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  1. K

    Doc Denied My SSRI Refill

    Hello everyone, This is my very first post, as I am brand new here. Never registered on a mental health forum but have read some mental health forum threads in the past. First, a little background- I have a history of depression with some anxiety leading to occasional panic attacks. I was...
  2. D

    recommendations made by team

    i just discharged from inpatient to outpatient. the hospital I'm at has a further step down program. something like an independent living house. while inpatient, i refused to take any sort of medication. it wasn't until about a month ago that the doctor started me on lexapro. i hated it. it...
  3. B

    Switching from Paxil to Lexapro?

    I'm on 20 mg of paxil, and have been for more than two years. I tried to get off of it last fall, but couldn't as it was too hard. It doesn't work for me like it used to, that's why I'm wanting to switch. Has anyone switched from paxil to lexapro? If so, was it an easy transition? My doctor...
  4. Singin'InTheRainClouds

    Clumsiness and bipolar disorder; meds causing? other?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I look forward to participating when I can. I've seen a lot of comments elsewhere in the net from people who have clumsiness with bipolar disorder. Some think it's just part of being bipolar. Anything here want to discuss this? I never used to be clumsy. I was...
  5. C


    I this is my third day of taking lexapro and i have definitely noticed a affect. I don't have as many negative thoughts and feelings of anger. but the problems are that i am not as aware of things around me, if that makes sense. and i also feel very little if any sadness at things... is this...
  6. T

    Lexapro and Homicidal Ideation?

    Hey all, This is really hard to talk about. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for years now (am nearly 25 year old male). I'm the least angry and least violent person I know. Normally I have anxiety over germs and stomach illnesses, so my MD started me on Lexapro 10mg once a day last...
  7. M

    Question about Bipolar Mania and Antidepressant Medication

    Hello, I was diagnosed Bipolar (Type 1) about 8 years ago when I was 23. I was always just depressed and anxious before that and never had mania. I only got diagnosed AFTER I took certain antidepressants (only SSRIs) (such as: Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro, ect). I have only had 2 manic...
  8. M

    plenty pain no gain

    I haven't been on hear since 2013 when I was on 10mg Lexapro and 4mg a day Ativan, I moved on to SERTRALINE 50mg and 6 mg a day Ativan , yes the Ativan is a lot but I have taken it 40 for years and it still works to a degree. I had to move up to 100mg sertraline has it was pooping out after...
  9. X

    Lexapro and Tremors

    I've been taking Lexapro 20mg, for about 6 months, and I've had pretty steady hand tremors since. Is this something that I should be very concerned about?
  10. Gajolene

    Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels,

    Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels, Throwing Treatment with SSRIs into Serious Question | Depression and other mental health problems are at epidemic levels judging by the number of antidepressants prescribed each year. According to CDC data,1 one in 20 Americans over the...
  11. A

    new here and have some questions.

    Hi everyone, I'm a 22 year old male and came across this forum because I am hoping that someone with any experience or similarities to what I'm feeling could offer some input. I am moving in a month to attend graduate school, and I don't think now is a good time to try and see a psychiatrist...
  12. Eldritch

    Zoloft and dissociation

    I started Zoloft around a week or so, and i found that I space out FAR more often than I usually do. And it makes my dissociation episodes worse-they happen more often. I feel less like myself than usual, and I dont know how to tell my psychiatrist that I dont want to take it, because so far my...
  13. C

    Starting new medication

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site (in fact this is the first time I've ever posted anything online in regards to comfort towards my mental health). A little over a month ago I had my first panic attack. It was random, wasn't triggered by anything, I was in best buy shopping for a computer...
  14. S

    Withdrawal from Lexapro - need advice!

    I'm down to 5mg every other day with only a couple days left. But on the days I don't take the lexapro I feel AWFUL! Weak, tired/groggy, dizzy, and today add to that some pretty bad nausea! Does anyone know what I can take for the nausea? Would Dramamine work?? This is awful...
  15. S

    Just switched from SSRI to Klonapin - not going well :(

    Have always taken celexa with success for my anxiety. Except for that dreaded sexual dysfunction side effect :( switched to lexapro hoping it would be less but no luck. Doc decided to wean me off the lexapro (I'm down to only 5mg every other day now) and put me on Klonapin instead. Started it...
  16. I

    I don't deserve this. Many people can do it, so can i.

    Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the forum, and have to say, that it's nice to meet, talk to people, who has been through similar conditions. Makes me feel i'm not alone. Well the main content of my post would be about my condition, (if i have any now so many years later,) relating to the use...
  17. C

    Transition from Lexapro to Mirtazapine Actavis

    I've been taking 15mg a day Lexapro for a year, and 10 mg a day for two years before that. My sleeping has got worse and worse with very vivid dreams and waking up constantly unless I took Stilnoct. Last week the G.P. said I should change to Mirtazapine Actavis 30 mg a day because of new...
  18. O

    Medicine S.O.S PLEASE HELP ME!!! Manic Depression & Anxiety

    So I've got manic depression and anxiety, and I really feel that I need to be on medication, I can't control myself and I'm sure as some of you know it's a very bad feeling. I can't seem to find a medicine, I don't feel like the doctors are putting me on the right things, I've been on lexapro...
  19. G

    Lexapro Dosage increase?

    Hey Everybody! I'm a 21 year old student and I've been suffering with GAD for most of my life. It's gotten pretty bad these past few years to the point where I've entered a cycle where at times I've been unable to read/focus on my textbook readings. I have good days where I can read on and on...
  20. T

    Sexual dysfunction due to interaction of lexapro and risperdal

    Good afternoon. I have cyclothymia and my psychiatrist recommended risperdal 1 mg and lexapro 10mg day. But I noticed that my reflection is slow after the treatment. It is difficult to drive my car, gives the impression that I Always will hit the car. I'm also various sexual problems. Low...