1. G

    I can't fight it, so I avoid it

    Depression has affected me all my life. It was never formally diagnosed, but it's still a a difficult thing to overcome. NO one seems to understand my reasons for not cleaning up, or getting up for 6 hrs during the day. I took Lexapro and it worsened it 10x more. So since anti-depressants don't...
  2. polarbear33

    Im so tired!!!!

    Hi guys :sleepy2: I've recently mentioned that my pdoc has put me on 5mg of lexapro to try and boost me out of a bipolar depression. Since then I've mostly felt like I have a chronic fatigue. He said it couldn't be the lexapro. It must be the 1000 mg of valprorate Im on. I've been taking 500 mg...
  3. polarbear33

    Giving lexapro a go

    Hi, Just a quick one. My pdoc has hesitantly prescribed me 5 mg of Lexapro to get me through some nasty Bipolar Depresssion action. ( I also take daily 1250 g Lithium and 1000 mg sodium valprorate) Does anyone else feel totally exhausted from this drug? I thought it was suppossed to make me feel...
  4. Lincoln1990

    I asked...

    My therapist if constipation was a side effect of any of my medications. She said no... Risperdal Lexapro Ambien Cyprohepatadine Buspar She added Lamotrigine and Temazepam. I'm leary of new meds...
  5. I

    I'd really need some helping comment for my problems, please...:(

    Hi everyone! (sorry for my English, it's not my native language) Well, it really hard to explain the feelings i experience. I think should tell the story of my life. I'm 20 years old. Growing up as a kid I was bullied, i was a cast out in elementary school, and in high school. My only friends...
  6. W

    Lexapro withdrawals only getting worse.

    I had to be taken off because of some serious side effects. But the withdrawals are so much worse. Mood swings, crying for no reason, trouble sleeping, nausea just to name a few. And on top of it I have to make a 12 hour drive tomorrow all by myself. I need a drink.
  7. M


    Just recieved a new diagnosis and thought I'd formally say hello. :D My mental health problems became apparent at 20, with a drug induced psychotic episode, I believe the culprit to be either acid or marijuana, although I was doing cocaine, extasy and amphetamines also, and drinking heavily. I...
  8. recoveringtobefree

    can lexapro cause increased heart rate and dizziness?

    Im not sure. 20 mins after taking it i felt this way along with headache. Any tips? New to lexapro
  9. M

    anger inside

    So with counselling iv come to learn that my sh is because of internal anger..and thats why im depressed...but when I first started becoming depressed I was scared,anxious, worried etc. I used to dream of being attacked and killed. And fear it too. But now I dream of getting overly angry and...
  10. razza

    confused: escitalopram v citalopram

    I'm confused :scratch: I just saw another post that mentioned "escitalopram". I thought hang on a sec, thats what my pdoc was saying was the last med left to try... Then I realised my pdoc had said Citalopram (she actually said Cipramil which I googled and realised is a brand name of...
  11. Star-28

    Been a while. I miss my friends here

    Hey guys!!! It's me Star!! Well I havent posted in over a month and man have I been through it!! I had my first psychiatric hospital stay ever. I was losing touch with reality so bad that one of my best friends (she has bi-polar type 1) told me to get to the hospital asap. Well.. It was a...
  12. L

    Alcohol & Meds

    For years was drinking quite a lot. During stressful times I was going through nearly a bottle of wine a night (even weeknights) And over the past few years (not as bad as the past) every week would be a bottle of burbon to myself (over friday night, sat & sun - with rarely any alcohol on...