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    Support for partners

    Does anyone know of any support groups specifically for partners of people with mental health problems? Ideally Lincolnshire way. Thank you
  2. S


    hi, anyone from lincolnshire on here ?, :confused:
  3. C


    Stamford StartaFresh - Befriending Group Christ Church Green Lane Stamford Lincolnshire PE9 1HE 01780 766446 07950 464093 Monday, Thursday and Friday 1.00pm to 3.00pm StartaFresh provides befriending and mentoring support for vulnerable adults in and around Stamford who have encountered a...
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    North Lincolnshire

    Scun thorpe Scun thorpe and District Mind Printers Yard Fenton Street Sc unthorpe DN15 6QX 01724 279500 [email protected] Services Offered Peer Support Sessions (every weekday afternoon) One to one active listening service: to provide you with support, information/signposting and guided...
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    I'm Back

    Hi folks. Not been around recently as been in hospital. Got no support here in Lincolnshire and ended up being admitted in London when I visited friends. Feel heaps better but already Lincolnshire are not putting into place the help London advised I needed so don't know how long it will last...
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    Hi there

    Hi i'M CHARLIE, I LIVE IN lINCOLNSHIRE AND AM BI-POLAR. Looking forward to getting to know you all.