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  1. P

    Craft group should I leave?

    Hi, seems wrong to be posting this on here when people are dealing with serious problems but I need an opinion on a minor worry I have, I've got no friend in 'real life' to ask. My cpn wanted me to join a ' craft group' so I did. I liked some of the women there,( though I don't like doing...
  2. My_Second_Chance

    Workplace Bullying!

    I have been working in my current job for two years now. I left for two months to start a new job. However, I found the new job – it was a very toxic environment. Management talking about other staffs confidentiality in the office. Gossiping about others. I was still covering overtime shifts for...
  3. G

    Mental health TV this upcoming week - Saturday 30/6/2018 to Friday 6/7/2018

    Mental health TV this upcoming week - Saturday 30/6/2018 to Friday 6/7/2018 Ruby Wax is touring again - How To Be Human Book Tour 2018 More dates;​ Thurs 5th July, The Grand, Blackpool More - Tour - RubyWax.net Daily 8.30am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his...
  4. S

    You will never be as you imagine.

    Years ago I thought I would meet former President Bill Clinton!! Also President Boris Yeltsin!! I think I will be head of state!!! Now, after this period of time, I am still sick with schizophrenia. Dear friend, you must be aware of this experience. * You will not be a king. * You will...
  5. BrianHorlicks

    Could Jesus have been a cult leader?

    Could Jesus have been a cult leader? - Quora
  6. S

    one to one with team leader

    Ugh so we have a new team leader at work who has decided it's a good idea to have one to ones with everyone. He want 30 minutes to find out about us, what our interests are and what we want from the job. I am really not looking forward to this, especially since I had to speak to him about...
  7. T

    Resisting the urges

    Hi everyone, So I am in abit of a better place than I was last time I posted on here, but I still have a dilema. See, I am aware of the fact that my team leader at work is in recovery from an ed herself, and she has become a massive support by talking to me alot, but she has set me some new...
  8. A

    Stupid bloody mental health team >=(

    I've just had a call from my care co-ordinator and she has thrown me a load of stuff and messed with my head. She told me that I haven't been referred for DBT (which the consultant on the ward said he had referred me for a YEAR'S worth!) and I've only got three sessions of Emotional Coping...
  9. diamondshine


    I just want to crawl into a corner, curl up in a ball and die. I just got back from my voluntary girls' organisation at church where i am a leader. Before that I had a meeting with my tutor, who scared me about being on the sandwich or continuous course, and the pharmacy governing body and...
  10. prairiechick


    I'm sorry I haven't been very active on the forum lately, except to go on about all my shit. Feel like I'm living in a state of chronic crisis. I've hit overload, and now everything little thing feels traumatic. I've had trouble with phone and internet and yelled at one of the agents on my...