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  1. Mr.NiceGuy

    Notes from the ship

    voices saying they are officers of the law and that they are taking me into captivity to rape me!!! They control people with authority given to them by rape and captivity. Making them the lowest type of human there is in my mind. Hallucinations time and time again don't check out, as the real...
  2. S

    Trauma based mind control, has this happened to any one else

    Before world wide mind control on behaviour, trauma based mind control was used in schools, it happened to me, after just reading about it, I came to that conclusion, mine was a special school, unfortunately the psychologist would of known about my birth and I was used for reasearch to come up...
  3. S


    how many of those on this forum with a diagnosis of schizophrenia believe they are being bullied? by an authority, a friend or a family member? i - for one know that's why i am here. it's also why i have my diagnosis, county court and it's staff - it's MP, and my care team and the local...
  4. S


    how many of you here with schizophrenia or a loved one with 'mental health', have real long term regrets? i'll start. 1. ever pulling a police officer down. 2. not speaking up for myself when i thought something was very wrong about an experience i have had. 3. continuing to use drugs...
  5. B

    Breaking point

    I don’t even know where to start. I had a full hysterectomy 9 months ago, I’m 33 and needed it done for health reason. The day I came out of hospital my sister in law came round and told me she was pregnant, just what I wanted to hear NOT. My father in law told her she was out of order and her...

    What happens when you die?

    "Everyone will live after what you call death, not because of believing in a creed, a doctrine or dogma, but because it is an unalterable natural law. It has nothing to do with religion. It is a law as equal to the law of cause and effect. The evidence that is available to you will, if you are...
  7. R

    organ donation law changing in england

    i notice they're passing a law saying you have to opt out of organ donation, remember one neighbour saying they may decide my life isn't worth living and my organs could save so many peoples lives and that may influence how hard they try to save my life i've been on the organ doner list but it...
  8. cpuusage

    Psych Rights

    Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
  9. S

    Afraid to leave the house...

    I had some serious anxiety/agoraphobia/insomnia when my thyroid med was too high. We reduced the dosage, I started sleeping better, felt better all around, but I still have an issue with agoraphobia. I need to go to the store.. need dogfood, etc.. What is this? I'm fearful of leaving the house...
  10. X

    I want to take revenge against my mother in law

    I want to take revenge against my mother in law. She disclosed to a group of people that I have mental illness and take medication. She hates me just because I married her son and immigrate to Canada. Recently, I found that my husband also has mental illness. But he and his parents never told me...
  11. P

    Money exchanging hands doesn't make it legal.

    That is what they thinks though. They have another thing coming to. Just because money passes hands doesn't make it okay. If money is our law, if money is our god, then we're all already dead.
  12. H

    The NHS denied me the truth for 15 years.

    For 15 years I have repeatedly questions why anyone thinks I have bi-polar and for 15 years the NHS has just blow smoke in my face. Just got in writing this was all a mistake ! I was put on Lithium to deal with depression, and they lost all my records. They then assumed I must have bi-polar from...
  13. D

    Law of Attraction

    Do you believe that the law of attraction works? If you have used it please share the outcome.. Personally I had a period when I applied it and it seemed like it works.. but now even though I want to (even though it may actually do nothing, I just felt generally better) I can't just get into...
  14. E

    Any good self help books that have actually helped you?

    Thought of trying 'The Road Less Traveled.' Another friend wants me to read 'The Law of Attraction.' Not sure which to choose really.
  15. T

    How to cope with work

    Hi everyone, I've lived with depression since my late teens and finally sought treatment a year ago at age 25. It's a rocky road, but at least I'm on it! One of my main practical problems I've faced is dealing with the demands of work. I've often struggled to hold down a job, and its...
  16. BillFish

    Going to have to Jack in the Job

    Got two final days of work,today and tomorrow.I won't say what it is (don't know who's reading). But the students I recruited were friends of my son.They are all now in further education and are all now employed in evening Jobs as well. The next step would be for me to have my own small...
  17. L

    Terribly indecisive

    I was diagnosed with anxiety the year before last but I had therapy which was largely successful and most of the time I can cope with highly stressful periods, such as exam periods, the only time I have proper panic attacks. I don't know whether this is part of my condition or not but I am so...
  18. S

    Breaking the Law, Police and Prison

    Did not know where to start this thread but wondered if anyone out there had long term dealings with the Police and Prison service. I was Breaking the law alot and had alot of dealings with the Police and eventually the Prison service. Although i was a complete pain the rear to the Police, it...
  19. H

    Can they inform my childrens school when I have been assessed as not being a risk ?

    Can they inform my childrens school when I have been assessed as not being a risk ? Self refered myself to my local MHT. I was diagnosed with bipolar 12 years ago, and moved area 3 years ago but never got plugged back into the MHT. But when I was beind assessed she said she had to contact my...
  20. Sugarplum


    I have been having a really tough time as you guys know and last week was really hard. Anyway money has been tight as my other half lost his job a few months ago. My mother in law won't help us though she helps her other kids all the time. My father in law died 18 months ago and my in laws...