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  1. K

    Terrible health anxiety

    I’ve been having bad anxiety for a month now. I’m 20 years old female. This all started when I was at a store with my friend. Suddenly I felt my left side going ”numb”. It wasn’t like real numbness. I did still feel my legs etc. They just felt weird. My while leg left weird, my left cheek and my...
  2. Poopy Doll

    Apparently, I'm a Hypocrite

    Many people on the forum and internet in general are voicing anti psychiatry opinions. They are against medications. And it occurred to me that I take medications and then turn around and say they are bad for people. I am stable and centered and content on medications. But then I say they are...
  3. Poopy Doll

    30 years later, bipolar

    Well, the bipolar has tripped me up, again. It's incompatible with my leg problem. I had a stomach ache and thought I could drive the car to the pharmacy/drugstore. I can't drive the car because sitting up straight makes my leg hurt severely. I know this but I was in the mood to drive the car at...
  4. D

    Side effects from seraquel

    Hi everyone, so my daughter is finally accepting help. The Dr has started with seraquel, as of one week now 100mg 3 C a day. Just last night she started getting leg cramps. Wondering if anyone knows of a rx that would help with this that is safe with seraquel? Our Dr is out of office or I would...
  5. M

    Lithium pain?

    Hi, I started taking Priadel a few months ago. It took a a while to get used to it but works well for me. Unfortunately I am now getting joint pains and my leg muscles are tired most of the time. Does anybody have any experience as to whether Lithium could be causing this. Any adivice will be...
  6. Poopy Doll

    Cannabis CBD

    I'm emotionally distressed. I dreamed that I was crying and crying and crying because in the dream my leg hurt super bad and I was walking with a woman who was helping me. Well, my leg does hurt from going to visit my doctor yesterday. I feel like I'm screaming inside. So I'm trying the CBD...
  7. nickybow86

    Off topic !! Fractured leg help ?

    Hey guys . I know this ia off topic but id love some input .. I fell 2 weeks ago on some water spilled on a bar floor. I hurt my leg and had to get an x-ray on my fibula bone done in a&e but it showed nothing. A week later I went back to my own doctor still in bad pain and had another x-ray done...
  8. N

    Bad Weather/Sinussituses/Leg Problems/Medication = Irribility, Severe

    HI Folks, I have become irritible this morning. Possibly due to mainly dry skin condiiton, or because also, feeling low and rotten weather wise; had a bout of very painful sinusistuses yesterday earlier in the afternoon - and leg pain problems, the leg is very much easier now, and also...
  9. Poopy Doll

    Physical issue causing anxiety

    There's an undercurrent of crazy every time I hurt my leg. I have no idea how to take care of myself.
  10. A

    External force is counteracting my movements on my command

    On my command, I can command an external force to stop certain movements, such as moving my leg. Like this: Me: Don't let me move my leg. Outside force: Ok... I am unable to move my leg. Me: Let me move my leg again. Outside force: Ok... I am able to move my leg.
  11. Toasted Crumpet

    My leg appointment

    Saw my consultant yesterday about my leg. My partner normally goes with me but he was unwell so couldn't. Whenever I see her alone my consultant is different with me. She contradicts herself and doesn't seem too helpful. I've been doing extensive physio for at least 18 months and while the...
  12. T

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Anyone here have RLS? If so, could you describe the effects. Thanks.
  13. F

    functional disorder!

    Hi, i wantd to firstly say hello to everyone on this entire forum, im new to this site and i was hoping to chat to some people who have this functional thing going on. I will try not to bore you silly but i was pretty convinced that i had MS and to be told by a neurologist the other day that it...
  14. Ghost89

    Feeling the need to snap

    Hi guys, Need to vent.. having a bad day with my moods. My gf is taking most of the brunt.. I dunno, theres a compilation of things and no way to vent it feels right now, i feel ready or close to snap.. Have quite a bit of energy thats turning physical, abusive but i dont want that, i just get...
  15. S

    lost it!

    Well the other night I just kinda of lost it, i won't go into specifics because I don't want to trigger anyone but I ended up not being able to fight off the urges and am now sitting here with 7 stitches in my leg. I feel so bad because I have had to lie to everyone about why I have stitches...
  16. RedRoseBeauty

    SH last time

    I told myself last time was the last time. But no, I did it again, I can't help myself. It just calms me down, I wish it didn't. Now my leg is burning with stinging. Oh fuck.
  17. ABsea


    I selfharmed on friday and i think that it might be infected. I'm usually pretty clean so idk how it could've happened but it reallyy hurts to the point I am hobbling around. I really dont want ppl to ask wtf i did to my leg cause i cant stand lying anymore. How can I make this go away without...
  18. P

    Pretty please can someone give me a positive ESA victory?!

    ok ... im suffering from severe depression.. and im not gona babble on about how my life is... because thats boring! anyways.. ive sent my esa50 form off.. and basically i've read all over the internet that you basically have to have a leg hanging off...(obviously that is a slight exajeration!)...
  19. lupinerainbow

    The End

    Thats it. Completely. Its over. No more self harming, ever. After having stitches in my right leg and over 70 staples in my left leg i'm done. I can't keep putting everyone through it, wasting hospital resources, ambulances and putting my family's lives at risk. I have been selfish and haven't...
  20. loneshadow

    Self harmed FFS in my leg :(

    just self harmed FFS in my leg, and now im like FFS, cos summer is coming and ive got FFS on my leg and im just SO stressed tonight, i got all this stressed energy, im just SO FED UP i cant get rid of the stressed energy, i cant relax wish i cud just knock myself out...