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  1. L

    Are you a child or grandchild of an alcoholic?

    Hiya All My most recent research is looking in to nutritional links between symptoms caused by low serotonin & beta-endorphin levels. If you are a child or grandchild of an alcoholic this can genetically determine the bio-chemistry of your brain so as I am a grandchild of an alcoholic I...
  2. T

    Depression link to severe vitamin D deficiency

    Have had severe depression for the past 4 weeks (first true period of depression ever although long history of MH issues). As part of ongoing physical monitoring for my ED, it's come back that my vitamin D levels are extremely low and so rock bottom that my GP is really concerned. Been reading...
  3. OobieMoobie

    Really upset myself, need someone to talk to.

    Let's cut down a long story, basically I saw a little article type thing about a particular set of murders. I recognised the story because a video of one of the murders went online, and my boyfriend told me how one of his friends had watched it. His description of it was enough to get me upset...
  4. SomersetScorpio

    ESA Factsheet from Rethink

    Hello all, I'm very aware that the ESA benefit and the WCA are a massive worry for people claiming it with mental health issues. I've recently had to send off a form for a re-assessment and have a WCA looming (I know it's coming, but nobody's contacted me yet!), so it's something i'm really...
  5. Gajolene

    Found a great self help link

    Found this link chock full of self help tools for anxiety, depression and anger, definitions and descriptions of different types of therapies, herbal remedies and relaxation cd's if anyone want's to check it out here's the link Free stress help, mental health, self-help, depression, anxiety...
  6. Gajolene

    8 min vid by neuoscientist Sara Lazar on how meditation can reshape our brains

    8 min vid by neuoscientist Sara Lazar on how meditation can reshape our brains Here's the link folks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8rRzTtP7Tc I love TED TV and Website.
  7. miffyrabbit

    Link To BBC News Article: ATOS Messes Up.

    Here's a link from a couple of days ago to a BBC News article regarding the gigantic backlog caused by ATOS. There is also an interesting sub article on the same page documenting a person's experience with "The System". Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16937742
  8. Rambuie Perspecador

    schizophrenia commission - listening in manchester

    hi everyone i understand there are some tickets left for this, obtainable by ballot, for Tuesday 21st February morning or afternoon sessions Here's the link: http://www.schizophreniacommission.org.uk/ Good Luck!
  9. Girl Interrupted


    Mental Health Foundation's link to Mindfuness & stress reduction for those who may be interested: http://www.bemindful.co.uk/
  10. R

    Psychosis & Spirituality: Inner Journeys In a Time of Transition

    The above is the title of a workshop that ran last year at John Moores' University, Liverpool. The title refers to the concept that 'madness' may be seen as Spiritual Emergency or Emergence, perhaps break-down or break-through, both a threat and an opportunity (to perhaps muddle Stanislav Grof...
  11. N

    How do I contact admin?

    I don't know where to put this I put a link on a thread and put the wrong link on and need it deleted asap as its taking you to my facebook I have had to log out till this link is off.
  12. M

    Link Workers - the mystery is solved

    So I had my appointment with my Link Worker on Monday. She's a CPN. Why they didn't just say that I don't know! Anyway,it seems like I'm finally going to get the help I need! I've been telling the GP(old one) for months that after two major episodes it was qite clear that the mood stabiliser...
  13. jezcoleman


    Any body else been pm'd a link to another forum?
  14. M

    Long time no speak....quick question re Link Workers

    I know that I don't post on here much, but I'm usually pottering about reading posts. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I've had a lot of trouble since my diagnosis, my GP was refusing to perscribe the meds the pdoc prescribed, wouldn't involve MH services as I was not 'beyond his...
  15. R

    The God of Hellfire Will See You Now!

    Music for recovery. When I was in the depths I loved Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix & Fire by Arthur Brown-matched my mood. Here's a link to an article that made me smile & I hope it lifts your spirits-click on the 'Fire' link & it will take you to a rather rough YouTube video...
  16. H

    Triggers? Do things 'trigger' illness in you?

    I watched this TV program last night, it might have only been on in Scotland as it was about Bible John, serial killer of the 60's in Glasgow and it was linked to Peter Tobin, convicted killer of recent years. I was totally unprepared for the emotional reaction in myself. Now, I have often said...
  17. V

    Hearing screams

    Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes i can hear screaming right next to my ear. I think it is a womans scream. I only get this when im in the dark and link it to my anxiety. Its really scary. :(
  18. Starless

    BPD Videos on Youtube.

    Hey all, hope you're all well. I just came across this guy on youtube that semi-regularly posts videos about his experiences with BPD. I've watched a few and found he's got a brilliant way of getting things across. Here's the link for anyone that's interested in watching them...
  19. W

    Ok i don't condone the use of sites such as wonga...

    BUT... If you do consider using them at all, use this little link and I'll get £20 for it, feel free to send me your little link code too, and I'll open a new account for next time to do the same for you! I'm sure if anyone does use the site it'd be nice to get a little back for it. I'm only...
  20. angiebib1976

    Link to CMHT Details for Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

    Hi Here is a link to the Community Mental Health Teams for Lancaster and the surrounding areas. http://www.lancs-mentalhealthhelpline.nhs.uk/search/area_search.php?condition_ID=47&vars%5Bpostcode%5D=LA1&submit=Submit&label=Lancaster+and+Morecambe Angie