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  1. A

    What is wrong with me?

    Hi all, i've never posted on any sort of forum before, but i thought i'd give it a try. I have battled depression ever since I was very young. I am an only child, and have the epitome of helicopter parents. My childhood involved large amounts of stress for me as a kid and overbearing...
  2. M

    Am I just selfish or is there something more?

    Hi everyone I am currently waiting for a psychiatric referral on the NHS but since this can take a few weeks I'm going to ask for help here too. I have been with my girlfriend for about six months now and I think the world of her. She has been an absolute god send to me. But for some reason I...
  3. B

    Pip, dwp, capita

    Surely I’m not alone with Capita lying regarding my assessment? Also even the DWP have lied too. They seem to work very well together.
  4. M


    I have been bullied at work. People think I am a no body but I am a somebody. I do what is right. The girl threatened to hurt me. And then lied about it. She is in big old trouble. She started the fight with me. my van driver knows she did not tell the truth
  5. H

    I don't know what to do with this person

    Hello! Just to clarify what I mean about mental illness in the coming text, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a good while now however things have gotten extreme, my introduction post will give full details :) So at the start of the Summer my girlfriend left me, now I know what...
  6. S

    Should I try fix the broken pieces?

    Apologies this is a long story. So I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 9 months. We were very happy together no major problems apart from some communication issues which we were working on... We have many things in common and he has been very kind and caring. And honestly I...
  7. Z

    Am I as crazy as I feel I am??

    I really don't know what's wrong with me. I feel like there is, I KNOW there is, And I'm terrified to tell anyone I know. To give a very basic quick summary, My entire life, And I do mean my ENTIRE life, I've lied. About everything. The only people I don't lie to would be my immediate family and...
  8. I

    messed up big time not sure what to please don't judge im scared

    Hi I started speaking to tho boy on a dating website for over a month since 31dt December he got back last week so we've met up twice,it went really well,and he brought me loads for valentines day,only problem us when I set up dating profile I lied about my first name and location.He lives near...
  9. C

    Help!! Bpd?! Crazy?!

    So this may be a little long but I would really love some genuine help and I'll try keep it as short as possible. So when I was young I was emotionally abused pretty badly by my father and he has bipolar or some sort of personality disorder at the moment but won't tell me exactly what. I have...
  10. P

    Please help

    Ok I'm going to get straight into it. I'm 25. I met a girl over 5 months ago. I have lied to we about everything up until now. I have a problem. I feel like I need to lie to make myself feel like a bigger man. I told a big lie at the start of our relationship about my job and everything since...
  11. P

    I don't know what is wrong with me...

    Ok I'm going to get straight into it. I'm 25. I met a girl over 5 months ago. I have lied to we about everything up until now. I have a problem. I feel like I need to lie to make myself feel like a bigger man. I told a big lie at the start of our relationship about my job and everything since...
  12. M

    Is lying just as bad as cheating??

    Ok.. so we all lie sometimes... Lil white lies or slight twists on the truth.. whether its for our own gain.. or someone elses.. But if you lie about something that didnt need to be lied about.. mayb u were covering for something else.. which in turn was worse?!
  13. V

    clozapine injection

    Is it possible or have they lied to me?
  14. poetscreation


    I self harmed a few days ago. I lied and said it was the dog. I haven't self harmed since.. but I want to
  15. V

    scared/alone/need to die

    I need to die. I'm still in hospital on 1-1 observation so I can't do anything and if I try I have to go to seclusion. I've lied saying I'm not suicidal anymore to the doc today but they don't believe it's changed overnight. I've also lied that I'm not hearing anyone but they are suspecting it...
  16. C

    Just curious what the nhs will do

    Hey people ummm tomorrow will be the first time i openly request my wounds from sh to be sorted by the nhs so im just wondering What will actually happen as ive never had it done this way before, yes ive lied to them previously but now its time for the truth
  17. N

    Could my husband be bipolar?

    This is going to be long but I feel I have no one to really talk to. My husband and I separated due to being emotionally and verbally abused. He has lied to me throughout our whole relationship. He becomes really angry and says really mean things. We spoke to several counselors and they have...
  18. D

    who do be honest to

    Hi. Ive got a post on here about bpd life storues. But mines got bits missing. Bits that are big secrets thats happened in my life. I havent dealt with them. I want to get them out of my head. But not sure who to tell. I may feel guilt after but i think i mat be able to move on with my life if...
  19. O

    Do I love my wife?

    I'm in a pickle. I've been with my wife for 12 years now, and we've been married for 5 year. We've also got a 4 month old son. I've always thought I've loved my wife, but recently she's found out I've been talking/meeting with an ex girlfriend (it was just generally chatting). Because I've...
  20. Fairy Lucretia

    mum lied to me again

    my mum lied to me again six months ago she was supposed to have a biopsy in her neck to check for thyroid cancer she told me she had it and they said it wasn't cancer she went to the hospital 2 weeks ago and the letter from the appointment came today it said she DIDNT hve the biopsy 6 months...