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  1. Jbb79

    Have Low testosterone from A-P Prolactin x x

    Hi, I've got Small testicles, from Anti-psychotics . . . There-fore, I Have low testosterone, which has killed My Self-confidence, Libido, I Have Border-line E. Dys-function and my beard doesn't grow, much, at all . . . Later, Muscle-wasting and, Brittle bones, May follow . . I Want my life...
  2. Saveliy

    As a child slave I killed so many people. TRIGGER WARNING -War/Abuse

    Grief fills my heart and obstructs my recovery; I was a child slave and I killed some people. It is not anything I can routinely discuss and the grief is painful, but the social distance it sets between me and the world is far worse... I shot out entire villages for military organisations and...
  3. 0

    I Can't take it anymore

    I'm really struggling to hold on to what's left of my mind this last year has been so mentally destructive From holding my parents relationship together to my uncle commiting suicide and having to pretend to be "ok" because "men can't feel emotions" being told "you don't understand how it...
  4. L

    Why do I enjoy thinking about beating or killing nerds?

    Nerds upset me. I look at them and think they aren't even human. The pale skin, skinny bodies, glasses, weird faces and clothes (eg. khakis, bowties, goofy shoes etc). I tried to not hate nerds and befriend one but I ended up just stopping talking to him after my parents told me to stop hanging...
  5. M

    i can't do this anymore

    Im not good at anything, my art sucks, my parents hate me, i can't afford the career i want, i suck at school, my personality is shit. And i know my life could be worse but, what's the point? no one would miss me if i killed myself, and if they did miss me, it wouldn't last long. I tought that...
  6. K

    Odd Dreams

    I watch videos about aliens and the end of the world and any science videos that are mind-blowing. But I get alot of dreams during sleep where I experience the end of the world or being killed by something. Should I stop watching these videos or is there better advice?
  7. L

    New here .. short story of why I am here.

    I was recently diagnosed with PTSD after many years of struggling with what was going on with me physically. This coming January it will be 20 years since I lost my beautiful daughter who had just turned 19 in an automobile accident. I know there are thousands of parents who have lost their...
  8. R

    Depression is killing me ...one part at a time

    I try to see the positive at the beginning of each day. It seems to be an endless cycle of setting myself up for disappointment. I feel as though all of my mental health issues are nothing but a burden to those around me. I feel as though NO ONE understands me enough for me to actually be REAL...
  9. M

    I hate

    I feel like I'm spamming the forum today but here goes I hate being a person who cares how people feel, who cares for animal and who likes everyone because all it's caused me is sadness When I like someone and they don't like me bad = sadness When I read about people hurting animals = sadness...
  10. N

    What is the point on being alive?

    If you go through hell every second of the day. Seriously dont know why I havent killed myself yet. I hope I can bring myself to do it soon to get our of this hell.
  11. Zentangle

    my friend killed himself

    I goto a day centre and a man I no relly well had killed himself. I feel so bad but ino there's nothing I could have done. I knew how bad he felt. He kept doing things to hurt hself and tried to kill himself but never succeeded. But now I think why wasn't he getting help if he has these...
  12. Lincoln1990


    Now they are saying I'm going to be killed if I don't do it today. I've texted Sue and she said that I need to remind them that if I kill myself everyone dies. I'm not planning on killing myself for the record. They said that I was going to get killed today if i didn't do it yesterday. Well...
  13. Lincoln1990

    Went to my aunt's new apartment and scared

    I'm scared I may have been seen at her apartment. I'm scared that I'm going to be killed now. I'm scared that my disability will go away. I'm scared. I'm scared that it's time for me to be killed or to kill myself. I'm afraid that this new guy won't want me anymore. I still put makeup on and...
  14. Lincoln1990

    Who would even care?

    Who would even care if I killed myself? That's right, NOBODY!!! Even my hairdresser wants to hurt me.
  15. G

    Boyfriend was killed on Valentine's Day...and nobody believes me...

    My boyfriend was murdered on Valentine's day.. the issue is nobody believes me, they call me a liar, and even go so far as to claim my boyfriend never even existed, or that they'll dig up his grave. He was killed by three other teenagers whom he thought were his ''friends''. It was a trip to a...
  16. Lincoln1990

    Screwed up

    I'm so screwed up. I'm jealous of people who have killed themselves. How screwed up am I?
  17. Lincoln1990

    I really really

    Want to SH...nothing is going right. My therapist had me come in today. But I'm scared to tell her I almost killed myself last night. I told J that I almost did and now he's scared and worried. I'm so upset.
  18. F

    dissociation from time...

    has me thinking that time is just man made. is time a good thing for us (clocks eg..)? And has become even more man made with numbers added in recent times. I think man made time can heal but also hurt, eg create panic. It is said the recent train crash that killed 78 peeps was running late...
  19. Niniane

    Voices being very nasty

    My grandmother died one week ago. She died of old age. But the voices scream at me that I'm the one that killed her because she died the day after my visit to the hospital. And I can't control them, and during the ceremony the voices kept telling me how I had no right to be there, how I had...
  20. Lincoln1990

    Am I an idiot for believing them?

    My dad had surgery today and he's doing fine. It was pretty major surgery. My voices have been telling me for days now that my dad wouldn't wake up. He would die in surgery or from complications after surgery. I didn't sleep until 2:45 am today and got up at 6 am. With a couple nightmares in...