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  1. J

    Lamictal Trembling

    Hey everyone, I am on 150mg of Lamictal.. The biggest issue I have with is that my damn hands tremble and shake all the time, even when I am not feeling anxious. Anyone know how to manage this? perhaps there is an additional med I could ask my doctor about to help with this? I told my doctor...
  2. D

    Starting Zyprexa Tonight

    So tonight my brother has decided to start Olanzapine (generic for Zyprexa). So he'll be on 25 mg of Paroxetine, 100 mg of Lamotrigine, and 2.5 mg of Olanzapine. Are there any suggestions or anecdotes anyone can offer before he gets on it?
  3. G

    Plz help, chantix & lamictal interactions, feeling insane

    I had my wisdom teeth removed Friday the 7th. I was told by my dr to start taking chantix that same day. I currently take 200mg of lamictal daily. I also quit smoking that same day. So when I was irrationally sad, mad, and depressed for the first five days I brushed it off as quitting smoking...
  4. G

    Lamotrigine (Lamictal) taking away my emotions

    I'm a 21y/o Male and I'm on 300mg of Lamictal a day (150mg in the morning and 150mg in the evening) to treat my Absence Epilepsy. I started to take it in August 2015 and ever since then I've never had a seizure. It's been about a year now since I've notice things changing about my personality...
  5. Topcat

    Lamictal caused depression

    I took lamictal for about a year after being put on it for depression, but I never felt better, just worse so I stopped in summer. Since then I've been depressed still. So now two years depressed, and I'm now on antidepressants, they aren't helping. I think the lamictal has damaged my brain or...
  6. Iamsoconfused

    Anyone else taken lamictal...?

    I've taken lamictal before, but when I tried taking it a couple of months ago, I was extremely restless and just felt like I couldn't sit still. I felt a lot better emotionally, but my body felt pretty uncomfortable. I've had horrible reactions on just antidepressants, in the past, also. I'm...
  7. Not_Crazy_Yet


    I just started lamictal today. I hope it will work well for me. I was reading about it online and it seems as though it can cause a false positive for PCP on a drug test. Maybe I should start smoking PCP since i now have an excuse for testing positive for it. Lol. Anyone taking lamictal and...
  8. M

    Bipolar Depression - Relapsing and Long-Term Treatments

    Hello, I was diagnosed bipolar 10 years ago but I mostly get severely depressed. Can anyone please respond about long-term benefits you have had from any type of medications, therapy, ect? I know people tend to often get better in the short term but it always comes back. What has been the most...
  9. B

    New to Lamotrigine - support on side effects please!

    Hello all, I only bit the bullet regarding my mental health a few months ago when I sought help and where I was diagnosed with an emotional personality disorder (not sure which one yet but they think BPD). My doctor gave me Lamotrigine and I started on 25 mg last week. He didn't mention...
  10. Bell394

    Lamotrigine and Aripiprazole, head feels cloudy/dizzy

    I started taking Lamotrigine with the Aripiprazole I was already taking a few days ago, so far I feel dizzy, have a headache and my head feels almost like it's full of clouds. I know that's an unhelpful way of describing it sorry. I was wondering if this is normal? My mood has still been all...
  11. daintyd10

    Mood Swings - within minutes

    Long novel here, but I promise I'll get to the point. Basically, ridiculous mood swings within minutes (not hours, weeks, months, or years). I was dx'd with Schizoaffective - depressive type about 6 months ago. Since then I've been on several meds. The best so far was Saphris, until it...
  12. Singin'InTheRainClouds

    Clumsiness and bipolar disorder; meds causing? other?

    Hello. I'm new to this forum. I look forward to participating when I can. I've seen a lot of comments elsewhere in the net from people who have clumsiness with bipolar disorder. Some think it's just part of being bipolar. Anything here want to discuss this? I never used to be clumsy. I was...
  13. P

    Increase in sexual activity

    Within the last couple months, I started to feel the need for sex at least twice a day. My Dr tried to cut back on my anti depressant but I began to feel more depressed. Now he wants to increase my Lamictal. Has anyone else had this problem. I tried not to focus on the urges, but doesn't always...
  14. U

    Cyclothymia and Lamictal

    Hello everyone. This is the first time I've joined a forum about anything anxiety related. Anyway I've been going to counseling since January and two weeks ago went to a psychiatrist for the first time. She diagnosed me with Cyclothymia and put me on Lamictal. It has definitely done its job so...
  15. V

    really odd feeling after taking meds?

    It took me awhile to realize this but at the same time every night I get this unbearable guilty feeling. I feel so guilty about everything even stupid things. I feel it deep in my stomach and it just really gets to me. I realized last week that it happens 5-10 minutes after taking my night...
  16. M

    Lamictal Side Effects? Anyone experience this?

    I started Lamictal on Sunday at 25 mg. Since then I had one occurrence of being very very itchy, but no rash. My skin just got red from me itching it so much. Then last night when I tried to lay in bed, my eyes were so extremely dry that even eye drops weren't helping. I also got very dizzy...
  17. M

    Lamictal and Birth Control?

    Does anyone take Lamictal and Birth Control? Is it safe? And does it still work for you? My pdoc told me to continue taking both and I just wanted to know other people's experiences! I'm taking Minastrin for BC.
  18. Tiglit

    This is insane

    I do not stop all day, every day, from sunrise to sunset, i do not stop. I clean, bake, paint, clean, this, that, the other. A blue-arsed fly. I have been like this for years but it is worse with the Lamictal. This alleged mood stabiliser is an excellent anti-depressant but it is doing to me...
  19. B

    Lamictal and vision problem, anyone?

    Hi everyone, Recently my pdoc increased my dosage to 200 mg from 150 mg. I was on 150 for more than 1 year. We increased the dosage gradually as always. Then I ended up having blurry vision and double vision. We back to my normal dosage. Today I took 125 mgs because I'm afraid to have a...
  20. B

    Circadian rhythm

    Hi guys, My biological clock has turned upside down. I need to correct this as soon as possible. I had a car accident two weeks ago and had a break from work. But tomorrow I'll start working again. I'm trying to correct my sleeping, no success. I can't reach my pdoc now. I wrote to him but I...