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  1. C

    Poop-out effect

    I have started using Lexaro 6 months ago,Intially started with 0.5mg and increased up to 20mg.this medicine given extraordinary relief for 5 months. though recently noticed the medicine is not giving the same result. When approached the Doctor he confirmed that this is Poop-out effect. Have...
  2. C

    Lexapro vs Paxil

    My doc advised me to switch from Lexapro to Paxil.does any one has similar experience? what to expect from this switch? Please advise
  3. N

    Hi, NorasDad here. Just got diagnosed after 40 years!

    Hi All, The realization that my life has been dominated by OCD just came to me in the past few months - and is still coming. I just got effective drug therapy (60mg of Lexapro) and it's a different world. I would be interested in ANY suggestions - here, offline, or in another thread - as to...
  4. P

    Lexapro withdrawal symptoms and trying to have some quality of life

    i am 56 years old man who was officially diagnosed with depression,major depressive disorder, about 15 years ago,although i believe i have had it my whole life.i took effexor for a few years and then went seamlessly into Lexapro which i took for about 10 years up until about a year ago.both...
  5. U

    Helllo; I have GAD and depression, and in mid-life with a serious prob

    hi; I was diagnosed with GAD many years ago, and was put on Lexapro. The med seemed to work for a while, but later it seemed ineffective. Over a 20 year period, I have been on escitalopram oxalate (Lexapro), citalopram (Celexa), and venlafaxine (Effexor). Of the three, the venlafaxine was the...
  6. N

    Switching back to previous SSRI after poop out?

    My history: Zoloft —> Paxil —> Lexapro (4 years) It seems like my Lexapro is losing effectiveness, same thing that happened with the other two. I have getting horrible panic attacks for th past few months. Does anyone have experience going back to a previous SSRI? I think I took the Zoloft for...
  7. S

    B complex taken with medications. Interactions?

    A little while ago, I took a B Complex multi vitamin (with Vitamin C), by the brand Nature's Bounty. Shortly before that, I took my antipsychotics and generic Lexapro. Before I felt kind of weird, and I still feel that way. Could it be because of possible interactions?
  8. S

    Generic Lexapro

    Does anyone here have experience with this drug? If so, how long did it take before you saw results?
  9. M

    Lexapro makes me feel suicidal

    who else has the same side effect with lexapro
  10. S

    Could Lexapro be making me feel worse 3 months in?

    Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie I'm 26 yrs old and I'm going through a difficult time. On the surface my life seems to be going well. It's not. My anxiety & depression is ruining my job performance, my confidence, everything. I've been on Lexapro for 3 months & do not feel any difference. This...
  11. J

    Weight gain

    So Ive been diagnosed with bpd, ADHD, anxiety and ptsd. They have me on Rexulti, Lexapro, Concerta and trazadone at night. I've gained 40 pounds in one year! I was thinking to ask my doctor to switch me to abilify and wellbutrin Instead of rexulti and Lexapro... Any thoughts?
  12. A

    Bipolar, BPD, what could it be?

    I posted on another forum before noticing this one! Im hoping to get some help as to what i could be suffering with. I am a 28 yr old female, and I have had anxiety for some time now..well over 10 years. Back in highschool i went to a psychiatrist who, very quickly, asked me some questions and...
  13. A

    Symptoms of Cyclothymia or Bipolar?

    Hello, I am new here and I'm looking for some advice. I am a 28 yr old female, and I have had anxiety for some time now..well over 10 years. Back in highschool i went to a psychiatrist who, very quickly, asked me some questions and prescribed me Klonopin and another medication for depression. I...
  14. B

    Lexapro and reduced libido?

    My girlfriend of two months suffers from major hereditary depression and is currently on Lexapro to combat her symptoms. About a month ago, she upped her dose from 10mg to 20mg and there's been a huge difference in her sex drive. When we first started dating and she was on 10mg, she was arguably...
  15. C

    Let's do this - getting off seroquel and lexapro

    I was diagnosed bi-polar. I'm not At the time I was happy for anything I've been on seroquel and lexapro for years (maybe 10) I want my life back. I decided to cold turkey stupid stupid idea The withdrawal is hideous I've made an appointment with my GP to make a taper schedule. I go next...
  16. T

    Premature quitting antidepressants, strong withdrawal after 4 days, went back to depressed state?

    Premature quitting antidepressants, strong withdrawal after 4 days, went back to depressed state? Hey everyone. I was depressed starting in January and started Lexapro 10mg from June-August. I have been doing a lot of psychotherapy, as well as taking omega-3s. At about August, right before...
  17. S

    Medication Advice

    I've been on a bit of a rocky road this year while trying to get on a medication that works for me. I've been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. Previously I was on Zoloft 100mg, which worked pretty well for the anxiety but the depression and cognitive issues got...
  18. K

    Doc Denied My SSRI Refill

    Hello everyone, This is my very first post, as I am brand new here. Never registered on a mental health forum but have read some mental health forum threads in the past. First, a little background- I have a history of depression with some anxiety leading to occasional panic attacks. I was...
  19. D

    recommendations made by team

    i just discharged from inpatient to outpatient. the hospital I'm at has a further step down program. something like an independent living house. while inpatient, i refused to take any sort of medication. it wasn't until about a month ago that the doctor started me on lexapro. i hated it. it...
  20. B

    Switching from Paxil to Lexapro?

    I'm on 20 mg of paxil, and have been for more than two years. I tried to get off of it last fall, but couldn't as it was too hard. It doesn't work for me like it used to, that's why I'm wanting to switch. Has anyone switched from paxil to lexapro? If so, was it an easy transition? My doctor...