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  1. R

    Dear people who had a late mental diagnoses

    A late diagnoses is like a crappy intrusive step father. It's been absent your whole life and just walts in and dictates how you percieve yourself; how you live and your 'realistic sucess probility'. You are told at age 18, 24 or 50 you have autism, ADHD, aspergers, ect. Maybe a young adult is...
  2. unspoken-words

    Beware of that word "Validation"

    Hello, Good morning it is Sunday and I wish you all well. I enjoy reading on a daily basis other peoples experiences and often while browsing the MH forums i here this particular word expressed by fellow mental health sufferers, that word is "VALIDATED" or "VALIDATION" and the need by that...
  3. V

    I want to leave this awful place....

    That has ruined my life: where you realise you shouldn't have to put on an act to be accepted but be treated equally and respected. Have your freedom back and not secretly behind your back be written of as lacking capacity and with hold details using the data protection act or share information...
  4. L

    I can't recover with a bpd diagnosis

    I just can't recover with a diagnosis that has led me to be more judgemental and critical of myself. The label has done more damage than help me. I also have depression anxiety and OCD but professionals ignore all of this and judge me for my bpd diagnosis. I have asked for a second opinion but...
  5. cpuusage

    Identity & mental illness

    i am Not my illness, i am Not the past, i am Not my experiences, i am Not my label / diagnosis, i am Not my symptoms. i'd say that i am Not my body, emotions or mind, i am Not my earthly experience. Not to Negate Nor Deny anything either. This issue of identity seems to come up a lot...
  6. E

    The AOL label of Christian

    America OFF LINE label of Christian. 35% of the US public Identifies itself as Evangelical. Fuck if I had that contigent in my work force the world would be less of a place of labelling and resource hogging, than it currently is. The realization is that ego, pride, resource acquisition, and...
  7. fluxo

    Treatment resistant schizophrenia.

    is on my notes. however. I read here and there how some people get well, have a recovered status and/or have a misdiagnosis label. yet with all treatments some still get a label of TRS.
  8. SomersetScorpio

    Fobbed off - thanks BPD label, you suck..

    Well, i'm really going downhill at the moment. I'm experiencing thoughts/feelings that I haven't had for at least 6 years, maybe more. I left CAMHS with the label "Major Depressive Disorder with Psychotic Features". When I was 20, a consultant who'd only really met me handful of times gave me...
  9. N

    Relationships complicated by winter gloom?

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing prejudice, judgment and manipulation by a significant other because there is a 'label' to how you are feeling?
  10. lostgirl19

    Possible Personality Disorder

    So recently i've had a few people tell me that it's possible I could have a personality disorder. I'm not really sure how to feel about it. I sort of don't really want a label, it upsets me. But having a label could help as well. I don't know. I am only 19 and really in a vulnerable state so...
  11. D

    Using my bipolar for bad behaviour

    Ummm, well have to be honest here - have had a tendency - and will do in the future when necessary - that I have hidden behind my bipolar label to get away with stuff - has anyone else done this and why?
  12. B

    The Voice has come back to me.

    Hello all, hope you're all well :) I'm getting the voice back again. It's reminding me of how I look and how I need to start losing weight again. I feel like I need to listen to it but at the same time I want it to leave me alone. I think because people are talking about my cousin not eating...
  13. F

    Borderline personality disorder: Abandon the label, find the Person

    Discursive of Tunbridge Wells: Borderline personality disorder: Abandon the label, find the Person Not borderline but have a PD. In many instances people with PDs have been f***ed up in their childhood/adolescence. Then pdocs and even some therapists disapprove of you for not coping well with it .
  14. E

    If MH forums and illnesses are made up...

    What are we doing here...? How you define mental health forum, how do you label it, is it possible? Are you even real, how can you prove it? bwa ha ha ha ha
  15. cpuusage

    On “Schizophrenia”

    On "Schizophrenia" | Mad In America Chaya Grossberg August 3, 2013 The first time I heard someone labeled schizophrenic I was in Prospect Park, on a walk with my mom. I was about 10 years old. A man was talking to himself and appeared to be house-less and perhaps on drugs. My mom, a very good...
  16. B

    The overlap of mental illnesses

    Hi everyone, Not really sure where to post this, but I have just been thinking about the large overlap of mental illnesses. Mania, hypomania, paranoia, anxiety, depression, delusions, hallucinations. When you think about the fact someone with one condition may experience symptoms from the...
  17. loulabelle

    I need to get rid of the 'bipolar' label

    So i stopped my meds a month ago and i feel great still i decided i dont have bipolar any more that i am better I just want to be normal i have an interview tomoz im geting on with life my parents dont think its a good idea they dont think im ready but i want to be like a normal healthy 23...
  18. amathus

    Reaction to receiving a BPD diagnosis...

    Was 'awarded', the BDP label, six years ago at the age of 53, not that my age was anything to do with it ??? To say I felt utterly humiliated and devastated was an understatement..I think it was the 'personality disorder', bit that got to me, it conjures up all kind of negative thoughts and...
  19. U

    HI. I'm new.

    Hello all. I am from the UK and have suffered with mental health problems for a fair few years. It has been difficult for professionals to put a label to my experiences but amongst other things they now seem to have settled on bipolar. I am hoping to give and get some support here.
  20. cpuusage

    Does schizophrenia exist?

    I started a thread on this forum years ago with the same title. I'm in no way denying or negating in any way what people experience, their pain, suffering, mental & emotional confusion & distress as well as all the other elements that go with experiencing extreme states & everything else...