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  1. S

    Treatment of social phobia

    The best way to overcome social phobia is to wear sunglasses. No one will make fun of you. Because they know you are sick with phobia. By this method you will attend large events without hesitation. Do not hesitate as losers do. Your loved ones will be very happy.
  2. B

    I'm going to stop drinking

    I am not going to touch another alchoholic drink after 18th March. After all, I'm Irish and St Paddys is just around the corner! I easily drank more alcohol between 15 and 20 than I did between 20 and my mid forties, but since last October I've started spiralling out of control. It started with...
  3. F

    The cost of any future care needs

    A source of anxiety especially as I am £40+ a week worse off since switching to Universal credit. I need to know I have some money saved each week for large expenses that crop up. I'll definitely have to ration what I can pay for which may not be as much as I actually need.
  4. shaky

    Daily Spiritual Work Encouragement Thread

    If our spirituality is going to improve it has to be part of our everyday lives. We have to do something every day. So I'm hoping to post on here every day with what I've done - however large or small. You can do too.
  5. dreambuggieIII

    General Contemplation

    The large self-made bug
  6. Funnyday

    No Work History or refference

    I want to work. However, I've no work history for the last 9 years due to mentla health issues. What the hell do I put down? In fact who is going to employ someone with such a large work history gap. They may even think that I've been in prison. What to do? Also I have no one to use for a...
  7. A

    My anxiety so contagious it afflicts other people!

    I have been Living with brief anxiety since my high school years ever since I found out people don't make eye contact with me rather they focus on a flaw in my face. I managed to keep it under control up until my university years. It all started getting worse when I reached into adulthood. Due...
  8. M

    im a phucking idiot

    Sh'd a good amount. Unfortunately we forgot that we have an orthopedic massage tomorrow evening. We always see the same person and im sure she's seen the scars but not fresh SH injuries. I'd need to cover it anyway but it's a large area. I dont want her to ask.
  9. V

    what is it

    i have depression and hear voices but lately been having odd experience and i wonder if anyone has had the same. At times i get this almost rush through my body and i feel like i have grown to like giant size and in that moment i am as large as the buldings around me. It doesnt last long but...
  10. S

    hi im new

    Hi i thought id introduce myself im 23 from the UK and I've had a combination of anorexia and bulmia for the past 14 years. I am currently at a healthy ish bmi in an outpatient unit that i attend for an hour a week but recently i have dropped a large amount of weight and they are considering...
  11. K

    Paralysis,seizures & problems with lifting up head in large rooms

    Hi My name is Chris, and this year I'm finishing 20 years. I will present my problem as precisely as possible, because it is very unusual (I don't meet anybody with a problem like this), and I think some details can be very important: The problem starts when staying in large spaces, such as...
  12. JLynn

    Impulsivity and regret

    Doing impulsive things when you're in a manic high is a given. What's been some of the worst impulsive decisions you've made? I'll start with one and carry on later. I tattooed the initials of the guy I was in an very unhealthy relationship with...on my wedding ring finger. Pretty large at...
  13. L

    Issues with my Mum

    Hi there! I just registered here and I was looking for some advice relating to my mothers eating and cooking habits. It's something that's been worrying me for a few years now and I am extremely concerned. My mum loves to cook. She cooks alot, most of the day in fact. She bakes, makes dinner...
  14. B

    One Year Older

    It was my 22nd birthday and I had a lovely day. Made one goal as part of being 22 that's to beat this depression and not to return this illness again. Went out with my best friend and went on a large shopping spree.
  15. T


    Roasted red pepper amd tomato soup. Ingredients 4 large red peppers 4 garlic cloves, unpeeled 1tsp dried oregano 2tbsp olive oil 1 large red onion, peeled and chopped 400g tin of chopped tomatoes 850ml (1½ pt) vegetable stock 1tsp sugar Instructions Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F...
  16. Andrewbpd

    A very large apology

    A very large apology this is not being written in word so please excuse the spelling. i suppose a penny has dropped. if i know some one lectured on BPD i could take the attitude of what the hell do they know. however what i do is totally different. what i do is go into my life in great detail...
  17. bluenomore

    Hey... I'm, new(ish)

    Large ego... Low self-esteem... back for now... check-out blue-blog
  18. J

    i'm here!!

    Hi everyone, I have been on many sites just like this one but haven't found the support i need i hope this site is different, I'm Jemma , i'm 21 have been on four different a.d. had nothing has worked , had side effects with all of them, having a rather large struggle right now , But apart...