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  1. Shiroki

    Give me your wisdom and advice

    I already tried to explain this once and the previous post just disappeared so this is going to be summarized. I have bpd, I am at a point where I’m trying to do the right thing and take responsibility for myself and my actions and stop blaming stuff on my illness. 3 years ago however, I got...
  2. R

    Too much 2 lose.

    Only ones who care are my family. And thats more of a fear/concern kind of care, i mean look at thier point of view.I FAILED. Giving up on myself means giving up on my family. Why would i want to hurt them? Its an illness that has been ignored up until recent times and i really am having trouble...
  3. S


    I'm sal and I'm 35, I was diagnosed with PTSD and GAD stemming from Childhood and Adolescence Trauma. My main purpose for joining is to find out how others deal with social situation when you tremble or shake or are just hyper vigilant in public. Its seem although that I'm always like this...
  4. T

    No Motivation

    Hi, For a few years now I've found I've had an increasing lack on motivation and drive to do anything of any real value. I seem to see the world differently to most and recently have been genuinely curious as to what is the actual reason for life is, when most of the world's population are born...
  5. N

    After 40 Years, Finally Got Diagnosed. What the Hell Do I Do Now???

    Hi All, My new medicine has made me feel like a new person. My diagnosis has made sense of decades of confusion and therapy that went and didn't help me understand myself very much. Then my doctor makes an observation, I agree to go to yet another psychiatrist, he gives me a questionnaire...
  6. Funnyday

    Anyone else missing a dead relative?

    My Mum died in 1997 from Breast cancer. My Dad in 1999 from Lung cancer. I miss them so much. I don't know why I'm still getting upset all these years later. Life is cruel. :low:
  7. S

    Hello from the UK..

    :flower2 Hi, Hi, it's my first time on a forum like this, found it in Google search and liked what I saw so here I am. I have a rare bone condition which affects my whole body and also server depression and anxiety. I'm not as mobile as I use to be and this is something I'm finding very...
  8. K

    Depression Hitting Hard

    I am really struggling right now. My partner was fired last March and my mood has been steadily dropping ever since. I was doing really well - got an award at work, was making friends etc. But when he got fired I lost my stability. I also had to quit seeing my therapist. Since then I’ve been a...
  9. A


    Hi I hate to trouble anyone. But I've been having agitation so bad I tried to commit myself. I feel like constantly pacing although I sleep thanks to my medicine this is pretty bad. I was just wondering if anyone ever felt that way too? Cuz I want to know that there is a life after this. Thank...
  10. S

    How the schizophrenic lives a normal life?

    You should not pass a day of your life without achieving accomplishment. How it is done? Try everyday to act as the very healthy do. Do not talk too much, just listen to others. You will discover after a week that you are a completely different person. Congratulations on the achievement.
  11. N

    A little bit lost

    My story is I think too long to put here, at least I don't think anyone could or would be willing or able to read all of it. I suppose I will end up writing a lot anyway. I am coming here out of, I suppose, a degree of desperation. I have had many therapists and many pills over I guess now at...
  12. M


    Is it normal to live your whole life thru a shadow of imagination? I mean all the time in my life I am imagining things like I get lost in my own little world a lot. When I am speaking with someone there is always a second conversation going on in my head or after I stop speaking with someone...
  13. Azelka

    Cyclical depression

    Hey, I was wondering if cyclical depression could be cured. I know the best for me will be to ask directly to my psychiatrist but I can't see her right now so I'm asking it to you hoping you will have the answer. I am asking this to know if I will have to take meds my whole life for treating...
  14. R

    pretty sure i have DID

    hi. i've been fairly certain i have did since 2013 or so. on and off, i will occasionally "forget" about this; i'll ignore all my symptoms and go on trying to live a singular life. i guess i suppress it or something, or maybe something just takes the memories away for a time. but then i remember...
  15. G

    Its too late for me

    If anybody here is willing to read this, here it is. Life has offered me false hope which has been shattered to pieces over and over again. I feel like taking my life someday is extremely likely, maybe inevitable at this point. All my adult years I've been lying to myself, telling myself that I...
  16. I

    How do I stop thinking so negatively as it is ruining my life?

    I am a male, twenty years old and just started university in September 2018. I have a long history of social anxiety, generalised anxiety and depression, all of these things I have received no help what so ever. Since about May 2018, I have received very intense panic attacks when I am out in...
  17. T

    Self Harmed again after some time

    Hello, I should introduce myself first. I am a 20 year old male. I have depression, remarcably, among cases of anxiety and other disorders. Have been seeing a psychatrist for 2 years and a half, I went to therapy for 5 years, but stopped when I changed cities in the beggining of 2018. I self...
  18. C

    Hi everybody

    Hello everyone, This is more of a life story to be honest anyway as a new year has dawned on us all, I understand that most people here are in the same boat but in different seat's... So I will try and give my story... It started early in life for me as a teenager I was the introvert quiet boy...
  19. R

    Hi - it's just me a nobody

    Hi all- I'm a 50+ woman in the US. I guess some would say I'm feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I am! I'm so down on life in general these days. I find it hard to move; I have to "talk myself into" doing most things. Sleeping is my favorite pastime. What do you do when you're 50+ years old, never...
  20. qwerty1234

    The hospital and ex friends who have treated me like trash

    I complained to the hospital and want to complain again. Two former friends threw me out of their life in response to a more confident me and I am still reeling from their disrespect for human life.