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  1. S

    Sometimes I wonder...

    Does my inside voice talk without me knowing. Or another one how quiet is my inside voice. Stuff that shouldn't be said.
  2. M

    why does no one care that I self-harm/want to commit suicide

    so I've only signed up to this site to get my question answered so sorry if this breaks your rules or something. basically i'm depressed, have anxiety and have been suicidal for the best part of 9 months nowish i think? anyway, it was all bottled up for ages and then i just started telling my...
  3. M

    Nighttime Hunger from Clozapine

    Has anyone experienced nighttime hunger from Clozapine such that it causes waking up and eating in the middle of the night? If so, how do you deal with oral hygiene. I have a lot of dental problems and I think it might be related to the aforementioned side effect. I have found it difficult to...
  4. R


    Hello :hi: I stumbled across this forum and thought it looks like a great place to share experiences about mental health. I suffer from depression and anxiety. It can be a difficult and lonely experience, and knowing there are others going through the same thing, who understand, makes things...
  5. K

    HI new here..

    Hey guys, just new here, I tried to commit suicide, I nearly saw death till my dog knew something wasint right with me and climbed all over me, she's all I have right now and the main reason why I pulled my self together.. scary knowing how so easy it seems to do it which the pain you you been...
  6. K

    Worried about the future

    Hi all just wanted to vent I recently (a few days ago) dislocated my shoulder while at the gym I went E & A immediately and got it popped back in and soon as I got home I did the worst thing and googled shoulder dislocations now I am panicking because I learned that I have a 70% chance of it...
  7. megirl


    I have had these throughout my life. I had a serious car crash december last year. 3 weeks before the accident I had a voice telling me I would be involved in a serious car crash soon I have had them before. Knowing somethings going to happen before it does doesnt freak me out but the knowing...
  8. R

    i've tried so much but it keeps getting worse

    hey all my name is roy im 26 years old and reside in the netherlands all my life i've noticed weird things i started gettifng panic attacks at the age of 12 and lasted till i was 16 around 19 i got my diagnosis Shizophrenia around that time i really couldnt understand what that meant...
  9. I

    Rage and Frustration

    This is not me looking for an advice, I just want to share what I'm going through knowing that people here will understand what I'm going through. They say old habits die hard, the question is - do they die at all? I have posted a few times here in the past couple of week about my experience so...
  10. L

    Has anyone else been called sick when not?

    I would be interested in knowing this.
  11. F

    Anticipatory anxiety

    Anticipatory anxiety - Anxiety UK Mine has really ramped up. There's knowing what it is and there's knowing ways of combating it. I just wish I could take a laid back approach a la "What will be will be" , and resign myself to my fate. The constant catastrophising is hard to deal with.
  12. S

    Socially insecure. NO ESA nor JSA nor sick note nor help from my GP nor income. HELP!

    Socially insecure. NO ESA nor JSA nor sick note nor help from my GP nor income. HELP! I am trying to find a doctor to write for me 2 identical copies of a "Statement of Fitness for Work", which I require as a social security benefit claimant. I was signed off work and onto sickness benefits...
  13. R

    Please dont judge me

    Please don't judge me, am only human, TW. The other week I sent my last ex a birthday card, and I didn't expect to hear back I had this urge to send one, I had to let her know I don't hate her, and that she is always in my heart, 2013 we broke up, without not knowing why? at the time I was...
  14. H

    How do I get over this mental problem?

    So basically, I encountered someone on a forum website, and it's like the guy's the smartest person in the world. He always knows how to present himself, he always knows his stuff, and he always wins debates. It's like he's the smartest person in the world. Ever since I looked at his posts, I've...
  15. B

    Why doesn't someone notice? I think they do and just ignore it because it is me

    Why doesn't someone notice? I think they do and just ignore it because it is me For the last five years I have worked a minum of 6 days a week- split shift. No vacation, definitely no weekends - and no over time pay for the holidays. I have worked three shifts in one day too. My doctor offered...
  16. blacksmoke

    a time to change lets end mental health discrimination

    Time To Change | let's end mental health discrimination got this link from a book-The Power Of Knowing You. learning from the past- by Sheila McMahon not managed to read it as yet but i have met the author
  17. P

    Terrified and lonely

    I turn 21 next week, I have just finished uni and moved back home and I should be having the time of my life. However I spend most of my time alone as I made no friends at university and my boyfriend has moved hundreds of miles away. I can't shake the extreme empty feeling of loneliness, it...
  18. P

    "healing" schizophrenia.

    If they reach the desired outcome in your behaviour they'll let you be. They'll come to control you in some way and tell you what they want changed is the cause of your ailment. You stop doing what they wish and you might be healed or that is to say they'll leave you be for the time being...
  19. P

    Oh my i'm in hell.

    Never saw it for what it was until i had something to compare it to. This place is hell. Earth is such a horrible thing and place and there is nothing normal or okay about it. It's so so awful this place. We all come in thinking it's normal and okay. Taking our first steps i guess, starting...
  20. P

    Guess that i have to die.

    No hope anymore. Just pain and sickness now. And no future. I was killed by them though. My life ended when i was eighteen and they entered my brain, went over the top and straight down like a roller coaster. Nothing but pain, disease, terror, and more pain in my life. And i can't wait to...