looks helpful....
  20. Y

    More advice please

    Hi, I'm recently new to this and this is my second post but I feel this forum is really beginning to help me find the answers and a sense of relief again to my anxiety and worrying. I recently went to see my doctor about my anxiety as it was beginning to affect my health. My hair was falling...