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  1. L

    Saying hi for the first time

    Hey guys! Not super sure what to say in my introductory post but I’m out here giving it a red hot go! I’m a 27 year old woman living in Sydney Australia and I was diagnosed as bipolar type schizoaffective around one year ago. Went through all the usual misdiagnoses from age 18 until then —...
  2. G

    Lamotrigine (Lamictal) taking away my emotions

    I'm a 21y/o Male and I'm on 300mg of Lamictal a day (150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening) to treat my Absence Epilepsy. I started to take it in August 2015 and ever since then I've never had a seizure. It's been about a year now since I've notice things changing about my personality...
  3. Bedsocks


    I am 11 months on lamotrigine now and at 150mg and stopping here for the moment. I have a problem with falling asleep in the afternoon and feel I have no choice but to sleep because I cannot move a muscle. My eyes become so heavy and I cannot stand noise or really anything. I have to turn...
  4. J

    First week on Lamotrigine and feeling really weird

    Hi guys, To cut it short; have started treatment on Lamotrigine about 6 days ago. This is because I have been diagnosed with elements of bipolar and emotionally unstable personality disorder (was told I didn't fit neatly into any box.) In the last 3 days or so I have been experiencing really...
  5. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Mood Swings Getting Out Of Hand

    Its weird. I haven't been having mood swings really in some time. I mean yeah there's the occasional polar shift, but by and large I've really only been having schizophrenia symptoms. I guess that's proof enough that I'm schizoaffective bipolar and not just schizophrenic. I take 50mg of...
  6. M

    Fatigue, fluoxetine and lamotrigine

    Hi, I'm new here. I am on fluoxetine and lamotrigine which has been so helpful for my depression but has also made me really easily tired. I want to nap all the time even though i get a solid 8-9 hours of sleep a night and more on weekends. I know SSRIs can mess with your sleep and the...
  7. moyet

    question about lamotrigine

    Posted this in bipolar section but wanted to post here too: Hi, I've been on lamotrigine for around 4 months and have titrated up to 200mg per day. It does seem to be having a positive impact on my depression. It hasn't gone away but I'm generally more motivated and when I do feel depressed...
  8. moyet

    question about lamotrigine

    Hi, I've been on lamotrigine for around 4 months and have titrated up to 200mg per day. It does seem to be having a positive impact on my depression. It hasn't gone away but I'm generally more motivated and when I do feel depressed it doesn't last as long or hit as hard. Just one thing I'm...
  9. J

    Weaning off medication

    Hi I'm looking to speak with anyone who may be taking or weaning themselves off of Venlafaxine and lamotrigine. Please reply. Thank you Jake
  10. B

    New to Lamotrigine - support on side effects please!

    Hello all, I only bit the bullet regarding my mental health a few months ago when I sought help and where I was diagnosed with an emotional personality disorder (not sure which one yet but they think BPD). My doctor gave me Lamotrigine and I started on 25 mg last week. He didn't mention...
  11. Bella394

    Liver damage on aripiprazole and lamotrigine

    Are these meds responsible for high liver function levels? My liver levels were high after aripiprazole I'm almost scared to check what they are like after the lamotrigine. My psychiatrist wants me to go on olanzopine too. Is this risky because of my liver?
  12. L

    50mg Lamotrigine to treat bipolar disorder???

    Hey everyone. The NHS psychiatrist has prescribed me up to 50mg of Lamotrigine and has not given the GP any instruction to increase it. So I'm stuck on 50mg until December. It has been 4 weeks, I haven't felt an improvement and I am on the high side. The psychiatrist wants to see me every 4...
  13. Bell394

    Lamotrigine and Aripiprazole, head feels cloudy/dizzy

    I started taking Lamotrigine with the Aripiprazole I was already taking a few days ago, so far I feel dizzy, have a headache and my head feels almost like it's full of clouds. I know that's an unhelpful way of describing it sorry. I was wondering if this is normal? My mood has still been all...
  14. Vintage

    Lamotrigine - rapid cycling?

    I have never rapid cycled and i never used to have the mixed state people have talked about, but my time on Lamotrigine has been something resembling both of those. I feel it is more like an antidepressant. This morning i woke at 4 and this would usually signal depression, which i feel, but i...
  15. T

    Lamotrigine and stomach pain

    Does anyone on lamotrigine get pain in their stomach? Right at the bottom of the ribs where the actual stomach is. I don't know if it's the meds or something else. What feels like my stomach and upper gut feels tender to push too.
  16. Owl93

    Does Lamotrigine help?

    I have been on Lamotrigine since the 19 of January this year by starting on 25 mg and then a week later up to 50 mg. I haven't noticed any difference with my anxiety it is still the same should I leave it longer to see if the Lamotrigine works?
  17. Weeping Willow

    Mostly manic

    It is nearly all of the time since starting on Lamotrigine. I have had 11 months of trying to keep my mood down and it is like playing that game where you bop the heads of those things popping up, with a hammer. Splat is it called? Sometimes i let it run wild for a couple of hours, turn the...
  18. Weeping Willow

    Anti convulsants

    I have such big issues with side effects. I find that Lamotrigine is not working very well with my mood but at least i am not depressed. Is anyone else having problems with rapid cycling/mixed states on it? My previous psychiatrist said that if i increased it then it may make things worse but he...
  19. S

    Quetiapine any good?

    Hi everyone I just wanted to see if anyone has been on quetiapine currently or before? I was on abilify maintena but they changed it due to the fact I had an allergic reaction to lamotrigine a few weeks ago, coming of it has unfortunately caused me to have a depressive episode. Any feedback...
  20. B

    I wanna die without pain

    It is good to die than live with this pain.