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    could i have ptsd?

    Hey there new to this forum.i want some advice on from people who have ptsd and some advice on should i go and see my gp. i have witnessed and experainced a lot of violence in my life starting from the age of 5 to now im 27.i was bullied a lot when i was younger and first assaulted at age...
  2. M

    can't do this

    I am at work and I feel so ill. I don't want to be here. I just want to be home in a deep sleep. I can't bear this feeling all night. I just had to cook for the staff and the knives were calling me. Only 9 hours till I get home :(
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    Anyone else afraid of committing suicide on impulse?

    I had a brief moment yesterday I'm 99% if I'd had a gun I would have shot myself in the head. And I don't even consider myself suicidal. But I am afraid of crossing streets for example because sometimes when I see a large truck coming fast I feel a sudden urge to stop in the middle of the...