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  1. I

    ... Losing battle

    I don't want to go into too much detail, but I found the love of my life two years ago when my dad died, and she saved me from depression, my dad been dead is not a issue for me any more at all, both me and my girl are intense people with a inane amount of honesty, we are long distance and been...
  2. L

    I'm leaving :/

    No one really posts to my questions or concerns on here so I don't see a point in writing here anymore.
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    im leaving here permanently

    im leaving life something is very very wrong this used to be my home but i feel so apart from everyone soon i will be on my own i decided my birthday but i don't know if i can wait that long to die DON'T EMAIL OR MESSAGE ME ANYONE i love some of you still ,especially letmein and parayana...
  4. S


    I know this may sound pathetic but I am hurt when I am not missed on here. I see others who haven't been online and people are missing them and concerned about them. I wasn't online for awhile and not one person asked where I was. I don't like seeking attention at all, I just feel if I...
  5. M

    Hello, new here.

    Hello, don’t know where to start except to say I’m middle aged, my life is a complete mess. I’ve been unemployed for years, little resources, no pension and so worried about the future. I’m a failed artist, still hold creative urges but everything I do turns to self disgust and feelings of...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    sorry ,want to explain x

    thanks for all the lovely private messages x some of you may have seen i got all upset friday night and said i was leaving x well i took something the wrong way and i do often misinterpret things as part of my illness i was being a big baby but i am EXTREMELY sensitive and can't help it well...
  7. S

    Considering Suicide

    Hi all, I’m not sure why I’m posting here. Perhaps it’s in the hope that someone will give me a reason to dissuade me from taking my life or out of confusion, guilt, I don’t know. I have considered ending my life for around 5 years now after being diagnosed with PTSD, Agoraphobia, Depression...
  8. D

    I'm not sure what to do.

    I am going to see my counselor tomorrow. She's new but this will be my third visit with her. She is the one that told me about my schitzophrenia and wanted me to be admitted to get some help. I rejected the idea but now I'm not so sure. I fear leaving my kids and my fiance. I've never had to...
  9. P

    BPD and hopeless

    I have realized about 2 years ago that I have BPD. I have tried multiple psycotherapies with little success. The psycotherapy I follow at the moment seems sometimes to help but I keep falling back into my pattern of rage, insecurity, fear, to the point that my partner is on the verge of leaving...
  10. T

    Wish me luck

    So tomorrow I'm off to the fire station for. 3 day course on team building, first aid and God knows what else I am really anxious about it If they tell us to take our clothes off and dance around the poll I am definately leaving LOL
  11. P

    Just diagnosed with BPD. regretting...

    I have a family. 3 little boys. 7, 9, and 13. I regret having them. Not because I don't love them with literally every fiber of my being, but because I know I've already screwed them up with my issues and I don't want to do that more. But there is no right answer. Leaving them would create...
  12. B

    Hard time leaving the house

    So i already mentioned on another topic that i used to have this delusions that people are against me and giving me bad looks on the street but now they are back.In theory thats probably wrong but it still makes me hard to lieve the house.I am thinking what if it isnt a delusion,what if its a...
  13. S

    I don't know what to do

    I'm recently diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type and just come out of a manic phase into a depressive one. I feel so alone, I had an appointment with a psychiatrist on Thursday and from what I can gather she thinks I'm fine. I'm currently locked away in my room because my family don't...
  14. P

    My gp is leaving after today.

    Went to see my gp for a check up of my meds and she tells me she is leaving. I can't believe how much I am going to miss her :(. She is caring, listens and she always took me seriously. I feel devastated by this news :(
  15. D


    What is a superstition revolving giving dimes to somebody. I had a dime placed where I like to sit and smoke infront of the apartment where I live. A dime in my shoe after leaving a close friends house. My mother leaving a dime on my table. And just today a different close friend giving me a...
  16. R_Sxo

    Dealing with Separation Anxiety?

    Hi all, Normally, I'd be replying to help others, but looks like I've found myself needing help this time :) Currently, I've just been hit with a wave of emotion since I'll be leaving school very soon. I love my school, the teachers, the environment, the pupils....everything - I feel upset...
  17. S

    I'm leaving

    I'm going away and I'm not coming back. I don't want to be around people anymore and no one fucking gives a damn anyway. I need a new life away from here.
  18. Fairy Lucretia

    i need to die

    im tired so very very tired im so worried about the vet coming out tomorrow ,im sure they are going to say my maddie has cancer i still dont know if my aunty has cancer my support worker is leaving which has set off paranoia and my fear of abandonment im too needy i know this i cant change...
  19. S

    Afraid to leave the house...

    I had some serious anxiety/agoraphobia/insomnia when my thyroid med was too high. We reduced the dosage, I started sleeping better, felt better all around, but I still have an issue with agoraphobia. I need to go to the store.. need dogfood, etc.. What is this? I'm fearful of leaving the house...
  20. I

    The man I love is a clinically depressed narcissist. I honestly feel like I'm losing my mind.

    The man I love is a clinically depressed narcissist. I honestly feel like I'm losing my mind. I have been in this relationship for four years, going on five. I've come to a point where I want to break down and cry because I'm so stressed out by him. I cannot function right, I cannot eat, or...