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  1. Funnyday

    CMHT and my driving license

    I applied for a driving license with DVLA back at the beginning of October. After the CMHT changed the psychiatrist 3 times on me. At last I got to see a Shrink. After asking me a few questions. She turned round and said that she has a long form to fill out. She said that in the end it is down...
  2. Funnyday

    Car insurance

    I'm sure that others have had this problem in the past. I am waiting on getting my driving license back from DVLA. So I rang them today nearly 4 weeks since I first contacted them. They said that they had only yesterday sent the letter off to my Doctor. However, I can still drive my car while I...
  3. Funnyday

    The long wait for receiving back my driving license

    It seems to be taking forever. I returned my license to DVLA when I was hospitalised back in March 2017. Its now the end of September 2018 and I still have another couple of weeks to go. I know that a section of the law allows for me to drive while waiting for my license back. The trouble is...
  4. I

    Driving Anxiety

    Does anyone else have driving anxiety? I do and it terrifies me! I wish I could drive. How do you over come driving anxiety? How do you go about getting your drivers license when a psychiatrist says you can't drive? Thank you.
  5. Funnyday

    After how long do you get your license back?

    I was originally told back in March that it would be a year before I would be driving again. However I started on Clozapine in August. I thought that it was after being on medication for three months that you can ask for your driving license back from dvla. Thats what has happened in the past...

    Got my driving license back today.

    They have given me a 1-year license. Before I was given 3-year license, but obviously something has changed. I don't have a car anyway, but I was considering one in the future. If they just revoked my license I believe I could qualify for a discretionary freedom pass which would be useful.
  7. J

    What happens

    I was diagnosed bipolar2 5yrs ogo though suffered most of my life but realised i should have told dvla what will happen if i now tell them ? Will i loose my license
  8. anxiously

    I feel so worthless

    Every day I've been finding myself extremely upset several times a day because I have no job and no driver's license. It makes me feel so bad about myself. I know how to drive. I was going to take my test last summer but ran out of time. I have about a month left before I go back to school and...
  9. M

    Fear of driving

    Hi, so I feel like I have this problem and I was wondering if people here have experienced the same thing and if they have any tips or advice. The thing is that I don't really have a fear of driving, but I don't have a license yet and I've failed my exam three times already. And it's due to...
  10. O

    Would having had psychosis in the past, and still taking an antipsychotic prevent me from getting a London Private Hire Driver License?

    Would having had psychosis in the past, and still taking an antipsychotic prevent me from getting a London Private Hire Driver License? Hi, I am interested in getting a London Private Hire Driver License, so I would be able to do Uber driving. I had psychosis at the end of 2009 going through...
  11. M

    My license has been revoked

    I am an experienced driver and needed to drive for my work but since a hospital admission have had my license revoked. I am not considered stable yet by the medical people so sadly have to manage without my license and car. I can reapply soon so not all bad.:shrug:
  12. C

    recovery plans

    how are your goals for recovery coming along? what are you trying to improve in your life? what have been some stumbling blocks in your path? i think we can all recover to some degree. personally what ive done for recovery is quitting drinking, ive been pretty much symptom free since then. i...
  13. M

    DVLA and anxiety

    hi again, I suffer from anxiety and depression, I am in receipt of esa benefits, I have tried numerous anti depressants but no success and have had counselling for a few sessions before I get discharged for missed appointments, I am being referred again. Now to my main question, I really...
  14. Lincoln1990

    Nobody cares, I know, but I need to get this out

    I'm in an awful place right now. I'm in a lot of pain. I'm on all sorts of mental health meds. The voices are so loud. I have to lay down most of the time. But I can't lay in the same position for very long. If it is endometriosis I will need surgery. And if it's not they might do a laparoscopic...
  15. Lincoln1990

    So much pain

    I'm having a lot of pain right now. It's getting worse. It's been hurting for weeks. I didn't write down the actual date but I know it's been a few weeks. However I don't have thoughts to SH or to kill myself. I'm confused about this. I can't go to the doctor until at least next week when I...
  16. C

    Questionable therapist

    My therapist told me that if I was any cuter I would need a license for it, and that I was dangerous enough as it is, what does this mean
  17. Lemonade

    TV license court summons?!

    Sorry, not sure if this should go in 'debt' or 'legal' so thought I'd post here since it's a bit of both. Hope that's ok. Two weeks after we moved into our current address the TV guy came here. I'd been paying my license quarterly before but the last payment had failed to go through. We were...
  18. B

    Questionable therapist

    Me and my therapist were talking about legal issues with my daughter and I showed him a picture of her and he said she looks like you cute. And I said thanks I get that a lot and he said so do I and I said not that I'm cute that she looks like me and he said if you were any cuter you would need...
  19. E

    Schizophrenia - a different definition of it

    Schizophrenia is a possession of emotions. Medically speaking emotions are carried to stimulus of the environment. An flood of emotions brings a person to a state of being. This state may be a feeling of being cornered in a room somewhere. Some people need to take medications to dull the...
  20. G

    Bipolar and driving license...

    Hi all, I recently discovered that I need to declare my Bipolar on my license so that should be done over next weekend - in the form however it asks if I've been in hospital in the last 12 months... I was in on a section 2 for a month from the beginning of October to November. Is this pretty...