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  1. A

    Not to sure what it is..

    bare with me! I guess it started with what doctors call "mania". This one day, i was in such a different state of mind that everything was easy, different..? High energy, creative thinking.. This state of mind lasted a day or two tops, which kind of shown me that i was not normal. I began to do...
  2. R

    i have ptsd twice as bad- part 2

    I have ptsd because of two events in my life. The first that happened was that i was molested by someone i didnt even know and by someone i trusted. This is about the second event. When i was 11 my dad passed away. He was a recovering alcoholic and what i didnt know at the time was that he was a...
  3. catatude

    Going back to work - scared

    Hi everyone. After being off work for three weeks, it is time to go back. I'm scared to death! Just about everyone at work saw me go to the hospital after loosing control in the office. I'm afraid to face them and wonder what they think of me. Will the bosses think I can do my job? Will I...
  4. loulabelle

    Thoughts of suicide

    once again the thoughts of suicide are back i seem tp get to a certain point in my episode then they come along, at the moment in diagnosed as being bipolar currently in a mixed affective state... im tired of the rollar coaster ride all in one day and its been so long that its been like this and...
  5. Uglulyx

    Here's a Bit of an Oddball Cymbalta Question

    I totally wouldn't blame you if you laughed here. But ever since I've been on Cymbalta (Which also lines up with whole long I've been without a girlfriend) I've been insecure with my sexuality. Being a 19 year man this unsettles me a little bit. But my whole life I've only been attracted to...
  6. F

    As good as it gets?

    Do you wonder whether how you are now is as good as it gets for you? That you are never going to achieve the holy grail of 'total wellness'. That the aim for you isn't recovery but hopefully staying at the level you are at with the help of medication and/or, if you are lucky enough to get...
  7. H

    to scared to tell....

    ok been having some abdominal pain and the dr took blood the other day to run tests.....the problem is i ran out of my prescription for lithium the week before i went to the dr am not sure if he will check my lithium level or just other things.now am to scared to go back incase he notices!
  8. T

    I don't relate to any of you / in need of a distraction

    I self harmed. I stopped a long time ago but there's still a void that needs to be filled. I posted last night, detailing exactly why I don't relate to other self harmers, but I assume that the moderators found my post offensive and graphic and removed it, because I can no longer find it. I...
  9. Cody*


    Im new here, never signed up to any forums like these before, ive hit my lowest point now and I think, like many other users, ive reached the end of my "Tolerence" level and now I just want out. Anyway, good evening.
  10. F

    Treading water

    Do you ever feel that it's an uphill struggle just to maintain your level of mental well being let alone make progress? I leapt a level nearly 30 years ago(was on the verge of at best a group home and at worst a long stay ward)but have plateaued since then. Medication helps with some things...
  11. A

    safe lithium levels

    I've just had a call from my gp after my bloods were taken. He's call me back for another blood test after my level was 1.1.......is this safe????
  12. piglet

    Appointment with Inclusion Matters tomorrow

    I've got my first appointment with Inclusion Matters tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to it. Last time I saw them they said that their waiting list was too long so they had to refer me to someone else who was useless. They said that they are stepping me up to level three this time but didn't...
  13. C

    An endless cycle

    Hey everyone, I thought I might as well join one of these forums. I'm growing tired of discussing the same age-old issues with friends and family who don't really "get it". They haven't walked in the same shoes as others with the 'B' condition. I'm in a slight predicament at the moment, in...
  14. J

    Moral Question

    Here's something thats been bugging me over the last couple of days, I've begun to realise that most of the stuff we buy is pretty useless. I've got thousands of pounds worth of trashy science fiction novels (a couple of really rare ones that are worth a couple of hundred quid a piece) and...
  15. velvetfeet

    trying to be pro-active

    has anyone else tried making all the suggested lifestyle changes.....i know it's a long term thing, but i'm giving it a go so far...... (1) standardised med taking time (2)set a bed time to stick to even when socialising (3)trying to eat a balanced diet (4) cut out all...
  16. S

    feeling ill :(

    Ive lost a lot of weight, but my lithium level is low (0.4) its normally 0.5. I am worrying a lot, mind feels full of thoughts, Im not being my normal self and am trying to snap out of it as it is starting to strain relationships. I think I am going to try and give upping my dose of 500mg up to...
  17. bubbling under

    I haven't coped today, I've just about had enough of this

    I had a great weekend, but today my stress level and tipping balance has been really high. I can't quite put my finger on why though. This morning we had a friend over with her kids, which maybe started the whole thing. So many times I nearly lost it, and finally I snapped outside boots of all...
  18. Rosepoet

    whats normal

    funny day today. not bad not good. did what i could even went to shop with less panic than usual. but feel detached. i am giving less thoght to everything. whch is good. bt having been on high level panic now i dont know whats normal. guess my body will know i think my depressions about control...
  19. C

    any advice?

    hey i am hypomanic at the minute and havin lots of fun goin shopping goin out drinkin its great! seein all my friends,raising money for charity with raffles etc this is a level i can live with! the only prob is now i want to run two 10ks for charity but i think my meds will give me a big...
  20. U

    Psychological Generalizations of PTSD

    Before freaking out in class and finding myself completely unable to go back, I bought the books and when the love of my life started insisting that I need to learn more about my "illness" I turned to a college psychology book to be told that people like me generally have low IQ's. I took that...