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  1. S

    Weed Question

    I just smoked a bowl and have recently lost some weight. Does your body weight effect the amount you smoke or is this some really strong shit? Its medically legal here.
  2. S

    Legal Advice for schizophrenia!

    Legal Advice for schizophrenia! Hi i was wondering if someone with Law experience can help me! I was diagnosed with a severe mental health condition in 2003. I believe the reason was aggravated by a premeditated prank at London City University which left me with this condition in my second...
  3. S

    Legal Advice for schizophrenia!

    Hi i was wondering if someone with Law experience can help me! I was diagnosed with a severe mental health condition in 2003. I believe the reason was aggravated by a premeditated prank at London City University which left me with this condition in my second year of studies. After living...
  4. J

    Old legal nightmare through mentaly ill girl

    So sometimes it crosses my mind how someone can make up a lie in court, a girl, and then you have to battle with lots of time and money, if you have it, and still end up getting a good beating. anyone gone through this? Crazy, its like telling me 2 plus 2 is 5, zero sense, and this is the...
  5. M

    Was I treated Properly by a PA

    Recently I came to terms with my ADD and went in to a psychiatrist. I have a long history of substance abuse. When I went in and spoke with a PA he asked me a lot of questions. After I told him about my substance abuse in the past he said it was "Highly unlikely that I would be given any form of...
  6. T


    hello everyone, I'm Sophia, one of Titanic's alters. I'm probably the one who has the best relationship with both J and A ( one of the is my host body's legal name so I don't want to say it and people know the other name) no one really knows me that well, and I'm often seen as the most well...
  7. sahasrara

    son's abusive father wants contact, not sure how to deal with this

    My son's abusive father wants contact now after years of telling him to go through court. He's 6 now, when he was 2 his took him half way across the country and then his dad came back with 2 black eyes and bleeding on the brain due to a head injury cause by his brother in a fight apparently over...
  8. cpuusage

    Legal services specialising in mental health

    Maybe of interest - Mental Health Solicitors | Lawyers| Duncan Lewis| Legal Aid Mental Health Solicitors | Cartwright King Solicitors | Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, London, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield Blavo & Co, Clinical Negligence Lawyer, Employment and Immigration Solicitors London -
  9. H

    The NHS denied me the truth for 15 years.

    For 15 years I have repeatedly questions why anyone thinks I have bi-polar and for 15 years the NHS has just blow smoke in my face. Just got in writing this was all a mistake ! I was put on Lithium to deal with depression, and they lost all my records. They then assumed I must have bi-polar from...
  10. chazxxx

    Is recreational drug use ok?

    Yes we know. Its always drummed into everyone drugs are bad ( well - just the illegal ones ) but is it actually ever ok to use drugs for a high? Medical drugs/illegal drugs/"legal highs". can you be responsible and recreationally use drugs? Or does it always lead to problems and addiction...
  11. dodo777

    never use alcohol to hide your mental issues ,why ?

    Because believe me it will make things much ,much worse. You could kill someone or end up hurt very badly . I think there are some illegal drugs out there that should be made legal , most don't make you violent like drink , yes skunk should be made legal.I know it has helped people cope with...
  12. A

    Legal Abuse Syndrome and Conflict of Interest

    Hello I am a newbie here, and I have been assessed as workgroup on paper no actual meeting with Atos but they where aware that I had a problem with them from thirteen years before when I was bullied and caused my present situation along with Treasury solicitors who by a deception tricked me out...
  13. L

    PALs and the list of solicitors

    I spoke to PALs yesterday to ask for a list of solicitors as I can't get any legal help. Anyway the woman there said they didn't supply list of solicitors as it might be construed that they were employed by the Trust. Instead she said I had to phone (at my own expense) the advocacy service...
  14. L

    Mind Legal update

    Mind Legal have now told me they will not be responding to me. To be honest I don't think I can get legal assistance.
  15. R

    Duty of Candour in the NHS - Legal Requirements Coming In

    NHS will benefit from legal duty of candour, says lawyer | The Law Gazette Wednesday 27 March 2013 by John Hyde I think this might be very useful.....
  16. R

    Does anyone know if you can sue the nhs

    There have been many terrible mistakes and errors in my treatment by gp and psychiatrists in recent years for me. I am actually making an official complaint and have the name and address of who I have to write to. I am not going to go into any details on an open forum as I am also thinking of...
  17. L

    Mind Legal

    Hi is anyone aware of Mind Legal not operating anymore?
  18. H

    Legal Addiction

    Anybody else addicted to co-codamol ?.. :naughty:
  19. L

    What is wrong with my friend?

    I am in law school and have a friend that I am curious/worried about. He is 27 years old and is in law school with me at a competitive school. Here is the background information 1. He drinks almost every night 2. He is fat/out of shape but does not care 3.He does not have too much personal...
  20. Weasel

    Washington legalises cannabis

    Ye 'tis true Washington state lights up as smoking marijuana becomes legal - Telegraph