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  1. cpuusage

    Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness

    Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness » The Epoch Times Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has been researching a level of...
  2. A

    toxic family influence - have stopped seeing my dad for the time being

    I've long felt that the cause of me having mental illness was because of my childhood and family relationships. Finally, in my forties, I've just told my dad - by text - that I think a good way for us to keep in touch would be by email - as opposed to meeting so much or having so many phone...
  3. rhee8974

    Good morning

    Morning all! How's everyone doing? I'm currently sick w/ a cold. :( Glad it's Saturday! Today's been a good day so far for me. Moods have been level thankfully. Been more level lately, wondering if it's cause of the cold. Either way it's nice. Haven't had any panic attacks or anger outbursts...
  4. F

    Pushing the envelope or not

    Some say you have to push boundaries to progress but what if where you are at provides the level of pressure/stress to keep you falling over the edge?
  5. NicoretteGummed

    Getting Computer Qualifications!!!

    I just quit my Level 4 HNC Computer Course for a multitude of reasons. My Tutor told me it would be ok to defer for a year and that I'm more than qualified for the HNC. Anyway I asked if there were any cheap or Free Online Computer Courses. No less than Microsoft offers completely Free...
  6. L

    Thought Broadcasting: what I think is happening

    Delusions of reference I gather is the popular term. But I'm talking about the version where actual people are involved, in real life...not over tv or radio or internet.. From what I understand, my agitated state is getting picked up on by people around me at a subconscious level. At this level...
  7. B

    waiting in the doctors office

    nervous because I don't know I we are going to change meds again. it keeps happening where I have to switch because they aren't working and it's so discouraging. makes me wonder if any of them will work ever. just be at a level where I can function with everyone else and have a somewhat normal...
  8. F


    Another dream in which i'm lost and the more disorientated/lost i was the more erratic i became. I go into a building for help but there is none and i struggle to get out because the doors i open are dead ends. Then i pass what seems to be a doss house which is on one level but there are rows...
  9. NicoretteGummed

    Today has been a Good Day because.................

    I passed the retake of The Presentation Exam I failed last week. Just got one more Unit to go now. It's a sort of Lucky Dip Exam that could either be Word Processing, Spreadsheets, or Presentations. When I've got that I've Passed the whole ECDL Level 2. And after that fingers Crossed...
  10. Detoured

    Lowest Lithium level that has work for you?

    Just had my Lithium level taken and it is .5 and I feel like it is working for me at that level. My pdoc wants it to be around .8 which means I will have more side effects. What is the lowest lithium level that has worked for you? Thanks, Matt
  11. F

    The day of reckoning

    The day of reckoning . Not at all confident. Extremely anxious. Resisted temptation to go to Co op buy spirits and get plastered. Not putting myself through this again. The whole thing is above my capability level. I could have done without the stress.
  12. M


    Is there a theraputic dose level of this drug for it to work specifically as a mood stabiliser? Or is it a case of just having it at a level you respond well to? Cheers
  13. D

    Crash on the horizon?

    I feel like I'm gonna crash soon. I've been smoking lots of dope, been having sex with randoms and also been serious about dating sites. On a personal level there's too much going on - fucking and fucking mainly. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
  14. F

    Struggling to cope with latest diagnosis

    Has really knocked my self esteem and sense of self worth for six,worrying whether i am really as bad/dislikeable as the descriptors that abound for those with the diagnosis. Going through my usual of vehemently denying a negative on a superficial ,surface level while owning and...
  15. K

    New levels of Ineptitude to be lauded and applauded.

    The levels of ineptitude have surfaced to rival any level of of offended offendedess. The insignificance of living has been surpassed. The pyschiatrist said all the drugs have side effects. Then he went on to say how even among the many top pyschiatrists can't prevent suicides, though if...
  16. C


    Hey, I've heard that Omega 3's are good for depression. I'm just trying to figure out what level of omega 3, EPA and DHA are required to have an impact on depression. Thanks.
  17. jamie1973

    Just thought I would get the last word in

    grrrrrr... next level up and its all over.... had enough
  18. F

    The basics

    Even keeping up with(or attempting to) the basics seems like too much effort, day in day out. Anything more than that is several bridges too far. Surely existing at such a low level shouldn't feel like this. It's hard to remember when i had any 'get up and go'.
  19. C

    Thoughts on Seroquel

    The doctor said seroquel has AD properties. I find that hard to believe because it's so sedating. If it does have anti depressant properties at which level is it? Thanks. Peace.
  20. A

    How to Support a Bipolar Episode

    Uploaded on 17 Oct 2008 http://www.bipolarORwakingUP.com Here I discuss how to support someone with bipolar disorder from the 'Power of Now' level of consciousness.