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  1. C

    Is There Something Wrong With Me?

    The past year or so I have been wanting to hurt someone or something. My anger has been getting way worse than it has in the past and the thought of hurting someone seems thrilling to me - the only reason I haven't hurt someone is because I'm afraid of the consequences of it. With wanting to...
  2. R

    I am afraid of killing the ones I love

    Dear members of the forum, I know this is not supposed to be for getting a diagnosis and it’s not what I’m asking for. I wonder if this has some precedent as I don’t reach to find an answer wether in internet or at my psychologist. Since a few years I have fears of knives and killing the ones...
  3. Oceankeeping

    Ruining my life because of all the worry

    I am making the people I love lost suffer because of me! They don’t want to hear how sad I am anymore, or how depressed. I’m being yelled at and told to get out of my head.. am I doing this to myself?? It’s killing me. What have I done?
  4. B

    Regret of stealing when young

    My Ocd is killing me for 5 days already!!! Because I can't stop thinking about a time when I was young, like 15 or 16yo, and I steal a book in a magazine shop. I think i did it because it was very easy to steal, and I didnt wanted to pay like $15 for that book.. so i did it. Today I dont know...
  5. D


    I'm waiting to go to court and I'm alienated from my family. I was made homeless. I now have a flat but I'm completely alone. There's literally no one in my days or nights. I'm fighting some really dark thoughts about hurting the person who caused the chain of events leading to me being in legal...
  6. SomersetScorpio

    Old Newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm not really a new member as you can probably see from my number of posts, but it's been a while. There's bound to be so many newer people I haven't talked to yet, so it sort of felt right to re-introduce myself. Without wanting to quote Britney, my loneliness really does feel...
  7. D

    Hi Everyone

    I was just diagnosed with dissociative disorder. Not sure if I'll be able to function. I don't even feel scared. I just feel nothingness. Could it be from recently talking (for about a week) with my ex boyfriend who emotionally abused me? I was working on inner child work and my therapist...
  8. O

    I Feel empty

    For several years i was enjoying life very much, i had a lot of friends, girls i was interested to and you can say i was kinda famous. The last year has been very rough. I had 2 relationships that i didnt like, i lost many friends , 2 of my best friends are now best friends and i have been left...
  9. P

    Tallking to voices.

    "Hey voices, guess we'll talk because you won't leave me the hell alone huh." I say. "Yep, you and us for the rest of your life. You want us to tell people what your problem is yes, you thought that just a second ago. So we'll tell them, we're killing this guy and we communicate horrible...
  10. P

    Dopamine infestations.

    When harmful information is being forced into your brain you can severe certain functions so it cannot get through in ways. It's why people think is something is wrong with my brain and that it is the dopamine. My mind was invaded in very awful ways and then they cut off the normal functioning...
  11. K

    Crazy thoughts

    From 6 months i am getting crazy stupid thoughts that all the girls are trans genders. I don't know why i am getting these stupid thoughts. Due to that i am less attracted to girls now. Even that is effecting my sex life with girls. I am a straight guy and always attracted to girls and had a...
  12. Y

    Having a weird problem?!

    Hello everyone, let me just say that i have only learned English in school, so i will probably make plenty of grammar mistakes while writing this stuff. Anyway in last week i watched movie "Lucy", about how humans only use 10% of brain, and what would happen if we could use more etc... i was...
  13. P

    You look like you saw a ghost.

    Ahahahaha! I did, i did see a ghost, i've seen several. And they're fucking killing me! Ahahahahahahaha!
  14. C

    Is it just me?!

    Hello! I've finally admitted to myself today that I may need a little bit of help.... I'm 33 years old. I've been with my boyfriend for 18 months and we have the most beautiful baby boy. I've battled with issues relating to my looks all my life. I was bullied in school for being ugly. Then make...
  15. Run Like Hell

    Home vased voluntary work?

    Does anyone know of any? I have to spend a lot of time at home and it's killing me having no purpose.
  16. fazza

    Falling to bits

    Had my cpa review today and although it went ok and hopefully next week I will be on clozapine. I now feel like a bag of shit. My voices are rampant today screaming at me to kill myself. I feel like I have betrayed my voices by telling the Pdoc what they are saying. I feel like I am just...
  17. L


    Everyone hates me and judges me or just tosses me away. I'm literally human garbage. Even people who I try and meet look at me like I'm an absolute freak. BPD and social anxiety together are horrible. Plus I am a freak, you should see me. My own mother even hates me. Ever since I was a child...
  18. kyarahope

    My first post.

    This is my first time writing a post; having only just signed up. I have never publicly posted or shared anything about my life, therefore this is a big step for me... I am 24 years old, female from the UK. I have suffered with a range of different mental health illness throughout my teenage...
  19. N

    In a very bad way tonight

    CAnt take it no more. It just gets worse and worse everyday. :cry::cry::cry::cry:
  20. T

    I don't want to live

    I am tired of feeling like this. I go to bed hoping I don't wake up and then when I do wake up I feel disappointed. I starve myself because my mother and fiancé tell me I am fat. I don't look in mirrors because they tell me I am ugly. Every time something's goes wrong I am the one to blame. I...