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  1. Grape

    a life on benefits

    I found out today that esa wrag is not limited to one year as I thought it was. I remembered being told to realise my new limitations as a person with bipolar disorder. With a disability I'm torn. Is this bullshit or true. How much do you consider your disability and much do you continue as...
  2. F

    Not a priority for help and support

    As I am not acutely ill , living independently, though in a rather basic and restricted way and described as having 'limited ability to live independently in the community', I am not seen as a priority for help and support.
  3. S

    15 points but not support group?!

    Hi all, I had an assessment by Atos in July and was placed in the WRAG group - my decision letter 'went missing' in the post (only found out about being moved from support to WRAG when I recieved an appointment letter for work focused interview). Today I recieved a replacement in the post...
  4. F

    Won't be seeing the support worker

    Got told today i've been discharged from rehab and recovery. To be fair the two who told me were concerned/upset as they know there is nothing to take their place as in regular drop ins/befriending etc to continue reducing social isolation. They said would i go out much and i said i am not one...
  5. F


    I'm not against medication but there's needs to be greater acknowledgement of its limitations. After 40 years of almost exclusively being on medication - 'limited ability to live independently in the community'
  6. F

    ' Time limited'

    A favourite phrase in the modern psychiatric manual along with 'recovery'. The only thing that isn't time limited is taking the meds which for the most part is seen as a life long task. I wonder whether those faced with chronic physical problems are faced with those dreaded words 'time...
  7. F

    Vitamin D deficiency in psychosis: our current (limited) understanding

    Vitamin D deficiency in psychosis: our current (limited) understanding according to the latest meta-analysis. - The Mental Elf
  8. M


    Do they have the knowledge and ability to genuinely help people get better? It all seems like shots in the dark in fog with limited knowledge dictated by limited time, interest and money and manipulative money controlling pharmaceuticals and governmental smoke screens. Feel like I am in the...
  9. D

    HELP! Been taken OFF ESA!

    Hi guys, Since all the recent changes to benefits i've had nothing but bother. I have had three medical assessments in the last year and have had no end of paper work, new forms to fill in etc. Everytime a decision has been made i've had to appeal against it as they were saying i had limited...
  10. ABsea

    entering the blur

    That is my life atm. Im doing things, making friends, going out, blablabla. Im happy? But its all a blur. I know it won't last. Everything is limited. This isn't me. Why am I pretending?
  11. Girl Interrupted

    Compassionate mind therapy ????

    Has anyone ever had Compassionate Mind Therapy? It's recently been recommended, along with Schema Therapy by a *Newly Qualified* regsitrar, who has simply written a theoretical construct in accordance with their paymasters instructions (similar to Stanley Milgrams obedience to authority...
  12. E

    how do you interpitate this question?

    And how do you prove it? Your appeal could also be successful if you could show “There would be a substantial risk to the health of any person if you were found not to have limited capability for work”
  13. L

    In a negative place right now

    I'm coming to a conclusion that an idea i had for university research may be impossible. I think it would be better if i understood more of why it wasn't working (i know its not working because I've used software to model a simplified case of the experiment). I don't think my idea was...

    NOTHING works

    I'm so frustrated right now, I could kick a cat, throw the guitar through the window, or do some serious damage. Just whats the F*CK is it about me that makes people think i'm some sort of weirdo, monster, outcast, person to treat like sh.t, or any of the other crap i've had to take for 27 years...
  15. pentagram

    limited CBT sessions

    I have been told I'll only be allowed about 12-14 CBT sessions with the NHS. It is very helpful but I have now had 8 sessions and am nowhere near anywhere good. Because of my PTSD flashbacks I do not think I am getting any better. The revelations of 2 weeks ago that I had been tortured into...