1. E

    New to all this... Looking for like minds

    Hello, my name is Evan. I will give the short version of my story. As a child I had anxiety/panic attacks. Probably since I was about 6. As far back as I can remember. At the time I didn't know it was anxiety. It wasn't until I got older and learned what anxiety was that I realized...
  2. C

    99.9% of hallucinations are gone AMA

    I fell into psychotic depression in late April and since then, I've been on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Some of those big and small. I've learned a lot since then (still learning). Go ahead and ask me anything you want to know.
  3. P

    Cymbalta: I Have Questions...

    I began taking Cymbalta (to replace Lexapro) this past Monday. Since then I've had no appetite (which I appreciate), though I get ravenous at night; I've barely slept, leading to disorientation; and often I feel sick, though my pdoc told me that should pass after a week. I've also been shaky...
  4. T

    Edith Eger - The Choice

    Just saw this lady on tv talk about ptsd and this book is about her life and what she has learned after trauma. Maybe try it, i have not read it yet.
  5. F

    CBT, where can I get it?

    Hi I have been to see my counsellor and she has said that I am suffering from some anxiety that has retuned from a past experience. I would like to know about CBT and where I can go on a course? I have previously learned to unlearn anxiety symptoms, but this was years ago and I would like...
  6. J

    Have You Learned Something From Your Illness?

    Hey People. : ) (I haven't posted for several months however it's wonderful to see all you Guys again.) I was just wondering have you learned something (positive) from your illness … And would you be willing to share it? Cheers.
  7. G


    im now on a few different meds for my depression. this is new as ive never been on this amount before, so im hoping. im actually hoping that something is goner get better for me. Im thankful that ive found this site. Im able to be open and honest for the first time ever, as I was brought up and...
  8. C

    Schiz diagnosis - 2 years on

    Finally the lingering and enduring negative symptoms of avolition seem to be slowly fading. It's taken a long time for me to get to this point, but I am the fittest and mostbmentally agile I have been in the past 7 years. I am working 4 days a week now. I run 6 days a week. And strength...
  9. M

    Direct payments - experiences?

    Hi all I recently learned about something called "direct payments" (there is a factsheet on the Rethink website for those of you who have never heard about this). I learned about "direct payments" from reading "Loving Christian: one family's journey through schizophrenia" by Georgina Wake. In...
  10. S

    Obsessive Life

    I joined this forum because I couldn't find anything online similar to what I experience. My life is one constant obsession followed by another. Sometimes for a few days, a couple weeks or at times months. I become completely engulfed in what I am doing, usually in a euphoric state and usually...
  11. P

    The voices share my thoughts and feelings. Is this true of everyone?

    And before you say no, consider this. My voices were extremely hostile, and even tried to kill me on several occasions, but I realized that they were also masochistic in much the same way living masochists are. It gave them a feeling of power, and I didn't notice this feeling of power. They told...
  12. T


    I'm in recovery for a long time now. I've learned a lot about accepting my own experiences as real even if I hear voices or have other issues. When I was young there was no language given to me by my wily mother for problems. I'm sure someone said that never happens to me, when I confided a...
  13. Lyotto1

    It was confrontingly harsh then enlightening. My first ever experience with a psychedelic (mescaline).

    It was confrontingly harsh then enlightening. My first ever experience with a psychedelic (mescaline). Before i go on about the trip i had today which made me eyes wide open i'd lile to ask. Is there any among you who was as silly and as careless as to try eat raw san pedro cactus as a powerful...
  14. cpuusage

    10 Life Lessons I Learned as a Psychiatric Nurse and Patient

    Thought this was pretty good - 10 Life Lessons I Learned as a Psychiatric Nurse – and Patient - 10 Life Lessons I Learned as a Psychiatric Nurse – and Patient | Wake Up World
  15. Kerome

    Jack Kornfield on mindfulness

    The third teacher I was going to write a little bit about is Jack Kornfield. He is an American who studied as a Buddhist monk under Ajahn Chah in the Thai Forest Tradition and under Mahasi Sayadaw in Burma. He has taught meditation worldwide since 1974 and is one of the key teachers to...
  16. cpuusage

    Crazywise Released

    Community Screenings - CRAZYWISE Home - CRAZYWISE Phil Borges - YouTube Crazy…or wise? The traditional wisdom of indigenous cultures often contradicts modern views about a mental health crisis. Is it a ‘calling’ to grow or just a ‘broken brain’? The documentary CRAZYWISE explores what can be...
  17. cpuusage

    Witchcraft is not Safe (and nor should it be!)

    Witchcraft is not Safe (and nor should it be!) - Seo HelruneSeo Helrune "It’s not bland. I don’t know when ‘fear’ became considered a bad thing in witchcraft, or when danger became considered a failing rather than one of the ‘occupational hazards’ of the witch, but I think it has been very...
  18. SoftRain

    DBT videos

    I was looking through YouTube and found this lady recovery mum. She has been through so many things. Drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and has BPD. If you go through her playlist under solutions she has made several videos on dbt and what she learned after being in it for 2 years. She...
  19. Poopy Doll

    What have you learned from being on the forum??

    I've learned that empathy helps people more than analyzing.
  20. Tired Daisy

    So yet again I'm rejected

    I don't know why I'm posting this as I'm not going to get anything out of it and nothing will change. I basically got called a freak I look like a psycho and speak like a dimwit. Its no good people saying that I ain't a freak, you haven't seen me. I know its true every body that I came across on...