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  1. D

    I'm not recovering

    Hey, I'm going through a lot of problems including depression, anxiety, hearing voices, sleeping problems, diet etc. I'm not being able to achieve the recovery I want. I live in a 3rd world country and considering my options in a foreign country. Home treatment is not working for me...
  2. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Im so tired

    I feel so mentally drained. I cant concentrate and Im self medicating into psychosis i fear. I'm losing faith in my depot injections. I'm at max dosage and have full return of symptoms after 1 week instead of lasting the whole 30 days. I really want to go back to the hospital and rest. I find...
  3. valleygirl

    Daylight Saving Time

    Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on the forum. I was having computer problems, and had to shell out $300 to get it fixed. Anyway...Daylight Saving Time. Did the UK switch to daylight saving time this weekend? How does the time change affect you? I wish we would just stay on...
  4. 1

    mental illness is new to me

    Hello. I just signed here hoping to find some help or better understanding or a friend. First time I went to see a psychiatrist was in September when I broke down and called the police because I didn't know what to do with myself. Last month I was prescribed a mood stabiliser and I have a...
  5. R

    how to practice friendship?

    Hey all, I'm almost 30 and have no friends. I have colleagues, friendly acquaintances, and people on Facebook. I don't hang out with anyone. I'm at that awkward age where everyone is either still partying too hard (which I have no interest in) or they are busy with their families. I was never...
  6. Gajolene

    CSA related PTSD, Survivors Guilt

    I've had this a while in my files and wanted to share the quoted text as well as the other links below. Also it is normal for young children to be self-oriented. It’s just the natural way children are. The child thinks mostly of how things impact themselves and they try to figure out what to...
  7. Gajolene

    Scitzophrenia and Scitzoaffective disorder what's the difference?.

    I get this all the time from people where I live telling me that JS and JD are or "Have the same thing" "Well they both hear voices don't they?" Or I've heard of that "They are all Paranoid and dangerous" Those people couldn't be more wrong people really don't have a clue and cling to the...
  8. A


    I just joined this forum after finding it from the google people. I'm 37 now and have suffered with mental health issues since I was a kid. I've seen so many professionals, been on medication, self help books etc and nothing really seems long lasting. I'm now getting to the point where I really...
  9. M

    Bpd & mbt.

    So, I have bpd and my psychiatrist has referred me to three sessions of MBT (mentalization based therapy) with a psychotherapist. Two were individual, lasting 6 months each and one was group therapy, lasting 13 weeks. None of them have worked for me. Just wondering if anyone else with bpd has...
  10. E

    Voice Hearing Poetry

    Here are some poems about voice hearing. The poems are based on religious songs which I have taken and reorganized the grammar and chosen new words related to voice hearing, so that they become something new. I have both positive and negative voice experiences, so some of the poems will reflect...
  11. amathus

    Should emotional abuse in a relationship be viewed as a crime?

    What is Emotional Abuse? Abuse is any behavior that is designed to control and subjugate another human being through the use of fear, humiliation, and verbal or physical assaults. Emotional abuse is any kind of abuse that is emotional rather than physical in nature. It can include anything from...
  12. RunawayDreamer

    Wide awake and ruminating....again...

    Morning everyone, Anyone else still awake?? I have given up tonight cant lay in bed anymore - my heart is thumping so much I can feel it almost coming through the mattress. My head is swimming with so much stuff and I am starting to stew up again. This is lasting a couple of weeks now - really...
  13. vikkisab

    old habits new depth

    Lately I've been going back to self harming and I've been doing it a lot deeper than I've done it before. I havent self harmed for about a week now because im on holiday but im sooo desperate for it and it makes me feel happier. I wanna be happier I hate feeling so low and having to hide it is...
  14. F

    New Antidepressant Acts Very Rapidly and Is Long Lasting

    New antidepressant acts very rapidly and is long lasting
  15. P


    what do i do with being pushed to this by welfare reforms...everything i read or watch about people being threw off benefits is really pushing me to the edge i aint had forms yet but after watching lasting nights programmes about atos i dont think i stand any chance, and if that happens i do...
  16. D

    Depression and Relationships

    Hi, I do not suffer with depression myself but my partner does. Its been very challenging at times and we have both have to work at it alot when depression comes back in. I wondered who on here suffers with depression and has a long lasting good relationship and any advice from both sides of...