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  1. B

    Applied for Unemployment Benefits

    Applying isn’t same as receiving. My employer has to verify information I submitted. Even if I get $75 a week, I’ll be happy. I can do laundry, get food, and cat food. I’m just so exhausted with all this unemployment. I just want a job!
  2. BorderlineDownunder

    Putting Myself First

    So part of my healing my life was getting back in touch with family; only to be approached by some of that family and asked to be Official Carer. Now Ive sort of discovered that the Caring is basically, do my dishes for me so I can lie around and be a street walking junkie and in my opinion if...
  3. R

    Trouble Being an Adult

    I am 27 years old and live with my girlfriend of 10 years. Whenever it comes time to do dishes or laundry or take out the trash I say ok I will do it now. Only, I don't do it now I sit and think in my head how long I can stay sitting in that one spot staring at the wall before I get yelled at...
  4. G

    help for a family when one member suffers

    Hi everyone, As I posted in introductions http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread124451.html my partner suffers from depression and anxiety. He has done so for a few years. It's been difficult to get him to seek help, though he has an appointment with a threapist in a couple of weeks...
  5. S

    Motivation has vamished

    I have no motivation at all this weekend. I went to bed on friday night and still havent got up yet....it is now sunday afternoon. I need to get up and eat, do my laundry and have a bath. I keep saying i will get up in an hour - but I dont. I have to go outside to go to the laundry room but i...
  6. valleygirl

    Freaking About Everything!

    :panic::panic::panic::panic::panic::panic::panic: 0 to 10 in seconds. Laundry wouldn't start and found out the water was shut off because of a leak in my apartment building and as soon as I got back to my suite I started yelling and swearing about how I can't do anything to get ready for...
  7. D

    Just so unlucky

    Im not supersticious, but i cant help but wonder if my bad luck is down to being born on a friday the 13th. Im probably just looking for anything to pin it on. But jeez, it literally is just one thing after the other. I keep telling myself that you can only go so far down before things start...
  8. Caitjinoy

    Can't even motivate myself to brush my teeth

    Lately I've had so much trouble finding the motivation to even get up to brush my teeth, or shower, or take care of myself in any way. It's become a huge feat to keep myself well-groomed. I've been skipping meals. i rarely clip my toenails. It's a magical day when the laundry gets done. Urg
  9. Caitjinoy

    Did a lot today already

    Is it sad that taking out the trash, doing a load of laundry (not even folding it) and half-way packing my bags for a 3 day trip is considered getting a lot done in one day? Lol Really though, sometimes it feels like I'm made of lead and its difficult to do ANYTHING. And by sometimes I mean most...
  10. C


    North Wiltshire Doorway Office Station Hill House Station Hill Chippenham SN15 1EQ Doorway drop-in sessions Salvation Army Hall Foghamshire Chippenham SN15 1HB 01249 445385 [email protected] Open access drop-in sessions each week Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30 – 3.30pm...
  11. tiltawhirl

    I am so down & stressed.

    It's been getting worse for the last month. I never cry, but there have been tears today. I am so frustrated. I cannot get myself to DO anything and I have a very messy house to have all cleaned up in 15 days when my daughter arrives. I can barely get dressed. and if I don't do laundry today...
  12. J

    jeanna here not so happy.

    hello voice hearers Im posting this today Ive had a few good days the usual voices but pretty good days despite that. But I awoke at two thirty am and I had a early dental appt this morning they started in for a good three hours so I could not go back to sleep needless to say I was furious...
  13. Lincoln1990


    He cooks, cleans, does the laundry and vacuum?!? Can he get any more perfect?
  14. O

    Clothing and Laundry

    I'm sure many of you can relate to absolutely dreading the idea of having to do the laundry. I usually let it build up so much that the process is even more time-consuming when I do get around to it. But lately I have been getting back into the awful habit of wetting and scrubbing my clothes...
  15. Cally

    Slipping Again

    I've said in my first few posts about being diagnosed with depression and that I was on meds for a long while but have since come off them (two years or so ago now). I also said that I don't really have any problems with depression anymore but to be honest, I'm not so sure. I think I'm slipping...
  16. W

    Has anyone been taken off meds?

    For symptoms of increased suicidal thoughts and self harm? I was on 20mg of citalopram for two weeks which I thought were working well till I had a breakdown in the laundry room. I have been referred to a psychiatrist and mental health team. Anyone else with experience in this?
  17. Lynnie

    tired :(

    I'm so tired! I have so much to do..but all I want to do is lay here. I know I need to find something that would make me want to get out of bed everyday..but nothing seems worth it. I have four kids, and I do get up because of them..but inside I'm fighting. I'm tired of fighting. Why does it...
  18. B

    how do you manage with the practicalities?

    How do u manage your budgets? washing and hygiene Laundry Socialising? they all cost money :-(
  19. prairiechick

    Allergic Reaction

    So I woke up at 10 this morning aware of my arms being itchy, and when I looked at my arms I had a bright red rash. Then I noticed it was on my stomach and back and legs. I started freaking that I was having a delayed reaction to my newest med and went to Urgent Care to get looked at. It...
  20. diamondshine

    I knew it was going too well

    So today started well. I managed to get up on the correct side of midday, finished my laundry I didn't have time to dry yesterday (I'm in uni halls so have to use the laundry downstairs) - and doing washing always takes so much energy - why??? I organised my desk and started on my coursework. 6...