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  1. Sen

    My family thinks it's funny

    I know that it sounds dumb,But I have real anxiety when it comes to cooking,hearing other people cooking or smelling cooking food.I've nearly set the kitchen on fire a number of times due to accidents such as putting the wrong ring on,accidentally leaving something on for too long or having...
  2. Goatfish

    Hi there.

    I'm glad to join the ranks. Quite some time ago I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and after a short term of drugs I now live relatively happily and well off as an non-medicated psycho :3. I live my life trying to see the good parts of any bad situation, such as when I hallucinated a large...
  3. B

    Forced Responsibilties Weighs Me Down

    Three or even four years ago my boss sent me home with a large dog who was suffering from stress and he knew I live in a quiet and peaceful home. That dog became best pals with my dog. You never see them more than a foot apart they are so close. However I have a lot of responsibility at home...
  4. Tired Daisy

    Little boxes New Builds

    Ok so I love my house which I rent "council tenant" I got a letter to say that the flats on my estate might be knocked down in 5 years time to make space for new builds for the new affordable homes project. They asked me if I'm interested in a new build which I just tore up the letter...
  5. BillFish

    Risperdal and blood clotting

    I recently had a blood clot the entire length of my leg, and now have to take waferin.It had been there for several years and I could have dropped any moment. I now have the situation where my GP openly believes that risperdal causes blood clotting, and anecdotal evidence from several cpn's...
  6. BillFish

    My wife just took a complete eppy at me :/

    My wife just had a complete eppy at me and trashed my computer room in a rage, because I told her I'd bought some camera stuff. Had to stand between her and my pc. Funny thing though that I can't get my head around though. When I do it she phones the authorities and I get incarcerated for three...
  7. E

    I wish I could live somewhere decent

    Yesterday the top drawer of 3 draws in my kitchen collapsed, all I'd done was touch the bottom lightly with my fingers, all the contents (shopping receipts - I daren't put anything heavier than that in it) fell on to the floor; these 3 unusable drawers are the only drawers in the kitchen, the...
  8. M

    Cancelled Post

    Cancelled Post
  9. R

    mind house

    i have thought of a mind house it'd make me more deserving and more money would be spent on me, i might get more suppport The other side is the people in my mind support group said theres a lot of violence in mind houses, as i said to my women friend who was considering it theres a lot of...
  10. N

    Paranoid Schizophrenic Neighbour Help

    I was hoping one or two of you could give me some advice. I am in my forties and have two young daughters and have lived with my wife and girls in our current home for the last 10 years. We live in a nice area and have always had the same neighbours – now in their 70s –and we have always got...
  11. L


    Standon can't get into private messages again think where they briefly changed my name. Hope you OK. Getting worried about psychiatrist meeting need help at moment. Head so low and vertigo just not helping me. Just want out again but can't tell husband as he doesn't talk about that and he would...
  12. L

    Why is it so hard finding a rental property with severely incontinent cat.

    Why is it so hard finding a rental property with severely incontinent cat. I've had my Charlie since being a kitten nearly 17 years now, he's a wonderful cat but he's becoming quite senile and is double incontinent dribbling and pooping everywhere he walks, He stays in the kitchen because I...
  13. L

    Decorating hyper

    About 4 months ago I decided I could not sit in our shabby house any longer. We had always said house came last as both worked full time and needed give my son time. So I decided to start with lounge that has taken about 4 months because coordinated it myself and things kept going wrong. Since...
  14. M

    losing my mind can't keep up with the house and always angry

    I'm a wife and mother of 2 little kids. Also a full time student and part time employed (very part time). Despite these obligations, my schedule is mostly open. However, I cannot keep the house clean. There aren't rats or rotting food but it is just a few steps above that. Kitchen always full...
  15. E

    Sometimes my mum really does annoy me

    I do not cook, the number one reason is that I do not have the energy, but in addition there's the fact that I do not have a nice kitchen, I feel like if I had one of those kitchens you see on the TV adverts for places like Wickes or B&Q (with a window over-looking a big garden with fields...
  16. H

    xmas dinner with gran

    i am thinking of having xmas dinner with the family including my gran. i dont like eating with other people but i am getting better at it. it is just my gran. i havent seen her since boxing day except when she drove past me once and waved and see only lives 5 mins from the family home. also my...
  17. L

    just going through the motions

    up and sort out the dogs sort out the kitchen and tidy up dishwasher this is existing not really living I bloody hate winter I want xmas to be here and gone and on to something else already. grr rawwwww:yuck:
  18. bongozebedee

    Psychological factors and childhood trauma

    Ok hi just putting this out there looking for some feedback. I was diagnosd with para-schiz a lot of yrs ago and recently I have come off my meds and all kinds of emotions and memories are coming up. When I was young maybe 4 or 5 my mother tried to kill herself violently and unfortunately I...
  19. iamdave28

    why do we even bother

    Just told my fiance that I'm feeling down and i wanna cry. All i got was 'who's going to tidy the kitchen? ' why do i even bother with living
  20. B

    Blizzard/extreme weather conditions causing abnormal behaviour.

    Hi guys, this has been troubling me for quite some time and it would be great to hear answers or point me in the direction of a diagnoses service online.recently my partner came home, after being trapped in a blizzard wearing only thin undergarments. she feared for her safety and in her panic...