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  1. bobshocker

    Coming to a f***ing biplar head. - warning . Bob shocker. Dont read if u is nervous or nuthin.

    Coming to a f***ing biplar head. - warning . Bob shocker. Dont read if u is nervous or nuthin. Ha.. There you are. Are we sitting comfortably? I dunno? Dudes? I wanna be drinking with ya, I fucking loves ya, I wanna make ya feel "included and valued". ya get me? and ladies? I wanna do...
  2. S

    my KIDS deserve mummy to be treated, finally

    Have written this too many times!! I start trying to be too profound or poetic and end up typing irrelevant dribble! This post may be very vague but it will do for now. Mind is racing!! Basically what I am desperate to say is I am finally going to attend a mental health assessment thursday. Have...
  3. Dreabie


    I'm feeling so low. Just crying all the time. My children seem to be getting to me over the simplest thing. I'm anxious about anything and everything. I'm doubting every thing I do. My self harm has risen. Care worker on holiday. Husband thinks I am doing brilliantly (what the hell does he...
  4. W

    Marriage break up and I want to die

    My marriage ended this weekend and I'm gutted, she was my world, all I want to do now is curl up in a ball and die, its gone through my head so many times this weekend to end it but I can't, don't want my kids to grow up without there dad around, it hurts so much. Ppl think I'm stupid for...
  5. unfixable36

    Ambien sux!!

    I took 3 10mg of ambien tryin to sleep been up 48hrs but it didn't work. So I had hallucinations all night ..like ppl in tv were talking to me and I kept seeing lil kids walk in and out of my bedroom and I dnt have lil kids. I so do not enjoy hallucinating never takin that shit again.
  6. ABsea

    i think this is a panic attack

    Just spoke to my drs office he wants to see me regardinv my last u/s im going in on friday morning idk what to panic is just taking over my entire body/mind i have to ralk to someone right now i need hope i need to calm the fuck down i am so scared that its cancer that I'll never have kids, i...
  7. mami5

    Apologizing for this......just desperate

    Hi I'm sorry to rant again. Really not well at all tonight. Can't cope with weekends anymore for some reason. Can't stop thinking that I'd rather be dead right now. I don't want to be here. Wish I could go to sleep and never wake up. Even my kids arn't enough to keep me going right now.
  8. A

    Can I be prescribed valium or a similar drug long term??

    Hiya, I am a lone parent with 3 kids, dd, 11, ds, nearly 6 with severe special needs and dd, 9 weeks old. I have a history of severe depression and severe postnatal depression and also severe OCD. I have been prescribed Diazepam 5mg on and off over the years along with anti depressants. Have bn...