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  1. H

    Learn a new language

    When I was in hospital they told me that hearing voices involved a problem with the speech and language parts of the brain Brocas and Wernickes Areas, the left temple and around the left ear. These areas deal with how we acquire language and how we arrange our thoughts. Language is said to be...
  2. P


    Hi everyone, I'm Grace and I've been diagnosed with depression. I also suffer from social anxiety and OCD. I' m looking forward to taking part in the forum activities. English isn't my first language so please bear that in mind if you see anything off with my posts. See you in the forum!
  3. Sternmeer


    Hi, I'm new here. I don't know what I'm doing on here really. I have moved to a country with my family where I barely know the language, I'm extremely isolated at home with my young kids, and I have no idea how to go about getting help here. I've seen professionals in the past, but I just...
  4. Poopy Doll

    Hearing Voices is Natural

    I thought this was a good article. It is in simple language and not too long. Most people who hear voices have experienced a trauma. - ATTN:
  5. D

    Not sure if I am experiencing catatonia or something else?

    I know that catatonia is when a person freezes for couple of seconds to in some cases hours, but during the catatonia state are they able to think or they're like unconscious or something? In my case I would just stay in one position and think of my past or future, I have PTSD due to a lot of...
  6. cpuusage

    We stand with Jordan Peterson

    http://www.torontosun.com/2016/10/31/we-stand-with-jordan-peterson "What is the source of extreme political correctness? Here is an article about a Toronto University professor, Jordan Peterson, one of the most prolific and brilliant men I have ever heard or read - a psychologist and...
  7. P

    Language manipulations.

    You can manipulate language in any way. You can cause gibberish. You can cause word salads. You can even make a person speak and understand languages they've never heard fluently. Not to be confused with strokes although you'll never know unless they tell you because they can make it look...
  8. Solitude1

    Speaking Problems

    Hello, good day. Please don't refer me to a doctor, I have asked them for help, but that was in vein. Am I the only person on the earth who can't create even one sentence completely? Nowadays I forget the words and structures in my first language and when it comes to second language, I...
  9. pepecat

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence | Spirituality & Health Magazine The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence A former monk shares insights from a year of solitary prayer and contemplation A few weeks after I graduated from high school, I left home and went away to a monastery. For...
  10. Beergardenweather

    Does it make me 'thick'?

    I've always felt very stupid, no matter how many times people have said I'm doing well I've always felt like I'm so slow off the mark and can't remeber anything and maths is like a foreign language to me. I wonder if it's because I've got so much other bullshit constantly going round in my head...
  11. katya


    I'm finding Duolingo a really useful distracting tool. It's a website and an app, where you can learn a language and it's a bit like playing a game. It keeps track of your progress, you go up levels and you have a daily streak. You can co-operatively translate websites from your chosen...
  12. D

    Thoughts "stuck" in a cycle.

    So... If I understood forum description correctly, this fits in? Especially since there is no diagnosis or whatever else like that that I have or know (mostly due to not really getting an appointment with a professional, but that is not important so far). Sorry if it is not. I also apologise for...
  13. SewSo


    I would like to clear something up. When manic, sex drive does increase, but the majority of sufferers are not then promiscuous. I would argue that if you are someone who is promiscuous, then you are someone who is promiscuous. I have been through hypersexuality many times but have not had...
  14. cpuusage

    Legacies of ‘Anti-Psychiatry’ and R.D. Laing

    "In Lang's view, we treat people who experience themselves as robots, machinery, or animals as crazy, but we don’t find anything crazy in theories that treat people as robots or animals. Our theories of madness may be madder than the language spoken by those who are ‘mad’." VersoBooks.com
  15. Gajolene

    How many of our members are bilingual?

    I am not, JS is learning Japanese. found this Ted Talk today on Bilingual People and thought I would share it for those who are or are considering learning a new language. Any thoughts, shares on the benefits of learning another language?
  16. J

    My Experience

    Hi Sorry, but english is not my language. I have not been diagnosed yet. I am new in this forum and want share my feelings and search the better treatment. I not sure I have BPD because I never harmed myself. I hope that my experience helps and I have strength to restart my life. Thanks.
  17. U

    different language

    um i heard a voice that sounded french i dont speak french so god knows what they said. sounded male only said one word anyone else hear voices in a different language? normaly i just hear english voices so this was a first for me.:peace:
  18. cpuusage

    Can We Replace Misleading Terms Like 'Mental Illness,' 'Patient,' and 'Schizophrenia'

    Can We Replace Misleading Terms Like 'Mental Illness,' 'Patient,' and 'Schizophrenia' Can We Replace Misleading Terms Like 'Mental Illness,' 'Patient,' and 'Schizophrenia' | Allen Frances "When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, it means just what I choose it to mean...
  19. E

    Changing an Abusive Relationship

    In my opinion, fear or shame are the keys to controlling us. When we change this control mechanism, voices can change. So here are some points that may help: 1. Identify the trigger. When a voice makes a remark, note your body language and that of other people. Note what kind of environment you...
  20. R

    in language

    in my time i've had my anger voided, had assertivenesss training, been sexuallly abused, been empowered, been socially included, had user rights pushed, latest seems to be safeguarding me, i forgot to mention had cbt, also been respected at one point The only language that makes sense to me now...