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  1. E

    At a loss

    I don’t what to do anymore, I don’t even know how I ended up here on this website. Just a few days ago I was happy, laughing. Now I’m here, feeling hopeless and depressed. I want to be the person I once was, but I just
  2. A

    How to realize your not being laughed at secretly

    A common fear among us is that when we hear people laughing, we think it's us that they're laughing at. I want to break down why this is almost always not the case. I've been thinking about it a lot because I used to feel this way all the time. 1. The chances are against you: There are billions...
  3. L

    I'm struggling to cope.

    My moods been all over the place lately, my heads been going over and over and over the crappy things that happened in the last while. I'm constantly obsessing over minor issues and it's going to cripple my relationship. I want my head to stop, I can't make it stop. Doesn't matter what...
  4. write

    Reaching out is futile

    I can't bear this limbo in hopelessness, knowing that there is only hopelessness once the limbo is done anyway. Wish I could go into it here, ask for help but too scared, paranoid, too unbelievable a situation to go into. Feel an outsider here anyway. Stranded without trust. PTSD stuff is...
  5. Iamsoconfused

    Laughing at the wrong time

    I'm not sure if this is even a mental health issue or not, but I feel like I find it funny when my loved ones are upset. Like my mother was angry that she had no internet on her trip, and I struggled not to burst out laughing. My husband started shouting at me a couple weeks ago, and luckily he...
  6. L

    Need Opinion

    I don't know if this is a problem. I don't know who i must to talk to. I came here in hoping to know better, if i have a problem or not. Having a dark past is hurting of our future self, except if you are a dense person. I'm not talking about killing, robbing, or any stuff like that. What i...
  7. shaky

    Slightly psychotic?

    Is it possible to be slightly psychotic? Or am I hypomanic? How do you tell the difference? I have pleanty of energy - but I'm feeling excited about self harm Looking forward to later when I can have a good go at it. I've been preparing my stuff Smiling and laughing for knowing what I might do...
  8. B

    Feeling watched.

    Ever since I can remember I've felt as if there was something in the room with me whenever I was alone. I'm extremely afraid of being alone in the dark as well. Also I sometimes feel as others are talking about me or staring at me when I see them laughing or joking about something or someone. I...
  9. G


    Everyone is laughing at me they are laughing at my pain my enemy's want to see me defeated and so far they are winning I would just like to take this time to say a HUGE FUCK YOU to all my haters! Korn - Thoughtless - YouTube
  10. L

    Why do serious people and situations cause me so much anxiety?

    I am not normally one who is shy around anyone as long as I'm laughing or joking around and having a good time. I am the life of the party but when it comes to any sort of serious situation. I freeze up. I don't know how to react or comfort people. The reason I'm posting this is lately my...
  11. U

    when they talk to each other

    who has this when they talk to each other? I heard a laugh in my mind then another voice said what are you laughing at? also heard something else but I didn't remember come the morning. think I feel like my health Is getting worse when I can hear them clearly talk to each other. I have bpd...
  12. P

    Replacing one bad thing with another

    When I was younger (up to my late thirties) I was underweight, skinny if you like, and that was the demon that followed me everywhere (people are looking at me, judging me, laughing at me, etc). Now, I'm 49 and OVERweight, but it's the same thoughts every day - people are looking at me, judging...
  13. P

    Hilarious beatles lyrics.

    Listening to some beatles. Don't let me down in particular. Just laughing my arse off at "she done me good, yeah, she done me good." I bet she did there guys, i bet she did do you good, real good. Maybe the world would be a little better if she wasn't doing you so damn good.
  14. D

    Help - Paranoia / Think people don't like me / Worried that people talk about me, laugh at me and make fun of me?

    Help - Paranoia / Think people don't like me / Worried that people talk about me, laugh at me and make fun of me? Hi all, I'm new around these parts so sorry for jumping straight in. My issue seems insignificant and minute compared to others, but I'm just looking for help and / or advice if...
  15. Tired Daisy

    I'm really a nice guy

    I have my Titanic home by that I mean its luxury, its got the wow factor like an Edwardian home and I can smoke cigars in front of my mirror by the fire place feeling proud but miserable in a cool posh way and offer you a glass of brandy or a glass of my quality wine. I 'm not a Tory voter or...
  16. calypso

    Seen the pdoc

    Well I saw the pdoc, he was really nice. I am evidently very psychotic, severely depressed and unstable - his words. He has changed me from Quetiapine to Aripiprazole as an anti psychotic which doesn't sedate as much so I can still get out of the house if I need to. I see him again in 2...
  17. R

    I have no one I can trust

    I made a post in the hearing voices section which talks about how I started hallucinating, shaking, and eventually tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully just to quiet my mind. Since The event I've been tortured by immature staff members at a hospital, drugged, and tortured and made a laughing...
  18. B


    Am struggling. no one cares, people are laughing at me in fact. futures bleak as. I'm ill but there's no getting better, it's been 15 years now. The sick thinking might as well be reality. I make it reality. sick of the grey routine of it all but I just keep going and going
  19. R

    I'm going crazy

    I have a beautiful husband who I'm crazy about, he's crazy for me too. We support and love eachother so well, we're a team and he's my best friend. I'd say lately it's a lot more of him supporting me though, which isn't fair on him. I have this feeling of dread all over my body, I have had all...
  20. D

    what did she say.

    So I was having some very big issues. . Hearing voices, of people them thinking enduring is wrong, it went from thinking I could hear things when I can't hear anything. I've been thinking delusional things, I don't believe in any of it. I know I'm just talking to myself, I hear the voices...