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  1. BorderlineDownunder

    Becoming A Lecturer

    This is hilarious but since Day One my Therapist has been onto me to work for him as a Lecturer. He talks about it every session. When you begin lecturing, he says... He runs a Nationally Accredited College and he wants ME to be part of it. Me. Of all people... Of course I will say yes, in...
  2. B

    can not come conclusion. help me

    Hey friends, I feel like i have two soul. When problem arises I can not come conclusion. If there are choises available it is difficult to select one. Sometimes i feel positive and feeling good it changes frequently. Next minute i can feel bad. Perception about other people also change. I got...
  3. L

    Silly lecturer

    I once had a lecturer who I never approached and would never speak to but who instead of talking about subject he was meant to teach on he would go on about his divorce. He also said that I was his victim, that he wouldn't have relations with her until she were dead and then two men would stand...
  4. O

    am i being too sensitive?

    Hi....may I ask u guys for advice? I used to be very chummy n friendly to the lecturers but I have stopped being super chummy. may I know if the lecturer can mark u down, if u r taking a diploma based system with internal marking? case1: one very serious lecturer taught me for one subject...
  5. R

    Hello From Tasmania

    1. EMPLOYMENT-SOCIAL-ROLE POSITIONS: 1943-2009 1999-2009-Writer/Poet/Publisher/Journalist and Retired Teacher/Lecturer/Tutor/Adult Educator/Facilitator George Town Tasmania Australia 2002-2005-Program Presenter City Park Radio Launceston 1999-2004-Tutor and/or President George Town School...