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  1. Funnyday


    I sometimes get flashbacks of traumatic events. I know what the triggers are. However, I sometimes get taken by surprise. This can be in any place. At home or out and about. When this happens it takes over my mind and leaves me unable to continue. I should of put this in my ESA50 form that I...
  2. O

    Helo, please help with an advice, is this a mental disorder ? PLEASE

    It's about a person who always does the following with his loved ones, relationships: Every time she attaches herself to a person, she breaks contact suddenly, leaves. She says she knows that it is useless and that the person she leaves would spend useless time with her, because she is useless...
  3. Fairy Lucretia

    Am I a bad person?

    everyone always leaves me
  4. K

    Feel so sad when boyfriend leaves!

    Hi there, was wondering if anyone else can relate to this or has ever felt like this. So basically, I always feel extremely upset and sad whenever my boyfriend leaves, no matter how much time we’ve spent together. Obviously I enjoy spending time with him and I’m always so happy when we’re...
  5. Lillyone

    DLA Failed.

    Failed my DLA tribunal.:low: They asked me very little, and only based my illness on how it effected me when I first made my claim back in March. Leaves a bad feeling.
  6. T

    What does my therapist mean?

    I met my therapist today for our 6th out of 20 sessions. I'm finding therapy difficult and she knows that I have a real fear in sharing my troubles. She said 'I'm wondering where this leaves us?'. What does that mean? I didn't answer, just switched off from her again. She wants to finish seeing...
  7. mygirl1uk

    Why the changes in services.

    Ive been feeling really down just lately, and today I find out that im being moved from adult care to enhanced care. Why the changes, feels like everyone is leaving me. Cant do this much more Seems they cant wait to get rid of me, first my named gp leaves whos lovely then the nxt one I started...
  8. F

    where to put this

    As a 9y child I was touched up alot by a girl. today at 35 i sometimes have a smell of what she smelt like at the time this leaves me confused about whether the smell is real here and now.
  9. tigerfish

    i don't understand these emotions!

    i felt a little relief when i got home from my first bereavement therapy last night! This morning, i felt flat, emotionless! Tonight, i hurt again! Eastenders on the tele and WHAM!! Tiger is back in reality!! He's gone! He's left me! Im watching it ALONE! Im scared i will forget the sound of his...
  10. J

    seeking help for my dad..family is stressed to the max..

    Hello,well I'm 24 living with my parents with my finace til were done with school...my dad stoped taking his meds for his mental illness about 2 and a half years ago..but still takes antidepressants..hes 62 and a member of the VA but they only see him 2 times a year so they don't see his bad...
  11. 7blackroses


    Does anyone experience extreme irritability with their children? I love my son to pieces but he's hardly an "easy" child. I don't lash out at him physically but i can be very intolerant to him sometimes. I can be very snappy with him. Its like sometimes there is so much going on in my own head...
  12. D

    Incredibly Anxious

    Hi, my name is Dion and i've been a sufferer of depression and anxiety for about 10 years now. I had a massive panic attack last December where i convinced myself that i was about to die and have been living in torment ever since, almost obssessed with thoughts of death/dying. I am seeing a...
  13. FootedPJs

    being alone.

    I've always been alone. My parents were abusive and stupid and never spent good time with me. I always played by myself or was just alone. I didn't have friends in school. Turned 18 I moved out and was alone. Now I'm 27.. I still don't have friends.. but I gave a bf. And for some reason I'm...
  14. H


    My name is Jolene I am 28 and reside in BuffaloNY. Bday is May 27th1983. I live in a group home for the mentally ill,I have sichzo - affective disorder,PTSD and some anxiety. I am unable to work I am on SSI which pays rent and leaves Me 160.00 a month. Some of my hobbies are...
  15. B

    seperation aniexty

    hi sorry to be a pain i have been suffering seperation aniexty every time my partner leaves to return to his home after our time together it leaves me scared shaking and unable to do any thing , to the point that every time he leaves i start putting the wall up around me i , but scared as it...
  16. P

    This is me...

    Hello All I consider myself very lucky not to suffer from mental health issues Having said that people very close to me do I've seen close up how cruel it can be When my mother died when I was 18 (20+ years ago) I went a little off the rails and it took 5 years to get back on It never...
  17. T

    doc leaves country

    i have been at the same doc practice, 30years . i see any , but one who first intruduced me to the lorazepam all those years ago well its name was ativan then an still is ,has up an left to be a minister in south africa,that was a shock to me . he got me addicted to the loz , he didnt no then...