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  1. S

    what is the web address for "Keran or karan house" not sure of spellng

    what is the web address for "Keran or karan house" not sure of spellng but this came up yesterday when I was filling out my registration and now I cant find the link - does someone have the link please?
  2. R

    How to recover from Pyschosis?

    Hi, I posted a question in PTSD forum thinking it covers psychosis, without realizing there is a separate category for psychosis in this forum. Can anyone see my post in the link below (that I posted under PTSD), and share your thoughts and suggestions? Thanks
  3. Funnyday

    Voice to skull

    There are over 300 pages in the pdf in the Link. http://researchonline.ljmu.ac.uk/6092/1/543845.pdf
  4. L

    what's the link

    My medication has treatment for schizophrenia and depression. What's the link between the two. I don't have schizophrenia.
  5. Z

    Here is the link to a very positive article on BPD

    Researchers have found that people diagnosed as borderline are also uncannily empathetic and sensitive to others, although they may struggle to rein those feelings in.

    The Positive Mental Health Boost of Having a Routine

    I have just started a new routine, and am feeling happier already. I feel more in control. Here is a link from a blogger about this: The Positive Mental Health Boost of Having a Routine | A Journey With You
  7. M

    Would you like to take part in University of Manchester research exploring childhood experiences and mood?

    Would you like to take part in University of Manchester research exploring childhood experiences and mood? Hello, I am currently working with researchers at the University of Manchester to better understand the link between childhood experiences and mood experiences in adults. We are looking...
  8. S

    i live in kent and i am lonely

    i wish there was someone just around the corner from me who i could meet up with , i get lonely .. who is from kent , and where do you live? i hate being isolated, only just found this local forum link on here , i didn't realise there was one, so i thought i would post

    The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements

    I came across this website the other day. It is about life in the astral. It is quite pleasant and nice to read with a cup of tea. Here is the link: The Astral Plane – Common Summerland Elements - GoldenGaiaDB
  10. C


    I am going through some disgusting delusions right now. I would appreciate if you could please check out my blog and give me your input. Feel free to comment anything on my site and share it. I need input from others to determine what I am going through and shed some light on my issues. My link...
  11. L

    Theresa May confronted over PIP cuts

    Theresa May euphemizes savage cuts to PIP when confronted by an angry disabled person demanding democratic accountability – Politics and Insights New discriminatory changes to PIP regarding those with mental health conditions take effect from today. Have read it but can't find link to it now...
  12. cpuusage

    Researchers Disprove Link Between Genetics and Depression

    Nope we weren't born with it, and yes we can affect change on it - Researchers Disprove Link Between Genetics and Depression
  13. N

    This is my new idea for an human memory erasing machine.

    Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. This is my idea human memory erasing machine idea. Neuroqore is considering building this idea. I feel this is the right place, and time to show this idea to you, to give people with depression some hope for the future. I have shown this idea to a lot of Neuroscientists...
  14. Kerome


    This guy is considered a bit of a joke by some people I know, but who knows maybe his ramblings will be seen as revealed truth by some. The really short version is that this guy Devageet, who used to be Osho's dentist, had been told by Osho that the teeth were a link to the Akashic Records...
  15. G

    Psychologists Against Austerity

    Counting the costs of austerity Changed the link because it wasn't working on my device.
  16. BorderlineDownunder

    Antidepressants and Increased Suicidality

    This comes up a lot on this forum, I talk about it occasionally but have found a link I think most of us should read. Why Do Antidepressants Raise Your Suicide Risk? The Surprising Science Behind ‘Paradoxical Reactions’
  17. J

    Please Don't Call Us "Difficult To Engage"

    Hi. I hope it's okay to post the link to a piece I wrote last week for the Huffington Post about people who MH services sometimes describe as "difficult to engage". I was categorised as someone who was difficult to engage and so it's an issue which I feel strongly about. I now run a Suicide...
  18. NicoretteGummed

    Inpatient Options For People Diagnosed As Having PD

    http://http://www.wlmht.nhs.uk/ Link not working-sorry. The Cassel Hospital in Ham, Richmond,Surrey
  19. BillFish

    Inside the mind of a master procrastinator very funny!

    This me to a T, how about you? Safe link to ted video, have a giggle. https://www.ted.com/talks/tim_urban_inside_the_mind_of_a_master_procrastinator
  20. Gajolene

    Depression: It’s Not Your Serotonin

    Story link here>>>> Depression: It