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  1. N

    Paranoid Schizophrenic Neighbour Help

    I was hoping one or two of you could give me some advice. I am in my forties and have two young daughters and have lived with my wife and girls in our current home for the last 10 years. We live in a nice area and have always had the same neighbours – now in their 70s –and we have always got...
  2. P

    Thought I'd let all know

    As of tonight a ban is should be going on my account to keep me off here while I get on my new meds. I don't want anyone to worry if they don't see me knocking about... Gotta work out the finer details. I will try to keep myself safe. Just feeling to vulnerable to be on here right now...
  3. greebobeebo

    sometimes I wonder why I bother

    The last 6 months have been peaceful family wise. - Mum died in July after a 5 year struggle with mnd. - I found out from a non family member when the funeral was. -Was given an option of a lift with a friend of the family to the funeral. - Found out my stepmum repeatedly lied to me. (Knocking...
  4. S

    Please help

    Depression has been the worst I have ever felt almost took my life a few days ago been to the hospital put me on amitriptyline still having suicidal episodes especially in the mornings meds are knocking me all over the place will this calm down do you think ???
  5. Grape

    overdose fantasy

    Overdose fantasy. Upsetting. Had these thoughts the past hour for the first time in ages. Meds due to increase tonight. Will get off this anti psychotic soon Not sure of why I feel this way. Why it keeps coming back. I felt briefly joyful a week or so ago but low again. Might be mild...
  6. BlueBerry

    What is "Madness?"

    Apologies if this has been covered in another thread already. When I'm at my absolute worst (incredible stress, anxiety, paranoia and psychosis) I often think to myself that I've gone mad, but to be perfectly honest I don't really know what the criteria is for "madness". I guess this is...
  7. fazza

    Haldol depot vrs Risperdone Consta Depot

    I have just been taken off my Risperdone consta depot 50mg and put on a Haldol depot. I have only had a test dose so far but it is really knocking me out. I am still hearing my usual voices and having very bad thoughts that are not mine. I had the haldol test dose last week so when should I...
  8. fazza

    Haldol Depot Sedation is killing me

    I have recently been put on a haloperidol depot and it really is knocking me out. It was only a 50mg test dose but I think it could be interacting with the remaining Risperdal consta depot that may be left in my system. I would like to know if the sedation wears off after a while or am I going...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    neighbours driving me mad

    throwing things into the garden ,throwing stones at our window and knocking the door and running off ,have got another 5 weeks of this don't think im going to survive x
  10. A

    I'm back

    so i hope everyone has been well whilst i have been away.... i hope my lovely people are still knocking about on here being there usual lovely selves... I left the forum as i decided i needed to get myself some professional help before i could help others....i am still very unwell but yano i am...
  11. D

    Hearing knocking

    Hi, I have bipolar type 2 and am being treated for it. I suffered with post natal psychosis too. When I'm low I have voices bother me.. Anyway, recently when I have been alone (baby napping) I start hearing knocking at the kitchen window... At first I thought it was my grandmother coming to...
  12. K

    Some advice

    Hello I'm new here. A little nervous. I have a friend who suffers with a mental health issue. The thing is, he isolates himself away. He stays in all the time and doesn't have any friends. He has family support. I am a friend who offers my support but he declines everyone's help. He likes to...