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  1. Midnight.Panda

    A letter to my sunshine (bereavement)

    TRIGGER WARNING: suicide mention Dear best friend, The world isn't the same without you anymore. I always complained about my life to you but I never knew that everything could get so much darker. I wish with all my heart that I could switch places with you. I was always the depressed and...
  2. J

    Mandatory ReConsideration for WRAG to Support Group

    any ideas what I need to put in a ReConsideration after being placed in WRAG group after ESA Assessment? I was previously in the Support Group then received a letter saying I had been placed in WRAG after a "recent change", the only recent change is that my condition has got worse! What can I do...
  3. P

    HELP!! dont know if im in WRAG or support group.

    Hi i got a letter from DWP today after sending away my reconsideration letter asking to be put off the WRAG and back into the support group. the letter says that i have been placed in the work related activity group :( but my money is also going up to what i used to get in the support group and...
  4. M

    Serious Letter.

    Thinking of writing a serious letter about my struggle with Blpd. I want Drs to understand when they get new 'patient's' This is going to be hard to type. Emotionally/pyhsically abused as a kid by kids Left Feeling scared and unworthy of anything Drinking Alcahol at 12 Shutting Down Killing...
  5. P

    how long does it take to hear back about my reconsideration on ESA

    hi everyone starting to get really worried i had my medical assessment beginning of august got a letter in the post within 2 weeks saying i had been placed in the WRAG group which is not doing my mental health any favours or financially as iv dropped £30 a week. anyway i asked them for a letter...
  6. H

    Please Help

    I’ve used this forum a couple of times. It’s been so useful. I’m currently in a massive bout of depression but on meds and trying to fight through. I have a drs appointment on Monday and I’m not sure what to do. I have a complete inefficiency when it comes to talking and can pre-plan a...
  7. P

    I'm new and unable to sleep due to P.I.P

    I was recently told I had to apply for pip as my DLA was ending. I filled in the form and gave my gp and psychiatrist as professionals to be contacted about my health issues. I saw my doctor today and he give me various letters to take to pip appointment tomorrow. I was shocked when I read...
  8. mami5

    Sick and tired

    Cc told me last week that he had booked a room for an appointment for this afternoon and that he would send me a letter about it. Since last Thursday though I truly believe that he, psychiatrist, and rest of CMHT are out to kill me. Since then I've wanted nothing to do with them.....and...
  9. R

    I'm never going to get help

    I've had horrendous experiences with mental health services. I had a new assessment with a doctor who was hugely innapropriate. Said some really sleazy things to me and laughed at me. I wrote a letter to complain, which they contacted me about last night to apologise and offer me a reassessment...
  10. A

    ESA Support Group - any interviews necessary

    I just got letter through saying i'm back in the support group after filling in a capability for work questionnaire. What I'm not sure of as it doesn't make clear in the letter, whether or not I need to attend any form of interview. Please can anyone advise? xxxx
  11. L

    Esa assesment

    Hi I've got my esa assesment coming up soon I've no letter off my doctor as I rarely see her I get my medication on repeat so have no reason to go her so I don't think she would really help with a letter I'm going to the assesment empty handed basically an it's really effecting my anxiety which...
  12. L

    I’m ready to go:(

    I am literally on the verge of ending this, I don’t understand why I should stick around when all my head is telling me to do is end it, I’m 18 but the hard thing about going along is the pain it will cause my family, I just want them to know I’m happy that it will be over, should I write a...
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    if you aren't under cmht

    or your consultant is useless like mine who helps you fill in benefit forms/gives supporting letter? x
  14. mami5

    PIP Review

    Had to fill in a PIP review form end of April/beginning of May and today I got the dreaded letter....they've referred it to CAPITA :low: They will send me another letter to inform me whether I'll need a face to face or not. Not looking forward to this. Hate them! Hate having to prove myself...
  15. W

    Does anyone really care?

    In April this year, I had a "breakdown" and felt rather suicidal. My wife contacted my parents and alot came out over the two days. It's not something that happened overnight, it's been there for years, some days are better than others but I've been on a downward slope for months, self harming...
  16. M

    A patient's letter to Jung

  17. H

    Need help with what to say to GP

    So I am awaiting a letter from my consultant at the local hospital to my GPs as to whether I can go back on an old treatment as my new one wasn't working, he has said to me orally it will be okay but just not in writing to my GP. the GP sent the letter to the hospital 3 weeks ago, it took the...
  18. Artmuzz

    Worried about letter from support worker for PIP tribunal

    Things are getting worse for me. Since failing the mandatory reconsideration from PIP I have seen my Welfare Rights Officer and signed a form to get the appeal started. The Welfare Rights Officer told me it would be a good idea to get a letter from my support worker as back up for me at the...
  19. Artmuzz

    Mandatory Reconsideration Notice for PIP unsuccessful

    I just received a letter from PIP about my Mandatory Recosideration Notice and again I am unsuccessful I granted permission for PIP to look at my medical records and it looks like my GP and psychologist have been telling lies about me too. According to the letter, they received information...
  20. M

    Having trouble writing the letter "s".

    My anxiety is so bad I'm having trouble writing the letter "s". I try to write it and it takes a while and I can't explain it. I don't remember this happening before. Maybe I'm losing brain functioning? I don't know.